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  1. tayunz

    TR 1950x $410 NE through eBay

    1950x Get it while you can. Whole lotta processor for the money. Good luck finding a board for a reasonable price these days though.
  2. tayunz

    eBay 15% off Promo Code 11/21

    Another eBay coupon: 15% off up to $100 PICKFAST 8am EST to 8pm EST
  3. tayunz

    Who is Gonna Buy these Phi So I don't Have to

    Xeon Phi 7240
  4. tayunz

    Who Wants a Nano? $450 @ NewEgg
  5. tayunz

    Asrock Rack EP2C612 WS w/ ES v4s

    DC Discount for the setup I have listed in FS/FT Anyone want to put the Asrock Rack and those two QHV8s to use DC'ing? $400 OBO for DC'ers Let me know if you're interested in any of that stuff or if you think...
  6. tayunz

    Mixed Reality Headsets starting @ $200 MSFT Store

    Don't know if anyone is interested but Microsoft has a one day sale on mixed reality headsets. Anyone have any experiences with these? Can you play Fallout VR since you can use them on Steam VR now?
  7. tayunz

    CyberPower CP1500PFCLCD Sinewave UPS $120 B&H

    On sale again at B&H Cyberpower CP1500PFCLCD UPS Great deal for me because no tax in CA. Never can have too many UPSs.
  8. tayunz

    Who Wants to Try Mixed Reality? HP OMEN & Headset $670

    Who wants to try our Windows Mixed Reality? HP OMEN $669.99 i5 7400 GTX 1060 3GB HP Headset Or for $1150 you could get: i7 7700 GTX 1070 I ordered one for store pickup. Gives me a night to sleep on it and decide if it was a worthy impulse buy.
  9. tayunz

    Hot? Vega Frontier 16GB Liquid-Cooled $799 @ NE

    I haven't seen it at this price: Vega Frontier Liquid $799 Anyone have use for this? Air-Cooled is $699
  10. tayunz

    11/17 Asus Bios Update for AM4 Boards: New CPUs?

    Asus Bios Update "Update to AGESA 1071 for new upcoming processors." What do we think this is about? Raven Ridge for Desktop? New SKUs? Anyone have any insights?
  11. tayunz

    Amazon: Ryzen 1950x $799/1800x $319 & More

    Looks like Amazon price-matched some of the black Friday prices from Newegg, Microcenter, etc. Ryzen CPUs Better deal for some with same day shipping on certain models. 1950x $799 1920x $649 1800x $319
  12. tayunz

    Netgear WNDR3700 Dual Band Wireless N Router $55 Shipped

    Edit: It's recertified. Took me a while to find it. Saw this. Seems like a good deal. Netgear WNDR3700 Rangemax Dual Band Wireless N Router with Gigabit & USB - Twice the Bandwidth with Simultaneous High Speed Connections 49.99 + 5.00 Shipping I'm assuming this is a refurb for...
  13. tayunz

    Gears of War 3 + $20 e-gift + Tritton 7.1 headset $75 at Walmart

    Taken from slickdeals. Walmart Gears of War 3 Preorder: On the product page you can add the TRITTON Gears of War 3 Dolby 7.1 headset to the bundle for $15. Just scroll down a bit and it's on the left side next to another headset and gears controller. Click add and it will add to your...
  14. tayunz

    Fallout New Vegas Digital Collector's Edition $34.95 at D2D

    Weekend Deal Fallout NV $34.95 at Direct2Drive.'s-Edition-Download Debating if I should get this or the $35 Black Friday Deal for Xbox 360.
  15. tayunz

    Bioshock $1.99 at Games For Windows

    I know most of you guys are steam guys, but Games For Windows is cool if you have an Xbox because some games have achievements and you can see you Xbox Live friends on there. Bioshock is $1.99 at Games For Windows Marketplace. Seems like a decent deal if you haven't played it. Also...
  16. tayunz

    Athlon 64 X2 3600+ review

    Here is a review of the x2 3600+ at Xbit Labs. It's nice that it is an EE model. Too bad they only got to 2.6Ghz. I still might pick one up if they're cheap. I still want to go dual core.