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    Post your "rate my cables" here

    I need some recommendation on cable management.
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    New and Improved Watercooling Sticky - Post Your Systems Here

    Just Ghetto rigged my Desktop
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    27" QNIX QX2710 Evolution 2 impressions

    can anyone sum up the best/bang for the buck lcd monitor right now? (27")
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    Finally joined the apple ecosystem is a popular Mac website
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    Coding on Macbook Late 2013 13'

    Pro: 1600x1400 resolution (sublime text/ browser all on one screen) Retina Screen AMAZING!!! Portability ~3.8lbs Con: Price $$
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    Bit the bullet on a 13" rMBP today

    moved from air to retina 13" *NEVER GO BACK*
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    Former PC folks who switched?

    i didn't fully switch over to a mac user (iPhone 3---> Macbook Air); majority of my time is still spend on the computer in my spec which i prefer over my Air. As for sites that really helped with information through the transition Macrumors rank at the top.
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    Overclocking 4770k Results

    How does my results compare with your guys?
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    4670k & 4770k purchased anwhere operating performance thread

    How does my specs compare with everyone elses?
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    Retail 4770k from microcenter OC results

    I have Asus Z87 Pro running the I7 4770K @ 4.2ghz
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    For those who bought Haswell. Was it what you expected?

    just upgraded from a q6600 to a 4770k. Setup: Asus z87-pro I7 4770k (2) 2gb pc3-1600 hd3870 *i know the video card is old Samsung 840 Pro 128gb compared to my q6600 its night and day and only need to upgrade my ram and cpu fan.
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    Got Lucky!

    doubt it
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    Question about NAS/Router with USB

    Hi, I recently purchased a ASUS WL-520gU router that has a USB port and is currently using Tomato Firmware. I'm trying to set up a media server with a TB+ external hard drive attached to the router either NAS or USB not sure which though. The issue is when users upload movies or music onto the...
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    How much is your total monthly cell phone bill?

    about 130/ month 4 lines 2 iphones 1 with internet unlimited text and1400 mins free night/wkends +15% off tmobile
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    yeah chimay!
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    Is Your IP Addy in the Hurt Locker?

    how about some rapidshare......
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    27" 2560x1440 120Hz LED-backlit IPS LCD...

    the mac 27 inch pretty close
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    The "Nearly Indestructible" Dell Streak, coming soon...

    do you guys know if there is any other phone with Gorilla screen?
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    Post Your Mac Setup!

    yeah iGamer the Imac are so much better looking on the eye!
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    looking to spend $100 on headphones

    look around and spend a little more for a hd595 you won't regret the purchase
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    Macbook Pro hard drive problem

    no the disk utility does not recognize the new internal drive, but sees the external drive *USB*
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    Macbook Pro hard drive problem

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    Macbook Pro hard drive problem

    This might not be a right place- but you guys know mac presumably The MBP is fine; boots up perfectly to a snow leopard install disc or usb thumb drive. the hard drive cable was replaced and everything seems to work fine. The issue is during the installation the hd is not recognized (internal...
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    Super budget laptop choices.

    2 second
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    Z-5500 subwoofer stopped working

    RMA logitech is great with toubleshooting
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    Should i buy this? Samsung 128gb SSD

    Hi someone on CL is selling a SSD from a Dell Precision M4400 mobile workstation. A Samsung 128GB SSD HD. Model number mmcre28g5dxp, part of the PM800 line; $150 :) Thanks,
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    hp mini 110--- upgrading to 2gb crucial, and 60 gb SSD agility

    i have the same laptop love it, 2gb 16ssd and now OSX hackintosh!!!
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    Your CPU progression

    pentium 3 500mhz pentium 4 2.53ghz pentium m c2d e6400,6300, q6600 missing a ton but o well
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    Random [H] Sighting

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    Have IT Skills, Will Travel

    woot good idea but i thought india had this covereed?
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    Merry Christmas Everyone

    YEAH merry Christmas HOT DEAL
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    Free LogMeIn T Shirt

  33. E thanksgiving day sale is online

    for online i guess
  34. E thanksgiving day sale is online

    pretty crappy,