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    Got Lucky!

    I have debated over whether I should get an 11" MBA for portability and power. I don't need to much power, just for some document creation, light photo editing, & web browsing. The price tag is steep so I considered a refurbished unit. I still wasn't happy with the price, but yesterday I...
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    Completed the Apple Conversion

    I've been using a Macbook Pro for a little over a year (my first ever) and tonight we purchased a brand new MBA 13" for my wife along with a 2TB Time Capsule. My desktop is pretty much collecting dust as a giant storage box (which is all migrating to a more power efficient solution) and...
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    SSD upgrade considerations

    I have a MBP 2011 model and already replaced the 750GB hdd with a 120GB Intel 320 SSD. I've downloaded TRIM enabler and turned TRIM support on but do I need to do or consider anything else? I've considered upgrading to a larger SSD, potentially one of the new Intel's which are San Force...
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    MBP won't boot while connected to display port

    I'm having a weird issue with my MBP as of late. I recently set it up as my main system...retired my old C2Q desktop as an HTPC/storage server. If I boot my MBP with a second display connected it hangs at a blue screen, the fans kick on high, and that's it. Sometimes I'll see remnants of the...
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    RAID Array problems

    So lately I've had issues with my RAID 5 Array at home. I'm running the Array on a Highpoint 2310 and have been doing so for roughly 2 years. About a month ago I came home to find the PC beeping. I didn't realize what was going on at the time and just shut it down. Turns out this is a bad...
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    Samsung Droid Charge Ad's

    This phone isn't for me, but I'm sure there are many out there waiting to snatch one up. Droid Charge Ad's Appear
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    Memory Upgrade

    I can't wait for tomorrow. My 8GB memory kit comes in for my 2011 MBP! I opted for G.Skill memory that others have reported success with. I have been using 8GB of ram in my systems for a long time and going back down to 4GB has been somewhat painful. I hit the limits easily...
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    2011 MBP - 15"

    I just got my new MacBook Pro 15", early 2011 model, and I love it. The only other Mac I've owned or used was an old dual G5 pro that I picked up last summer. I consider this my first Mac since it's the first one I can use on a daily basis. I've got most of my software installed without...
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    MIUI - Android

    For those who haven't heard, this UI is pretty fraking sweet. It looks very much like iOS and works pretty well on my Incredible. Video I just installed it today after considering it for a...
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    Brocade SFP and Cisco

    Well, at work we just got 3x brocade switches in. I've never worked with Brocade, but have some familiarity with HP Procurve and tons of experience with Cisco equipment. The switch : 3x FWS648G-POE - 44 port Gig POE with 4x shared Gig copper/fiber Basically SFP1 - 4 are shared with...
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    ESX 4 and C drive expansion...

    Anyone have any advice, tips, or documentation on expanding the C drive? Not to speak badly of the departed, but a co-worker left me with VM's that have 12GB hdd's for Server 2003 and 2008 C drive size. The problem, well I can't install updates on them. My initial thought is, do a PING image...
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    Almost had a scare tonight....wouldn't you?

    At work I am in the process of transferring all of our VM's to an NFS share. The share is mounted as a datastore on our ESX box. The reason for the migration is for hardware upgrades. One of our old admins purchased the box without hardware RAID support, so all of our VM's were running off...
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    Bad decision making

    Well, I had this brilliant idea (sarcasm), transition from Android to WebOS. Well WebOS is awesome with two exceptions; the app market and the hardware. I'm a Verizon customer so my choices were the Pre Plus and Pixi Plus. I went to the Pre Plus for it's larger screen and clean form factor...
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    Nokia E71

    So today, a co-worker needed me to setup email on her phone. She got an E71, and it was my first time handling a Nokia smartphone. I must say that I was really impressed. The keyboard on the E71 is probably the best that I've ever used. I wouldn't trade my Android phone for it, but I was...
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    Windows 7 Name Resolution issues

    I've had this issue off and on since running Windows 7 RC. I'm now running the final product but noticing similar issues. I have to perform an ipconfig /flushdns about once a day. If I don't then I can't resolve names to browse the web. IP Connectivity is fine, I do sit behind a proxy server...
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    Droid Eris Excellent Battery Life after update

    So after the update, my battery life is amazing. Today here are my numbers: Up Time : 14:40 - almost 15 hours Awake Time: 9:02 - yes 9 hours Battery level w/o charging - 50% And yes, I'm using the stock battery. I've been seeing numbers like these the last couple of days and its great...
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    GSM loving from HTC & ImportGSM If you want a Hero on AT&T (which is better than T-Mo) then here is an option. EDIT: No I won't be getting this, but thought it'd be good news for the GSM customers out there who want Android.
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    Droid Tips and Tricks

    So I've had my Motorola Droid for a few days and thought it was time to post some of my findings. 1. Open Home is awesome and will open up your available space. It supports 2.0 but can still be a bit buggy on the Droid. I've had a couple of crashes, but it restarts quickly. -7 home...
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    PDAnet Moto Droid

    I got PDAnet working with my Droid. I installed Motorola's driver from here. I used the Beta version of PDAnet from here. It works well and gets the job done, I was pulling over 1Mbps in my apartment but I've seen speeds up to 2Mbps in other areas. I'm just using the trial, but will...
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    So today I picked up my Droid, Car Dock, and Clock Dock. This thing is awesome. I know that reviewers have been real flaky when it comes tot he keyboard, but I don't mind it at all. I think with time I'll get better with it, and it's nice not having half the screen covered up when I type in...
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    Nokia N900

    I just hope they can deliver. I've seen this phone all over the place, but haven't actually considered it until recently. N900 @ theunlockr The only downsides for me are... Resistive Touchscreen No US 3g (although AT&T and T-Mo have laughable 3g anway) This phone look really slick...
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    Moto Droid update

    Nov 6th $199.99 Engadget Hands-on! I'm looking forward to this phone, should be great to get a good phone on Verizon finally.
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    HTC Passion

    With news like this I'll be waiting until December before making a move to Android. I want to see what's going on in the market, Sense UI + Snapdragon would be killer!
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    HTC Hero - I tried :(

    Well, this is me calling it quits. I just need to figure out my next course of action. I would like to stay with Sprint for their pricing, but this phone is just to slow, jerky, and laggy. EVDO performance is spectacular and I've had no issues with the network, my issues all come from...
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    Very exciting news in the pipeline. via BGR I know I'm a recent Hero buyer, but don't think I'm not keeping my eye on this while I'm in my 30...
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    HTC Hero tips and tricks

    The HTC Hero is a new device, despite the EU version. The reason is because HTC has added CDMA support for Android on this phone. Early adopters like myself have taken not of issues / bugs with the phone. I hope that this serves as a good resource for anyone who has run into these issues. 1...
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    Android 2.0

    Looks awesome, and I'm wondering if this is the reason for the Verizon Google deal, Verizon releases the first 2.0 device?
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    HTC Hero first full day

    Here's a write up covering my first full day with the HTC Hero for Sprint (coming from an iPhone user). I'll cover the UI, hardware/software performance, and network. My initial impressions were good and so was today. This isn't to say that it's perfect and without flaw, it's definitely not...
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    Sprint Coverage

    My wife and I are looking at switching to Sprint for their great pricing. One area of concern I have is with how their coverage indicator works. They have a tab for Sprint devices and Nextel devices. Does anyone know, do the Sprint phones like Palm Pre work on Nextel towers? I'm thinking...
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    AT&T has given me one more reason to drop them

    Today, as I was told this evening, that AT&T is doing maintenance in our area. I've been in the city all day and have only been able to call 2 numbers, my wifes Verizon cell and my works landline. Any other number I dial gives me the "your call can't be completed at this time message" What...
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    HTC Hero update

    May be in time for Sprint!!! I look forward to giving it a try.
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    Got lucky

    This week I had a buyer making offers on my iPhone 3g 16GB. I wasn't eligible for the upgrade, but fortunately the sale financed all but $26.00 of my purchase! I walked into the AT&T store just in time for the last 3GS that wasn't a pre-order. Performed a restore on my old iPhone and...
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    Xbox 360 on a Dell 2001 FPW

    I recently got an xbox 360 for christmas along with Gears of War. I have the Premium Edition but don't have an HDTV. I found a cable to hook my xbox to my Dell LCD monitor and want to try it out, but am wondering how I'll hook that up to the audio on my PC? I'm running Klips ProMedia 5.1's...
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    Video Camera question

    I'm looking to purchase a video camera for a big up and coming time in my life. I'm getting married and want to have it to help chronicle the start of our life together as well as a couple of other little projects. One being my grandfather and Dad. Anyway I've researched and learned a lot...
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    A change in the starting line up

    Yesterday I went to Bismarck ND to compare the Tamron 28-75 f2.8 XR Di against the Nikon 18-70 DX. I came to the conclusion (with the lenses i tested) that the Nikon 18-70 was extremely sharper than the tamron. I was ready to purchase when I looked in the used lens section. What did I find...
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    Spyder2Plus arrival

    In Feb I purchased a Dell 2005FPW and learned that software calibration wasn't cutting it anymore, at least not for me and LCD's. I ordered my Spyder2 Plus last weekend and it just arrived today. It's a very nice setup and easy to use. I can definately see an improvement from before, and was...
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    Introducing myself

    Hello to all, I just wanted to say hi to everyone as I don't really frequent these forums to often but would like to do so more often. I've been reading hardocp for years and enjoy keeping up with the latest tech. In addition to being a computer enthusiast I'm also big into