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    Old folder starting again, what's with multipliers

    I used to fold for a few years until I stopped around 2008 after the then new SMP core crashed left and right. I recently started folding again on a few machines, and the 2 machines that have submitted packets were showing scores of 800 PPD (a pentium D 3.4ghz) and 1800 PPD (a C2D, I didn't look...
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    1000Base-SX fiber question

    I'm using a fiber link to connect 2 buildings together with 800 ft of multimode fiber. This was running 100Base-FX, but one of the media converters was sitting in a puddle of water after hurricane Ike came though this area a couple of weeks ago, so I figured this is a good time to upgrade the...
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    Dual channel U320 Raid controller

    At work I have an 14 disk Storcase infostation II with 8 36GB Seagate 10K drives. This setup crashed and all data was lost and had to be restored from backups earlier this week. I'm currently waiting on Kingston(makers of Storcase) to let me know how to check the hardware in our storcase, but...
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    Linux SMP client failing send

    I set up my old E6300 up with 64 bit debian last week. It had been sending results fine, but the last WU it finished, it hasn't sent. It keeps coming up and saying: Attempting to send results Couldn't send HTTP request to server Could not connect to Work Server (results) (
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    Favorites to all users in WinXP Pro

    I'm currently setting up a WinXP Pro machine for a remote location for work. They just need a single machine there, and I've setup fast user switching for the 3 managers there who will be using the machine. The problem I'm running into now is setting favorites for all the users of the machine...
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    Anyone using a Seasonic SS-400HT?

    Looks like it's a bit more efficient than the S12-430, and I'm thinking about getting one for my new core2 build. Any reason to go with the S12 over this PSU?
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    So, I moved from 33 to 24 last week

    That's right, I was moved from Parking spot 33 to 24 last week at work. I figure I'd let everyone know. :p :D
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    M10000 blown caps

    Has anyone else had a problem with caps blowing on a EPIA board? I opened my hacked dvd case today and noticed there are a couple of blown caps. It still runs fine, but I'll get around to fixing it later this week. Here is what it's in: The power button on front powers it up, and I...
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    2GB USB flash drive $40 in store Fry's

    I just picked up a Emprex 2GB flash drive for $39.95. It was an in store deal until 7-11-06. I'm not sure if it's just in Houston or national, but I figured I'd let everyone here know.
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    DVD+R DL max file size?

    Is there a max file size limit for DVD+R DL discs? I have 7.8GB of rar files I'd like to write to a DL disc for backup purposes, and one of the files is 4,567,979KB. I was wondering if there will be any problem writing a file of that size? If so, I can break it into smaller files, but I'd...
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    WinRAR command line

    I'm using WinRAR 3.51 regged. I was wondering if there is a way to set a compression level of a single file type in the command line. I use the -M5 switch for the archive, but I currently use the -ms switch for pdf files. I'd like to pdf's to M1 compression level, as it does slightly compress...
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    Early ends

    Is there anyone that has the access to check and see which machine name is giving me early ends? I just noticed today that one of my machines is having a ton of early ends, and I haven't found it on the 7 machines I've looked at so far.
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    registering dll for snmp monitoring?

    This is driving me crazy, does anyone know what to do here? I'm trying to monitor my connections to our windows media services via snmp so I can map how many clients are connected. Microsoft used to have an article on their page about it, that's gone now. I have no idea why it's gone, but I...
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    Convert wmv files to dvd video

    Hopefully this is the right forum to post to. I figured it's the closest to the subject at least. Is there an easy to use, free program out there to do this? We are offering videos of races on our website that are about 45 seconds each, and I'd like to find an easy way to burn them to a dvd...
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    Xp Pro long freezes - Any ideas?

    I'm having a problem with my work machine. It's an Athton XP 2600+, 1GB ram, plenty of HD space, and running XP Pro SP2 w/ all the latest updates. Lately, it's been randomly freezing up, sometimes for over a minute. What it does is freezes up the taskbar. The start button stays in a...
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    Which distro to use for snort box

    I'm planning to install snort on an old server where I work behind our new Cisco ASA 5510. The machine is a single P3 1.4GHz(tualatin-s) with 1.75GB ram. I usually use gentoo, debian, or slackware on my personal machines that I screw around with, but I am looking for something easy to maintain...
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    TruePower 2.0 vs. Neo HE

    I need a new PSU for my parents box, since it's shutting off constantly. It's an Athlon XP 2500+ on an Asus A7N8X Deluxe board. I went up to Fry's since there is one right around the corner, and they had an Antec Truepower 2.0 480w for $70, and a Neo HE 480w(atx v2.2) for $80. Which one is...
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    Time to motivate those Aussies I haven't been there in a while and figured I should stir the pot a bit. :D
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    Cisco ASA 5510, can it be used for multiple connections?

    We are about to get a 10Mbps sync line for our business. We already have a full T1 that we are using a Cisco Pix 506 on. I can't find any definant info on if I can tie both of these connections into a ASA 5510 and eliminate the 506. I'm sure someone here knows. I plan on using the 10Mbps...
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    Firewall recommendations for sync 10Mbps connection

    As the title says, I need a firewall for our new 10Mbps(up/down) connection for work. I'd like to get something that could cover us in the $1K area, but if we need to spend more, I can most likely get what I need. What I'm wondering is if something basic like a Pix 506E will work. Judging by...
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    Why is EM3 displaying like this?

    I just installed it on my laptop, and this is what I'm getting. I don't have a problem with it on my other machines I run em3 on.
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    Anyone else tried Centrino Hardware Control and fah?

    I finally got around to installing CHC on my laptop, and undervolted my Pentium M 1.86GHz proc from 1.308v to 1.276v(and still working on going lower). This is beautiful, my temps have dropped 15-20C just by this little bit of voltage change, and I can run the laptop fan at a slower speed...
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    My poor P3 850

    It just grabbed a 722 pointer last night. 34PPD and an estimated finish time in 487 hours 3 frames in of 100. This machine usually gets 600 pointers that it bangs through fairly quick, but this double gromac unit is going to take forever, almost 3 weeks! and a mini rant: I really wish...
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    Windows Media Encoder & multiple filenames

    I need to use windows media encoder(WME) v9 to create several(10-17) small(30-45 second) a night. This will be done by employees late at night when I won't be around, and I need it to be fairly straight forward. They will be capturing from professional a/v equipment to a winnov videum capture...
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    M10000 and Mame32

    I currently have a M10000 that I bought a couple of years ago for a carputer project. I eventually abanded the carputer, but I recently decided it would make a great pvr/mame boxen. I may eventually install mythtv on it, but for now, I just want to use mame on the machine, so I can use my...
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    Spots are tough to come by in the top 50

    I finally moved from 49 to 48 with the latest stats on the official site last hour, when I dumped a 733 pointer off. The bad part about being in the top 50 is it takes forever to track someone down and pass them. Hopefully I can stay where I am and not drop back for a while, because there is...
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    Any deals on dual socket servers right now?

    I need a server for work for storage and sending out streaming video via Windows Media Server. I was planning on grabbing something similiar to our Dell Poweredge 2800, which came with 2 3.0GHz procs, 2 73GB SCSI drives, and 1GB Ram a few months ago for less than $2000. The same setup now...
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    What's up with PPD?

    This farm used to pump out a constant 1.5-2K PPD average, now it's barely over 1K PPD. What's up with the averages lately?
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    AXP-m to low end A64 worth it?

    I'm currently running an Athlon XP-m 2500+@2.4GHz for my main box at home. I'd like to move to an X2 next year once DDR2 platforms come out, and I feel I've gotten all I can out of my AGP GF6800GT. Since I see this is most likely at least a full year out, I'm thinking of moving to an A64 now...
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    Capture card for laserdisc ripping

    I need to get a capture card with composite in, in order to capture video from a laserdisc. If possible, I'd like it to have tv tuner capabilities as well, when I eventually get around to building a htpc. Will a Hauppauge 150(or 250) work well for this? My friend wants to transfer some...
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    [FS]/free comp parts

    I need to clean out my closet full of crap laying around I'll never use again. Pick up shipping from 77598 and it's your, unless otherwise noted. Stuff I'm dumping: - Intel P3 733 processor - Amd Athlon 650 and Biostar M7MKA motherboard w/ goldfinger device(it will run at a monster...
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    FTP client that mirrors directories

    I'm looking for a FTP client that can connect to a ftp site and mirror what is currently in the directory. I currently connect to McAfee's site several times a week to download their dats and keep a local copy for all my clients to connect to. This is done to save some bandwidth on our lowly...
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    Burning large file > 2GB to dvd

    Is there a way to do this? I have a 4.6GB rar file I'd like to burn to a dvd disc, but nero says it won't allow files over 2GB in size. I can break the file up into smaller chunks, but I'd rather keep it the way it is. Is there a way to burn this single file to a dvd?
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    Rita cost me some points

    Anyone else out there effected by the storm? It took me 19.5 hours over wednesday/thursday to evacuate 150 miles. Power is out where I live, but no bad damage from what I've heard. Oh well. I'm back folding on my laptop, but my other ~15 machines are off right now.
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    Any recent forum changes?

    For some reason, the quote button is under peoples names now next to the online/offline button in Firefox. It used to display fine, and it still looks fine in IE. Earlier this week, the normal green user online button switched to the confused smily for a couple of days. Have there been any...
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    Is there an Exchange Server client other than Outlook?

    Just as the title says. I'd like to know if there is any client that can connect to an Exchange Server natively other than Outlook. I'm exploring ways to rid some of our machines of MS Office, and OpenOffice covers most of it. I know I can use OWA, but this sometimes won't open some emails...
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    Pix software upgrade

    I've got a Pix 506 here at work. The software version on it now doesn't allow VPN passthrough, but from what I've read, the last(506 is discontinued) version does. I've never updated the OS on this before, since we haven't had a reason. What I'm wondering is how much would it cost to upgrade...
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    Exchange 2000 Server move

    I'm in the process of moving our Exchange 2000 Server from a Dual P3 1GHz box to a Dual P4 Xeon 3GHz box, and I'm having problems getting Exchange to install on the new machine. They are both running Windows 2000 Server, AD on both, as well as DNS. This is the article I am following to move...
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    What happened to gemniii(gnewbery) and Tenchi's production?

    Both of you roared by me not all that long ago, and both of your outputs are now in the toilet. What happened?