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    120mm Case Fans

    100x this. If they're not in you're budget and you don't need fans for a week or two and get them.
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    Corsair Obsidian 550d?

    Extenders could be an issue, but they're wonderfully cheap and can even be used to spruce up the appearance a little bit. I've got a 500d and had to get an extender in order to get the 8pin across the back from my Antec 650w PS, if I had left it it would have reached easily across the front...
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    Antec High Curent Pro Platinum 1000W Power Supply Review @ [H]

    I absolutely love Antec power supplies to the point I guess I'm a's definitely a great deal.
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    750w for 2x 680s or 7970s?

    I always like to have a bit of overage just so I'm not pushing the limit that things *could* hit. That said I OC the hell out of everything I put in my PC. I'd be more concerned with the brand/build quality of a PSU than the watts, as a lot of the crappier ones can't sustain what they say anyway.
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    AMD - drop the price on the 7970 neeeow

    Overclock both to the max, temps are close and it's give and take across the board.