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    Old folder starting again, what's with multipliers

    Thanks, I registered my passkey now. It's too bad that what I have a lot of at my disposal are P4s and Pentium Ds. I'll keep the Pentium D running only because it's on all the time anyways, and it will soon be retired for a Q6700. I'm not worried about this laptop overheating, it's only...
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    Old folder starting again, what's with multipliers

    I used to fold for a few years until I stopped around 2008 after the then new SMP core crashed left and right. I recently started folding again on a few machines, and the 2 machines that have submitted packets were showing scores of 800 PPD (a pentium D 3.4ghz) and 1800 PPD (a C2D, I didn't look...
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    help please... Arcade machine

    Just be careful, you don't want to end up on here: :eek: The easiest way to go about it is to search CL and find a gutted cabinet for <$50, then wire it up for MAME, although I prefer to get the real games myself, I'll probably do that at some point for some...
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    help please... Arcade machine

    I don't know. I registered there several years ago and I can't remember. What's your username there? I can PM the admin there and ask.
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    help please... Arcade machine

    I'd suggest starting a thread over at KLOV: if you haven't already. The guys over there are very helpful with fixing problems with arcades. I've got 3 arcade games myself, and working on getting a MKII cabinet this week.
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    Nice chat today in irc!

    Nice chat today in irc!
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    Seasonic M12II-620 PSU Drawing

    Me too
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    1000Base-SX fiber question

    I didn't know anything about end connectors when I got the cable a couple years ago and ended up with the ST ends. I've already found a place to convert from ST to LC though, so it shouldn't be a problem. Thanks for the feedback.
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    1000Base-SX fiber question

    Thanks everyone for the comments. I plan on getting a 2724 on the other end now, which will actually make it slightly cheaper than screwing with media converters. Actually I'll need LC-ST jumpers/couplers. It doesn't look like I'll be ordering anything for a day or two at least.
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    1000Base-SX fiber question

    I'm using a fiber link to connect 2 buildings together with 800 ft of multimode fiber. This was running 100Base-FX, but one of the media converters was sitting in a puddle of water after hurricane Ike came though this area a couple of weeks ago, so I figured this is a good time to upgrade the...
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    World’s Greatest Keyboard

    It was alright, it didn't speed up correctly as invaders were eliminated and there were too many columns of invaders. Yes, I've played the original game a few times. :D
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    SME Server for E-mail, DYNDNS for MX Host??

    As ring.of.steel said, you're not going to be able to do this from a home connection. On my mail server at work we block all dynamic IPs and most other places do this as well. This is done because of spammers. Unless you can co-locate a server on a static IP with a reverse, it's not going to...
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    Cannot connect to internet in Vista

    Take it to a computer shop to fix it....oh wait :p
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    Exchange + Outlook Problem

    Not being about to ping or traceroute isn't that surprising, as many firewalls will block this. Check and make sure whatever virus protection he is running is not blocking the data. I once had this problem on my home pc and it took me a while to figure out. This was via SMTP, but it sounds he...
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    does isp's knows which sites you browse to?

    A bit, but these logs may be required to surrender to government agencies. All ISPs are going to have a small amount of gateways, and traffic will almost surely be logged to where it's being routed to from here.
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    does isp's knows which sites you browse to?

    The telephone company also keeps a record of all phone numbers you dialed. Consider keeping a record of all IPs you visited as the same thing. They don't "listen in", they just record where you went.
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    does isp's knows which sites you browse to?

    It's pretty simple to sort these logs by IP address though. I wouldn't be suprised if ISPs at least keep logs of everything passing through their firewall for a period of time. I admin a fairly small amount of users compared to an ISP, but I can produce logs of everyone in very little time...
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    Daylight Saving Glitch Leaves Hangover For Some

    I was burned by the switch too. I'm saying over at my parents house this week to take care of the dog while they are out of town. I found out yesterday morning that the alarm clock in the room I'm sleeping in is an autoupdating type. Luckily I realized it when I got breakfast and ended up...
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    Dual channel U320 Raid controller

    I didn't even think about a Perc 4/DC, and I have one of those in another server here. I might be able to use that and move some services around. Thanks!
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    Dual channel U320 Raid controller

    At work I have an 14 disk Storcase infostation II with 8 36GB Seagate 10K drives. This setup crashed and all data was lost and had to be restored from backups earlier this week. I'm currently waiting on Kingston(makers of Storcase) to let me know how to check the hardware in our storcase, but...
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    [H]ardDCer of the month - September - Nominations

    Hahahaha.:D And the funny thing this is the first time I've been outside of general mayhem this week.
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    Wow, FLECOM is just a little over 10 Million points away from 50 million!!!

    He's also just a bit over 60 million from 100 million points!
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    How to share a file through internet securely

    sftp or ftp-ssl are the easiest options. Ftp-ssl is very simple to setup with Filezilla Server, if all you need is a minimal server for 2 people, and it runs on Windows. Sftp is very simple to setup if you're using a *nix variant OS.
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    Hacked by Turkish Hacker

    An admin that got hacked, and then starts asking for help is making fun of others? Sounds like he's not going to get any help here. :rolleyes:
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    FTP Server

    Oh, you're using windows. After looking over the past few days, I'm convinced you need to pay for a good ftp server on windows. That's the reason I setup a linux machine, since we didn't want to shell out the cash for one person to upload.
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    FTP Server

    Turn on the most verbose logging the ftp server has. What server are you using? It might be getting DOSed as there are lot of vulnerabilities in many FTP servers. I just setup a server today at work, and the first thing I did was to turn off Identification of the server itself. What I mean...
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    Due to unseasonably cool weather...

    One one of my folding only boxen, I boot 64 bit debian on a 1GB pen drive. It only cost me $10 for the pen drive as the rest of the box was spare parts, and allows me to use the SMP client.
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    Linux SMP client failing send

    Thanks for the replies. I did restart it several times and it still fails. I also checked the server list this morning and it said available, but it still failed again this morning. Once I figure out the IP, or get off work, I'll post logs from the machine.
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    Linux SMP client failing send

    I set up my old E6300 up with 64 bit debian last week. It had been sending results fine, but the last WU it finished, it hasn't sent. It keeps coming up and saying: Attempting to send results Couldn't send HTTP request to server Could not connect to Work Server (results) (
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    SCSI RAID worth it for speed?

    SCSI raid is for a business environment where you have many users banging on the drive constantly. It's not going to make a big difference in a home environment. I'd just tell the guy to stick with a Raptor, which I think would get you about the best performance you can hope for in a typical...
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    Cable running question...

    I would think it would be a good idea to run plenum cable in this case, just in case it does burn. Standard PVC cabling releases toxic gases when it burns.
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    Sick of home routers

    I've had good luck with my routers. I had a D-link DI-614+ that I used for a while, and I upgraded to a WRT54G v2.2 around 3 years ago and originally ran sveasoft. I moved to DD-WRT ~1.5 years ago, and been running that ever since. I did take the router apart and have it sitting without it's...
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    MS Exchange

    What version of Exchange Server? Usually it's set in ESM.
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    Ding, ding ding, we have a winner! That should work fine unless they don't want you accessing it. Some places may running pop3-ssl or disable it for security purposes, best to ask them.
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    Addonics has a new CF Adapter

    That doesn't make a great swap drive. Although with 4GB and algorithms for reading and writing should make the limited writes not that big of a deal, you still have the relatively slow speed of CF to deal with. The only real gain you get out of this is non sequential access, there is no seek...
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    Gigabit connection keeps dropping to 100

    Also, has the OP tried a different cable? It's possible that the cable could have a defect.
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    FTP Server

    atomiser gave pretty good advice. As far as contacting it, you can just use the IP, or if you have a domain and DNS control of it, create a link to it, or just use a name that is already pointed to the machine(if that exists.)
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    FTP Server

    Huh? If this is on a home connection, just find a dynamic dns server out there, and assign it a name. If you want people to use a web browser with it, just type whatever you use) and then it will prompt for a UID/PW.
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    Weird- Missing WU credit on HF

    Glad to know I'm not the only one missing some points. I submitted a SMP unit on Saturday that hasn't shown up.