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    [FS] Razer Core X + AMD 5700 XT 8GB

    Heatware Payment via Paypal Shipping via FEDEX All items are in pristine working condition, unless otherwise stated. Item #1: Razer Core X 700W - Price: $200 Shipped Reason: Apple M1 does not...
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    Cable Puller - LA Area

    Anyone in the LA area know a good cable puller? My usual guy is no longer available and need to find someone else! I am located in the West L.A. area. Preferably someone who fiber/copper/coax and insured. Thanks! Also if this is the wrong forum for this, i am sorry!
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    CIDR Subnetting Question

    Hi all, I have a stupid question I cant seem to understand. Say I have network, why does my network actually start at and my broadcast ends up as and not and I'm not sure why it calculates it like that.. Any help or...
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    OSX Open Directory and WiFI network login

    Hi guys, I am running into an odd issue that I can't seem to figure out. I have an OD server (10.9.1) with network logins setup for students. Network profiles save onto our NAS and can roam. Admin subnet: Wired Student: Wireless My issue is...
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    10.8 Server and network sharing

    Hey guys, Looking to see if someone can point me in the right direction here. There's two issues that are most likely related: 1. We have a 10.8.4 OS X Server with the server app, open directory and work group manager that are configured and working. We have a Synology NAS configured...
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    OSX User Account Cleanup

    Hey guys, hoping someone could help me out here. We have about 100 or so machines that need to be removed from open directory and the mobile users list cleaned up. I am following this url: just up to the open...
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    FTP Passive and Active modes Question

    I had a question regarding a problem I am having at one of my offices: End users are connecting to cloud FTP sites via filezilla from our office. WiFi users connecting to the FTP site have to enable active mode, while wired users have to enable passive mode in order to access FTP sites...
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    ISP external IP changes - question

    Hey guys, I had a question: I used to have a IP external address from TWC (southern california) and I understand that dynamic IPs change over time or on device change because of leasing. Recently, it has changed to a and points my location to Kansas. Is...
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    Microsoft Open License Program

    Hi everyone, I had a question regarding Microsoft Open Licensing. As far as I can tell, I purchased an open license @ CDW and have setup the VL account @ Microsoft. I have purchased for Office 2010 & Officemac 2011. I believe that for Office 2010, they provide 1 key to use 25 times - Does...
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    iPad & Apple Configurator

    Hi, I've been distributing iPads through the use of Apple Configurator, however, I have come across a problem with a request on the next batch. It is a school setting, and youtube is blocked on the firewall. However, when a few of these go home, the ipads are not behind the firewall. OS...
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    Dual band router setup

    Hi guys, I've been searching around for a definite answer on this issue and have been getting mixed results. So I have a Linksys EA2700 with dual band (2.4 & 5ghz). I've had it setup as a single SSID utilizing both bands. However, I've read that its better to separate so that you know...
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    Windows Server 2008 + CAL License Question

    Hi guys, Had a question I need verified from more knowledgeable folks. Client currenlty has a yearly resellers license for server 2008 (@$75) and 290 CAL license @ $2.50 per license. Yearly fee is somewhere around $850 From my understanding, all we need is the server license + the...
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    Windows 8 gamign spikes

    Hi, I've used Win8 during evaluation and the biggest gripe was during gameplay. I will constantly 'spike' even though my latency is consistent (20ms). Essentially my character warps around every few seconds, and during big fights, will warp around some more. Formatting to windows 7, no issues...
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    Pulling Config File from HP 2900-48G

    Need to get one replaced soon, is there a way to pull the config file from this? I tried looking through console mode, but was not able to find an option for it. Or is it just not possible? :confused:
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    Tripp-lite USP SU6000RT Question

    We have a Tripp-lite USP with external battery installed in one of our servers.. Previous company installed these, I don't really know much about them. The console warning says "Charger2 Fail" and beeps every few seconds. How do I clear this? I've tried holding down the on/mute button and...
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    Tripp-lite USP SU6000RT Question

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    TWC ISP Connectivity Problem

    Hey guys, Had a question for everyone..We just took over a servicing a school that had a contract with another company. The problem I am noticing is when I download large files, I will maintain full speed (~1MB/s), but the download will stop and then drop all the way down to zero. It will...
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    Hitachi 2TB Toura Desk DX3 Usb 3.0 - Frys Electronics B&M 2TB External HDD USB 3.0 2 Year Warranty $89.99 + tax Saw it in store and thought it was a pretty good deal. I saw a seagate posting for $100, so I thought I'd post this one too.
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    Dell u2311h power supply

    Hey guys, Mine just died. Power button stays on, but black picture. Can't get it warranty because seller doesn't have PO. Anyway, wondering if anyone knows where I can get a power board for this? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
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    2 x u2311h moving to 3 monitor display

    Hi guys, had a quick question! I currently have 2 x u2311h dells one in landscape one in portrait. I am looking for a 3rd monitor as a new center monitor and keep the current two monitors for my workstation. I just don't know which one to get! I guess my biggest requirement is just for...
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    Adding extra sata ports/hdds question

    Hey guys, I've been searching for an answer for this question, don't really know how to word it. ATM I'm using onboard Sata ports to fill my file server in a raid 5 config. However, I no longer have any more slots. If I want to add more slots using the intel raid (or any raid for that...
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    Samsung HD204UI Question

    Anyone have any experience with these 2TB drives in a raid setup? Also, any good alternatives for green type 2TB HDDS? Thanks for the feedback!
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    Hot~ Crucial M4 256GB SSD - $295.99

    Crucial M4 256GB - $295.99 There's a newegg link @ $296 and I was actually lurking Amazon to see if they'd match sometime soon... and they did! EDIT2: $340.. deals done!
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    Server setup questions

    I had a couple questions on what part of the chain to put my new server, wireless router and firewall. The server will be handling DHCP and I want the current DHCP router to handle only wireless connections. I also have a netgear firewall I want to put in place. The general chain I see that...
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    [H]otish - Antec Kuhler H20 620 Liquid Cooling System - $39.99 after MIB

    Antec Kuhler H20 620 $39.99 after $15 MIR, valid online and should be valid in store as well. Great deal for those who have a Frys nearby. $54.99 before rebate. After tax should be close to about $45 depending on how much you get taxed. As noted by Maverick96, for those that do not have...
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    Final Fantasy XIII-2 w/ $20 Credit from Amazon Buy the standard version @59.99, get $20 credit for amazon store after purchase. They are matching an in-store only deal by Target. Seems that this game is a pretty big...
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    Verizon MIFI 4510L Question

    I'm selling my mifi device and I'm wondering if I should be including the SIM card or not? Thanks!
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    Phone Line(s) Question

    Hi, Don't really know where to put this. Anyway at work, we have two office buildings connected to each other but with two different addresses. We work in building A with line A, and building B is empty and unused and does not have line B. However building B is entirely wired for wired...
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    Phone Line(s) Question

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    Worthwhile to invest in a $50 xonar or creative sound card for sound recording?

    Hi, I'm not much of a sound person, but I am building a computer for my brother that requires some level of sound goodness. He likes to record himself singing and possibly talking too (not for professional purposes at least to my knowledge). More of a hobby. I have a pretty tight budget, but I'd...
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    MSI 870a-g54 usb 3.0 startup problem

    I finallllly found the problem to my start up problems, but need help with a solution! Here's some background: I have an AMD AM3 Phenom II x4 945 with an MSI 870a-g54 Motherboard. (no OC) Patriot ddr3 1600 2x2gb memory and for some time now if i were to shut down my computer for more than...
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    Experiencing data corruptoin on long shut down periods.

    Hi, I have been experiencing data corruption on my OS drive after long shut down periods. (want to conserve power?) What usually happens is if I shut down my computer for what seems to be more than 12 hours, the moment I turn it back on a few programs will crash on the startup. If I leave...
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    dell and win xp cds

    my original dell xp sp2 cds broke a whiel back, and im thinking of reformating my dell laptop. however, warranty is out, and im pretty sure they will charge me for a copy. was wondering if i could just download sp3 and use the license on the back of this laptop and still be fine with the...
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    Fans and component cabinet question

    hi im looking for information regarding installation of fans into component cabinets like stereo cabinets. the type of information would be, what kind of transformers are ok for this type of application ( 80mm, 92mm, and 120mm fan sizes ) i was recommended 12v 500milliamp transformers...
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    Dell certified refurbished laptops

    hi, im looking for a laptop, and my eyes fell upon the refurbished stock in dells outlet store ( the dell xps m1210 stole my heart ! ). anyway, wondering if any one of you guys has had experience with these units and also if they were upgradeable via checkout or by representative. Let me...
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    Computer will not turn on sometimes

    ok im sure everyone has experienced this problem: when you shut down your computer and go to sleep. and when you wake up again and go to the computer to turn it on it will not turn on!!! so after 1093019230912309 tries of switching it on and off and pressing the power button, it finally...
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    4x512mb in dfi ultrad ut, amd 3800 x2

    ok ijust upgraded my 2x 512 memory to 4x 512 ( all same brand/model , khx3200A/512 _ anyway when its on auto detect, my memory speed willd rop to ddr333, whereas when i put it at ddr400 ( everything stock for testing sake ) it will almost never load. now memory controller is on the...
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    OC'ing tips on 3800+ amd x2

    currently i have my x2 at 2800mhz the 3800+ my ram sucks balls , so its at a divider @ 233mhz fsb at 280 10x multiplier my vcore is at 1.7v though wondering whats the safest vcore i can have on these wihtout acutally going overborad? well maybe overboard is differnt for you guys...
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    thermal adhesive question

    well, luck has it someoen has put a heatsink on the southbridge chipset on an amd system. with thermal adhesive. anyway this heatsink is in the way of using a slot so i am wondering if there is any wya to remove the heatsink that will not result in destruction of a perfectly good...
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    video card problem

    ok i have been runing a gefroce 7 7800gtx for a while. my mobo pci-e slots are 2x 1x 16x 1x atm ( dfi ultra-d nf4 ) anyway when i cehck the nvidia control thing it syas the pci-express bus: 2x does this mean my slot is only running at 2x? and does this even make any differnece?