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    Question about NAS/Router with USB

    Hi, I recently purchased a ASUS WL-520gU router that has a USB port and is currently using Tomato Firmware. I'm trying to set up a media server with a TB+ external hard drive attached to the router either NAS or USB not sure which though. The issue is when users upload movies or music onto the...
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    Macbook Pro hard drive problem

    This might not be a right place- but you guys know mac presumably The MBP is fine; boots up perfectly to a snow leopard install disc or usb thumb drive. the hard drive cable was replaced and everything seems to work fine. The issue is during the installation the hd is not recognized (internal...
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    Should i buy this? Samsung 128gb SSD

    Hi someone on CL is selling a SSD from a Dell Precision M4400 mobile workstation. A Samsung 128GB SSD HD. Model number mmcre28g5dxp, part of the PM800 line; $150 :) Thanks,
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    e6300+ GA-P35-DS3L odd benchmarks Overclocked

    Hi, I recently gathered everything to build my computer and it has been running stable at 3.2ghz but when it comes to benchmarking its another story. Here are the settings in BIOS and screen shots from (ATITOOL, Memset, Core Temp, CPU-Z,...). Can you guys give me some advice on improving my...
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    Help me pick a memory that can Overclock

    ok i'm trying to pick out of three pc2-6400, i do plan on overclocking to the max!! Computer Specs are: C2D E6300 GA-P35-DS3L ATI HD3870 WD 250GB sata16mb Windows Vista Ultimate 1. OCZ Reaper HPC Edition 2. GeIL EVO ONE 3. Crucial Ballistix Tracer any advice would be great
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    Question about Dividers

    ok general question i guess. i currently have my memory at 4:5 Micron 2x1GB PC4200 "D9CRZ" fatbody chips but should i run it at 1:1 24/7? will running at 1:1 become unstable even with active cooling? thanks
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    Heatspreader on or off, Micron D9 Fatbody

    ok just bought my self a D9 but not i am worried about the heat that is being produced. i can't find any conclusive test that there will be a gain on buy the heatspreader. the question is open to other ram such as value ram, or others that does not include the heatsink. thanks
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    Thermalright HR-07

    To much?
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    MSI 7900GS from Woot *Purchase now?

    question is should i buy the card now when DX10 is coming out in couple months? *price that i will be purchasing is $130 shipped here is the parts i have bought. E6400 ASUS P5W DH DELUXE Patriot 2x1GB PC5300 4-4-4-12 Antec Neo HE 500W Zalman 7700CU Antec P180 :Total has been- $724...
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    7900gs now or DX10 later

    my current set-up is: e6400 p5w dh deluxe zalman 7700cu patriot 2x1gb pc5400 4-4-4-12 p180 250gb wd sata 16mb but i can borrow a friends cheap-o video card for the time being. should i get the 7900gs from newegg for $160 shipped or wait until DX10 cards start coming out? and what...
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    converting .jpg to .nb mathematica based picture

    hi i have a jpg file i want to convert into a mathematical based formula is there a easy program that will do this for me? thank you
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    converting .jpg to .nb mathematica based

    hi i have a jpg file i want to convert into a mathematical based formula is there a easy program that will do this for me? thank you
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    Zalman fan controller issue

    hi here is the story: i was typing a english paper when my screen went $#$$R$ so i took out the power connector right away and checked if any parts were fryed nothing so far but i realized it was the zalman fan controller connected to my cpu fan. i took that off and it works now. is this problem...
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    x-fi xtrememusic heatsink question

    does having one make it any better, i am planning on buying the xtrememusic without a heatsink. how many revision are there?
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    Need help skinning foobar2000

    hi i was trying to edit foobar skin and all but its just to confusing does anyone know a good tutorial that might help me out? thanks
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    Just bought HD595 should i get a sound card

    hi i just bought my self a HD595 headphone but should i just purchase a audigy or amp. any recommendations will help!!! NO CLUE
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    will socket 754 price drop soon?

    is there a chart that shows the discrease in prices over the quarters? thanks
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    wd 36gb raptor 8mb 10000 rpm or sata 16mb 7200rpm

    how does these two settings compare. with my raptor i have seen a drastic increase in start-up time but have yet to try out a sata 16mb hard drive is there any significant difference between these two? thanks
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    DFI LanParty UT Nf3 250 Gb start-up issue

    hi here is my set-up amd sempron 64 2600+ DFI LanParty UT Nf3 250 Gb 2x256mb pc3200 corsair ati 9500 np hitachi 80gb hard drive when i try to load up into OS it stops at the loading screen where the bars go left to right. then it restarts. can anyone help me out? thanks
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    socket 754 motherboard? DFI LanParty UT Nf3 250 Gb or MSI K8N Neo Platinum

    either one will be running on an AMD sempron 64 2600+ might upgrade but i have read many reviews and they have mix feelings about both. can you recommend me one? thanks
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    RMAing Epox motherboard issues:

    i have an issue with my epox socket 754 motherboard and can't seem to get any response from the online tech support? do you guys know there RMA phone number? thanks any opinion on there service would be helpful thanks
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    question about asus p4p800se bios *lag

    hi i have a problem with my asus mobo, the set-up is in my sig. when i go into bios it goes frame by frame when i just from one to another it lags. i don't know if its my keyboard or mouse problem but does any one else have the same problem? and have a solution thanks Microsoft Natural...
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    Which motherboard should i keep? Epox v. Asus

    here are the two boards: ASUS A8N-E Socket 939 NVIDIA nForce4 Ultra ATX AMD Motherboard EPoX EP-8KDA3J Socket 754 NVIDIA nForce3 250Gb ATX AMD Motherboard i am trying to build another computer so which one will give me the best performance? overclocking wise, and stability? looking...
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    Need help on which slot(s) for bh-5?

    hi i currently have 4 sticks of bh-5 2x256mb pc3500 Kingston Hyperx D328DW-45 2x256mb pc3200 Corsair twinx CMX256A-3200LL v1.1 i currently have a asus p4p800se running those, but i am not sure which set should go in slot 1-3 or 2-4? which duel channel should be in (1-3,2-4)? to get...
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    ati 9500-->9700 pro wattage question

    hi i installed the drivers to softmod my video card 9500 to a 9700 pro but i have a question, will it increase the wattage used by the video card? basic question i guess :D thanks trying to total my wattage for extreme psu cal.
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    How to Power up with only PSU? QUESTION

    hi i have posted in couple threads on this topic people keep on saying plug the green in the black and so forth i have no idea what you guys are saying so i thought why not make a thread. :confused: i am trying to leak test my watercooler but don't want to risk the motherboard videocard...
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    Question about different brand Duel channel

    hi i have a hyperx 2x256mb bh-5 now and planning on getting a set of 256 MB Mushkin LV2 X 2 would there be any conflict between the memory? thanks
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    Question about my set-up (Danger Den)

    Here is the set-up: Danger Den Copper TDX Block for Athlon64 754/939/940 Water Block (mod to fit socket479 pentium m) Danger Den MAZE4 Chipset Block w/ clear top (planning to attach with 9500) Black Ice Pro Radiator Panaflo 120mm Eheim 1048 pump Danger Den Relay kit Danger Den Round...
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    Blow up or down at the heatsink- panaflo

    i just bought a xp-120 and 120m panaflo my set up is in my sig should i blow down if i am planning on lapping the xp-120 and then overclocking the penitum m to 2.00ghz, should i leave it blowing down or reverse the fan? easy question i guess but i have no idea. thanks
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    HELP Record in .AVI (hardware ATI HDTV WONDER)

    hi as the title says i need help recording in .avi file since the ati recorder is 80-100mb/1sec and uses up a lot of hard drive space. Can you help me out, recommend some software that might help record hdtv in .avi? thanks
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    Help cooling my mobile desktop 50C> and hyperx bh-5

    hi just bought everything for my computer and has been working fine for 2 weeks now haven't overclocked it yet since current temperture varies from 32c-53c load. here are couple pictures of my computer. the spec. is bottom w/ ati hdtv wonder thanks
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    Need help organizing my case ANTEC 660AMG *pictures included

    Hi I need help cleaning up my case I have a mid-tower and it is pretty small to do anything special like all you guys, but I have no idea where to start and get the wires from the power supply organized so it doesn't overheat my Pentium m, going to overclock to 2.0ghz/ Set-up is in signature...
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    what does my banias set-up like?

    hi i am currently looking for some ram that can push the limits on my banias set-up here: pentium m banias 1.4 ghz asus p4p800se asus ct-479 wd 120gb ati 9500-->9700 could you guys give me some recommendations? thanks
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    Western Digital Raptor WD740GD 74GB 10,000RPM - $131AR

    from SD freemoney Western Digital – Raptor WD740GD 74GB 10,000RPM Serial ATA150 Hard drive - $161.00 $10 Instant Rebate by entering Promo Code "RAPTOR10" at Checkout! $20 Mail-in Rebate @ Buy Here you guys...
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    OCZ EL Platinum Revision 2 overclocking question hi i just bought this package but i can't seems to get a good score in sandra 2004. currently getting 4690 4715 not great at all. my computer set-up is: P4 3.0E MSI 865PE Neo2-V OCZ EL Platinum Revision 2 pc3200 2x512mb...