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    The Official HP w2207/w2007 Thread

    Hey people, got the W2207 two weeks ago. I have one issue right now that I want to correct, if possible. I want the monitor itself to scale to aspect ratio for a 16:9 image. It will only do this for 4:3 and 5:4 resolutions. Nvidia card will do it but NOT the monitor itself. I've made sure...
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    HL2 Episode 1 - $7.99

    Something is wrong with the deal. Not available online, and only in-store for 19.99. No indication of any sale whatsoever when I was at Circuit City yesterday.
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    Are the 84.21 drivers responsible for IQ probs in Source?

    Tried them, didn't help. If that's the case with my card then I might send it back. It's advertised to work properly at 590/1600, so it should.
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    Are the 84.21 drivers responsible for IQ probs in Source?

    Havn't overclocked it. It runs @ 590/1600 standard, though.
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    X-QPACK-NW-BK/420 screwhole placement = trouble for video card

    Hey people, I ordered my Qpack the other month, and there was in issue with a screwhole placement. I have it pointed out here: A small, half circular piece of metal was sticking downward from the screwhole, almost certainly by design. This metal was in the way of my 7600GT. After...
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    Are the 84.21 drivers responsible for IQ probs in Source?

    I have a XFX 7600GT XXX edition, 84.21 drivers. The problem is terrible pixel crawling in Source games. I just checked UT2k4 and it does not have the same problem. I'm running things in high quality, so this shouldn't be happening in the first place. I've tried different AA and AF settings...
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    winamps advanced visualzation studio.

    Winamp's visualizations don't use the GPU. It's all on your CPU, which sucks.
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    Biostar 6100 s939 problems - ethernet not working

    I've formatted and tried nforce ethernet drivers, but nothing is working. What kind of motherboard fucks with a PCI card on top of not having its own integrated ethernet working? I went 7 weeks without a fucking computer, and when I finally get my stuff, it doesn't work as advertised. If...
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    Biostar 6100 s939 problems - ethernet not working

    I put in a kingston PCI ethernet card and it is doing the exact same fucking thing as the integrated ethernet. The integrated ethernet should be disabled but I'm getting the same problem. WTF is this unadulterated garbage?
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    Biostar 6100 s939 problems - ethernet not working

    The integrated ethernet is completely fucked up. It is causing the system to tell me the network cable is unplugged every two seconds. I have tried the drivers on the CD and the latest from Biostar's site, but nothing fixes the problem. The system won't let me downgrade my driver, always...
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    rank for me which is best 1600, 6800, 850gt

    169 USD X850XT. Dear god. If you want a good card to hold you over until WGF2.0 cards arrive, and SM3.0 isn't necessary for you, get this card.
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    Rumour: 7900 GTX to cost $499, GT $299

    Why worry about the price of two-in-one cards? People should expect to be paying at least double what the high-end costs, because you're basically getting two cards. The real concern is the price of single cards, which thankfully look set for getting a bit more reasonable.
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    7600 Pictures and Specs

    Any estimations or confirmations on how this thing performs?
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    Power Glove -> PC Gyro Mouse

    Shell Bullet !!!!!
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    Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X

    Some of the voice acting is crap, but most of the time it's passable. Putting that aside, the 25 minute anime you earn after beating the game is pretty nice and the game itself is worth the money, expecially if you were a fan of the original MMX. Biggest improvement to the game is being able...
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    Creating music groups for my PSP... how?

    One site says I need to make an m3u playlist file. Problem is, I have done this and the PSP doesn't play these files as specified in the playlist while in group mode. It just plays the music in the order it did before. What gives? The PSP manual says only that I need to create them on a...
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    Nintendo DS = Nintendo 64 Portable?

    I think they both have 4 megs of RAM. The reason why 2d seems to be better is the lack of texture filtering, which looks horrible on sprites. Then again, no texture filtering = shimmering and other nastiness in 3d environments. I've played Mario Kart DS on a demo machine, and it runs...
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    More bad kids loose their 360!!

    The way some of you guys are talking, it seems your daddies did far more to your asses than whip them. Get some serious help, people.
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    Valve > EA

    Um, at least BF2 was shipped as a complete game, buggy as it was. CS:S retail might as well have been a beta when available for purchase. Only recently has the map selection been up to par with the original CS, and we still don't have all the models yet.
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    NDS or PSP

    I have a PSP and I'm enjoying it. Keep in mind that with a PSP you have to invest a bit of money beyond the system itself to get the most out of it. I bought a used 512 meg stick from a buddy and I have it filled to the brim with anime, photos, and music. That brings me to this point - the...
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    Your 1st 3D accelerated experience ?!?

    I remember getting a handmedown Voodoo Banshee from my uncle, then running Quake 2 to test it. The difference was huge. The game ran at about 20 fps before, a constant 60 after the card was put in. It wasn't just the jump in speed - software mode Q2 looked like greyscale in comparison. The...
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    What do you think abou the X360 controller??

    IMHO N64 and Saturn had the best controllers. PS1&2's controller has crappy analog control with uncomfortable triggers and crosspad. Xbox and 360's controller is much better, but the analog control can't hold a candle to the N64's stick. N64 = best 3D and FPS button layout, no questions...
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    Ok BFG You've beyond lost a customer...CARD #5 DOA!!!!

    The story is entirely plausible. The computer hardware industry has serious issues with quality control. Far too many bad parts reach retail. BFG sent me a bad 6800 for an RMA. I had to downclock the core to keep the card stable. Upon taking off the heatsink and fan I saw that there was...
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    BFG RMA question

    Will BFG take back a card which had AS5 applied to the core? Other than that the card is unaltered. See, awhile back I RMA'd a 6800 OC. The one they sent in return 1) cannot overclock a single mhz over their stock speed, and 2) has within the past few months required a downclock of 25 mhz...
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    Just played XBOX 360, The graphics BLOW!

    CoD2 looks just as good as the PC version but runs at 60 FPS on the 360 hardware. You need a helluva PC system to get that kind of speed with the equivalent resolution and settings. It only looks like "shit" for two reasons: 1) By many accounts, the televisions used for the kiosks aren't...
  26. S are Canday... Cry Babies!

    CS is a garbage game with garbage balance. Garbage everything. If AWP wasn't such a noob cannon then servers wouldn't be banning/punishing for it and people wouldn't be bitching. I can't believe people still defend CS in this day and age.
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    WOW xbox 360 controller 4 xbox 360 + pc!!

    Why do people rave about the Xbox S controller? I used it at an Xbox kiosk this week and it was totally imprecise. The thumbstick offered no resistance which makes it difficult to aim in Far Cry. N64 controller thumbpads offered resistance and felt tighter, offering precise control in...
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    A few high-res Quake 4 pics (and a 4 page write-up)

    I hope those textures don't look like that on high quality settings. Those are some badly compressed normal maps.
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    Never played CS:S -- best way to learn?

    To get good at CS, do what most other people do. Download some skills and rip up the pubs :cool:
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    Why is Source so efficient?

    The problem with detail textures is that they don't play well with normal maps. Notice in Source, you can't have a detail map and normal map on the same object. UT99 made the best use of them, but 2k4's textures were big enough that detail textures were unneccesary. In fact, they made...
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    Why is Source so efficient?

    Oblivion is NOT a Source engine game. It's either UE3 or an engine designed in-house. Really, who the hell told you it was Source?
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    Why is Source so efficient?

    Um, you need a beefy card (16+ pipes with 256 megs GDDR3) to play Source games at high res with AA/AF at an acceptable framerate. It actually doesn't run that much better than Doom 3. People rave about it being scalable and all that, but so is every other engine. Things may run well on your...
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    What do YOU think looks better graphically out of COD2 and DOD:S?

    CoD2's normal mapping looks terrible. DoD:S doesn't use it much but looks better overall. It seems like Source and Doom3 are the only engines to get normal mapping looking decent, even though Source has a bug with rendering normal maps in dark areas.
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    DoD Source complaints

    Poor garand and kar. Everything now revolves around spray-n-pray tactics with the thompson, bar, and mg.
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    NF3 + 6800 + 7x.xx drivers = game freezing issue

    If I underclock my 6800, 3d games are glitched up and won't even start. It looks like an NES game crashed from getting too much dust on the PCB. Lol :( Man, have I got a shitty choice to make: Stay with 66.93, lose features like bloom in Dystopia, can play games for a while but...
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    Half Life 2 "Lost Coast" HDR Preview

    HL2 Bronze owners can buy DOD:S for 20 bucks. Isn't the retail copy just a boxed Bronze package anyway?
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    Half Life 2 "Lost Coast" HDR Preview

    The FarCry HDR wasn't just bloom. Exposure effects were in, as was glare. Basically it was true HDR just like rthdribl. Valve is tossing in more features, but it isn't much to brag about as it didn't take Crytek nearly 3 years to put their implementation in.
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    Half Life 2 "Lost Coast" HDR Preview

    Check out the grammar errors in the article: "Valve are looking to use the Source engine as the solid foundation onto which new technology can be added." Valve "are"? I don't know why there is this new trend of (insert company name) + are + action, but it is really grating on my nerves...
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    NF3 + 6800 + 7x.xx drivers = game freezing issue

    Has Nvidia made one single statement regarding this problem?
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    Dystopia Demo!!!

    I havn't had many lag problems. Anyone know if you can turn bloom on for this mod? I remember seeing it enabled in the cyberspace preview vid.