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    Nvidia GT300 - Some info

    I'm a little sad about the Q4/09, because I thought nvidia's new cards were coming out in a couple of months. Then again, I didn't expect a DX11 card so soon.
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    Author Censors Own Book To Sell On iTunes

    Maybe you've never written anything creative, so I'll excuse the ignorance. When you're writing a book or a screenplay, you are usually not writing from your own perspective. I don't know when the last time you stepped outside was, but there are thousands of interesting people who cuss like...
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    Best maps of all time

    IMO, the remake for UT2K3 was better, but yes awesome map.
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    Internet Pundit's Arrest Creates Stir in South Korea

    We're also not free to murder who we want to. I don't have to visit a place to know it's not free, that includes Singapore.
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    Internet Pundit's Arrest Creates Stir in South Korea

    That's some crazy mind acrobatics you got there. Not every free country has free speech... All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others... Freedom is Slavery... lol! Free countries have free speech, no amount of doublethink is going to make it false.
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    L4D, Honeymoon over

    I've got to say, I'm very tired of getting connected to high latency servers, being kicked before entering the server and the thing that pisses me off the most is entering a game and being vote kicked 20 seconds after joining. The closet camping doesn't even bother me that much anymore, but the...
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    Best way to play as the infected in versus?

    It's only hard because of the way you view online versus matches. In a typical fps or online game, the goal is to kill the other team and survive the next round. The survivors goal is to survive(hur hur) and make it to the end of the level. The infected's goal is to stop the survivors from...
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    Why are the consoles still called "next gen"?

    Maybe it's just me, but I haven't heard people/reviewers/critics use the phrase "next-gen" for a long time.
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    Three Options for Vista-to-Windows 7 Update, Rumor

    I don't think so microsoft. You got us gamers with dx10 and vista, but there's no way in hell I'm going to pay for another windows in a year.
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    Uproar In Australia Over Plan To Block Websites

    Knowledge is power. Do you think people shouldn't know Kung Fu, Ninjitsu or Muay Thai because they teach you how to kill people? The government doesn't want you to know how to defend yourself, it wants you stupid, it doesn't want you to know how to fight for anything, it wants you passive.
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    Will there be an HL2 EP"3"? anytime soon?

    Even 09 is doubtful. You will usually see some screenshots and a trailer a year and a half away from release to start the hype machine. No media has been released to date. (Also, if they give a release date, add a year or two to that)
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    Nvidia Physx strikes again: Cryostasis tech demo

    QFT. I don't see anybody else producing the same results or even making an attempt to bring more life-like environments like physx is. If it's specifically designed for nvidia, that's the card I will get. You don't see people complaining about console games only being able to be played on a ps3...
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    Best 24" monitor

    This one seems very nice, but how will the 1080 resolution compare to other monitors at 1200? Besides losing desktop view space, do you think it's a big deal?
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    Worst game of the year

    GTA4 or Farcry 2. GTA4 for its windows live Bull#$% and bugs or FarCry 2 for being a huge disappointment.
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    Poor GTA IV performance on low and high detail

    Good point. They should take hardware surveys based on current game releases.
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    Google Shutters Its Science Data Service

    That's a horrible pick. Science research is priceless.
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    L4D: Noob to Zombie Ratio Increasing?

    What? Don't you know zombie lore? A zombie is not just a person. A zombie is like a person on pcp: except instead of wanting to escape the cops, they want to beat your skull in or devour your flesh. They feel no pain(except for their hunger or something stupid like that)
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    Piracy Is O.K. If You Are Poor

    I just realized, these asian countries are getting most of their high end software for under $5 or free while most reasonable people here can't afford them. They are then learning how to use all of these high end commercial products and our U.S. companies are outsourcing our jobs to their larger...
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    Valve screwed up L4D

    Was it the zombie/dark room elevator level they changed? Because I could have sworn that was some crazy shit when I first played and then noticed something different when I replayed one year later.
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    Online Gaming: Other Adults Developing Disdain For It?

    Agreed. Last time I checked, anybody with working sperm can be a father and when that baby pops out, it doesn't come along with a magical box of maturity or intelligence. I wouldn't worry about yourself turning into one of them, the mindset going in is half the battle.
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    Online Gaming: Other Adults Developing Disdain For It?

    Welcome to earf. It's not a problem with gaming, it's a problem with society. Part of my job is to take calls all day from the public. You think gaming has it bad? Try being forced to be nice to some punk you know would never say that shit to your face without being beaten(I guess I...
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    Developers Inventing New Ways to Fight Used Game Sales

    IIRC Valve wanted to charge less for the digital copy and rightly so, but said no publisher would go for that. Valve would lose out on a big share of the market without retail shelf space.
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    Quote Of The Day

    They really need to start gagging that guy. If I was doing pr for Epic I would be extremely pissed off at this loser.
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    Anonymous Anger Rampant On Internet

    I find it funny that the article states that researchers are surprised at the amount of anger on the internet compared to real life... What reality are they living in? It seems like an equal amount of online a$$sholes to "real" ones to me.
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    Lego Batman Performance?

    I'm running vista 64bit.
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    Lego Batman Performance?

    I had the same problem with performance in the game. I'm going to say, and I don't use this term lightly - the game is poorly coded.(I didn't even say that about crysis!)
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    The Witcher EE rocks imo

    It's not too big a deal, from what I remember. They cut the nudity playing cards out as well as some spoken dialogue - though really funny spoken dialogue. (paraphrasing) "I fucked a she-elf once" and "Go suck some dwarf cock!" among others. I personally bought the UK edition because I...
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    New Alan Wake Trailer - OMFG

    I remember Max Payne 2 came out of nowhere. First they brought it to public eye, two months later it was released.
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    Google’s CEO Gets Political

    Eh... I don't know if you were trying to go for a position of authority for backing mccain, but an endorsement from ceos is like getting an endorsement from hitler.
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    Gaming Addiction Questionnaire (Which Forum?)

    I will participate.. the first step is admitting.
  31. S 80% off sale

    Thank you so much OP! I just got a $100 gift card to a sweet beverly hills restaurant for 8 bucks. My gf is going to love this :p
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    Intel's New Solid State Drive - Video Review @ [H]

    I like the video review, but Kyle needs to work on his performance/speech now that you're on camera. It sounds like a nitpick, but all of the "ugh.. and... ugh"s make it sounds like you are bored to be reviewing. If you make a conscious effort to eliminate unnecessary speech patterns, it will go...
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    White House Opposes RIAA-based Copyright Bill

    I'm not applauding yet. How about taking down the ridiculous 100+ years hold on copyright for fair use? Even 30 years is stretching it for what should be public domain.
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    Fry's B&M Visiontek 4870 $210 AR/4850 $110 AR

    If ever I've seen a legit deal on [H] that deserved the title of "Smokin' Hot" - it's the 4850 for $110
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    Bloggers In and Out Of Jail

    You can try looking at what the UN has to say It's fairly standard for first world countries to agree on freedom of speech as a human right - with the exception of some of its brain-dead citizens.
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    Bloggers In and Out Of Jail

    "...prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech..." Read that again, and then read it again very carefully. Being in the armed forces, you swear to uphold the constitution, it doesn't seem like you are doing a good job. Talk about hypocrisy, who's the one...
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    Bloggers In and Out Of Jail

    Agreed. People have the right to say whatever they want and you certainly have the right to have a cry in the corner about whatever they said that so wronged you, but that's where it stops. To Tanis again - last paragraph - Addressing the first amendment as a (quote)right(/quote) really...
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    Bloggers In and Out Of Jail

    Rights are not "given" to us, that is called a privilege and they certainly aren't just for our enjoyment. You need to read and understand the constitution and bill of rights, before you make the future of this country look worse.
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    Bloggers In and Out Of Jail

    Way to go fascism :rolleyes: I like that little thing called human rights, part of which is free speech. Big deal if some judge got called a prostitute, even if the guy saying it is an idiot. With the third reich they have set up over there, it was probably warranted. People who go against...
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    So what comes after photo-realistic graphics???

    5 years for graphics to be photorealistic is way too optimistic. If I had to put a date to when you can't tell the difference between a video of walking down a street in a game and somebody walking down the street with a camera, I'd say 15 to 20 years.