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    P5B Deluxe memory

    What is everyone using for memory in this board? I tried the Corsair DDR2-800 5-5-5-12. It was not compatible. I tried two different sets, no go. I could use some recommendations. I would like 667 or 800. Thanks.
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    E6600 in stock and available! has the E6600 available for $379! A little high but at least you can buy it. I ordered mine before posting! ;)
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    Need opinions on new setup

    I am putting a watercooling setup together in the next month or two. I have been doing some research and I came up with list of what I think I need. TDX Water Block Black Ice Extreme Radiator Hydor L35 pump 10' Clear Flex tubing 5 1/4" bay resevoir 4oz of Zerex Hose clamps and...