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    2tb Western Digital Portable Hard Drive @ Fry's

    Just a possible word of caution ... I have gone through two of these drives and lost a ton of data in the process. Been using WD Passport drives for years with no issues .... These seem to have bit flimsier shell. Just be careful with yours, I've had bad luck and am waiting for the next redesign.
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    GTX 680 Superclock for 459.99 at Amazon

    Card just arrived and Amazon just sent me the Borderlands 2 code. Never saw anything about Dirt 3 on the site though... Was it mentioned somewhere?
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    GTX 680 Superclock for 459.99 at Amazon

    Really tempted by this deal. I have a 580 that's starting to overheat (93 degrees under load and noisy) and glitch out a lot with my dual-monitor setup (one of which is 2560x1600), but wanted to wait until the next round of video cards to upgrade. Argh.
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    Corsair VX550W problem?

    Thanks, I figured it was plenty but getting it to post properly by just removing the DVD-RW seemed really odd. Will have to keep hunting. Seems to be working okay now.
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    Corsair VX550W problem?

    I've put together a hand-me-down system for my mom, using some of my old left over parts. Since she was going from a first-gen Athlon to an Intel C2D E6600 at 3.2, it was kind of a big jump. But she also needed a new PSU. I'd used the Corsair HX620 for a long time with no problems, so when I...
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    Is x58/core i7 performance that much better?

    I just upgraded from a C2D overclocked at 3.2ghz and an 8800gtx to a core i7 overclocked to 3.8ghz (could go higher but keeping voltages and temps low) and an overclocked 285. Windows Vista is definitely a slight bit snappier, and working in Solid Works and Photoshop is noticably faster...
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    6GB OCZ Intel Extreme DDR3 Triple Channel Kit for $101.77 AR

    I think you're referencing the G.Skill 6GB 1600 kit that goes for just over $100 now, but that one has some slower timings.
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    6GB OCZ Intel Extreme DDR3 Triple Channel Kit for $101.77 AR $141.77 with a $40 rebate. Been searching for ram and after the OCZ Platinum kit that reviewed so well went up in price suddenly I noticed this deal over on It's currently around $170 over on zipzoomfly, and though the timings aren't...
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    Do 10,00 rpm hard drives really make a DIffernec?

    No. It's not worth it, as FPS typically have nothing to do with HDD speed ... unless you're talking when content is streamed from a new area to the next seamlessly, and even then only a few games have big open worlds like that, and even then it might only smooth out the very occasional "stutter"...
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    raptor 300GB eta ?

    I've got to give you the benefit of the doubt, that you posted this then realized how logic had momentarily escaped you. Just because something isn't announced doesn't mean there are no plans for it. And just because there have been no press releases or "leaks" in internet forums doesn't mean...
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    Combination Bluetooth+WiFi PCI card

    Does one exist? I've seen references to something by MSI but it's not available anywhere. Anyone know of anything that combines WiFi for a desktop with Bluetooth? Much appreciated.
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    Macbook Pro 4gb Ram Upgrade

    that's precisely the problem ... conflicting stories about their policies. went into the 5th avenue apple store in nyc this afternoon to return the 30gb ipod i bought with the student deal online, and had the counter clerk say they replace even 1 dead pixel, a "genius" say it had to be 5, and...
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    Macbook Pro 4gb Ram Upgrade

    Just to update, I finally got my new MacBook Pro last night. Waited 2 weeks for it to ship, and Fedex said it shipped straight from China. That should have tipped me off right there. It arrived, I excitedly opened it up, powered it on, and immediately noticed two stuck pixels in the middle of...
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    Macbook Pro 4gb Ram Upgrade

    Thanks for the replies guys. I do most definitely need 4gb ... I'm an art director so the kinds of files I'm using are often quite a bit larger than anything you could take on a consumer camera. Plus I've heard Parallels eats up tons of ram. I bought the laptop with the stock 160gb...
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    Macbook Pro 4gb Ram Upgrade

    I have the upper-version Macbook Pro coming in the mail, and I'm seriously considering upgrading to 4gb of ram. Been looking at newegg and am a little confused. Hope you guys can help. I'm going to be running Parallels and Bootcamp/Vista a lot, and figure I'll need the extra ram. I'm just...
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    Wii Key $ 10

    Has to be a clone at that price. Though there's still no official update from the official makers, they claim that they can block updates on clone chips. For all the pain in the ass installing a Wiikey is in a Wii, it's worth the extra $20 to be assured of an official chip from an...
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    Replace 74Gb Raptor for 750Gb Seagate?

    I have the exact same first-gen raptor 74GB, and I'm planning on ditching it for that Hitachi 1TB drive. It's just too noisy now that I've got a near-silent PC and performance-wise I doubt I'll be able to tell much of a difference between the two. My guess is it'd be about the same for the 750GB...
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    Are the 1tb drive for sale anywhere?

    You've actually seen them in stock? Aside from the Dell System Build pages I've yet to see them available anywhere.
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    P180 Q

    no prob :)
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    P180 Q

    The Corsair 620 fits fine in my P180. All the cables reach. The 520 should be fine. The bottom compartment is mostly sealed, but the middle fan is still good to help air move through the bottom, pulling over the HDD bay. There are vent holes in the back all around the PSU ... it's all exhaust...
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    WD740GD or WD2500KS for the OS?

    I don't mind if there's a few ns difference in benchmarking if it means getting rid of the annoying "ticking" drive seeks that are so loud on the Raptor.
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    WD740GD or WD2500KS for the OS?

    I dunno. I have a first-gen 74GB raptor and I'm seriously considering buying a new Hitachi 1TB drive and using that for my OS instead. At least from the performance charts the new 7200rpm drives seem to be catching up and do so with a lot less noise. My 74GB raptor has always been a bit noisy...
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    for e6600s only

    I'm running my e6600 at stock voltages across the board (with vdroop in Vista my vCore is 1.27v) at a frequency of 3.24ghz. I start getting Orthos/OCCT failures at 3.33 on stock, so instead of bumping up the voltage I just kept it at my highest stable stock settings. All my fans are on low --...
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    Help with Intel Bad Axe 2 and e6600 overclock

    You must be using an old bios. Something like the 2333 or earlier. The Failsafe Watchdog was introduced in 2333 and has been twitchy in every iteration since. *edit* The Failsafe Watchdog was introduced AFTER bios 2333. Just re-read my post and realized the error.
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    Help with Intel Bad Axe 2 and e6600 overclock

    In order to disable the Failsafe Watchdog you need to change the maintenance jumper on the motherboard and boot. It will go right to the maintenance bios menu. Just check your motherboard manual for the location of the jumper. It's near the IDE port and has a tab for easy pullin'. Depending...
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    8800 with a slot cooler?

    The Antec Super Cyclone is 11.99 from amazon, with no tax. I ordered one along with a blu-ray movie, and got free shipping. Just another option.
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    8800 with a slot cooler?

    Think about the Antec Super Cyclone. It's about the same length as a standard PCI slot blower except it takes up two slots. Bigger fan that should pull out even more air, if you have the space. I ordered one for my 8800GTX that idles at 62c after hearing that it's almost inaudiable on low (which...
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    Normal Idle temp of 8800gtx

    Depends on your case and airflow and ultimately ambient room temp. When I first installed my 8800GTX in my Antec P180 I was idling at around 68c in a 27c room. It's a hot card, but it'll run fine that way. 76c is a bit high for idle, but still fine. I opened up the two PCI slots under the...
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    best pci-e card

    The 8800GTX has barely been out for 5 months, and the R600 is still, for the most part, MIA. Though it will undoubtedly be beaten in raw numbers, there were other considerations that made me buy one when I upgraded last month. From my experience with the last few generations of ATI cards...
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    E6600 and D975XBX2 overclock ... can anyone share their settings?

    I'll try that again tonight. I remember upping my voltage in the Bios then not seeing it move from 1.27/1.28 measured in Vista. Will try to push everything more once I get the extra fans in there.
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    E6600 and D975XBX2 overclock ... can anyone share their settings?

    Thanks for the suggestions. The memory is OCZ 6400 Platinum Rev2 (4 sticks) which runs up to 400mhz rated and I've set the memory frequency at 533 and the reference frequency at 266, which is 1:1 for a DDR2 equivalent of 357, well under the spec. At 2.04V and 4-4-4-15 I'm not thinking that...
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    E6600 and D975XBX2 overclock ... can anyone share their settings?

    After getting loads of help identifying the correct Bad Axe 2 bios settings I needed to disable in order to overclock, I've been running my E6600 completely stable at 3.2ghz for a couple weeks without tweaking the voltages at all. Pretty happy with the performance setting the frequency at...
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    Calling all bad axe 2 owners, got a Q for ya

    Thanks a lot! Did the registry edit, rebooted and enabled AHCI in the Bios, and it booted into Vista with no problems. Vista then detected the Serial bus and installed the drivers, rebooted, and I guess I have AHCI enabled now. Thanks for the tip ... don't know how much better my performance...
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    Western Digital - My Book - External Hard Drive

    Everything freonchill said is correct. Putting together a drive and enclosure are simple and cheap. However, I'm actually looking at one of the new My Book models myself, but for different reasons. WD has some bigger external drives coming that are outside your price range (guessing if you're...
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    What do you think of the Bad Axe 2???

    I was looking up the same question today, and at least from what I've found it seems as though AHCI doesn't matter much for the older 8gb cache Raptors (I have a 1st gen 74gb) which didn't even have some of the command queuing features of the newer 16gb Raptors. The newer 16gb Raptors will see a...
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    Calling all bad axe 2 owners, got a Q for ya

    Just FYI, I stupidly forgot to activate AHCI when I installed Vista 64, then tried booting into Vista by turning it on after the fact ... it refused to boot. Don't know if it'll make that much of a difference, but then again I'm thinking of getting a Raptor 150 to replace my existing (and older)...
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    WARM: Refurb XBOX 360 Platinum $330 @

    Scares me too. I'm on my third 360 after buying one at launch ... it's got a lot of plusses, but hardware build quality isn't one of them. Noisy, hot, noisy, failure-prone, and noisy. Did I mention that the 360 is loud? Have to speak up because it's drowning me out. There are already new...
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    What do you think of the Bad Axe 2???

    Rock solid. Best motherboard experience I've ever had. First Intel board for me, and won't be the last. Very solid build quality with great components (no capacitor whine ... a big deal to me). Highly recommended.
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    Recommend me a C2D MB

    I have to recommend the Intel D975XBX2 (aka Bad Axe 2) ... it's been rock solid for what I want to do (which is overclocking without SLI) and most importantly is completely silent. Unlike all the asus, abit, gigabyte and evga boards I've owned in the past, the Bad Axe 2 has zero capacitor whine...
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    Help with Intel Bad Axe 2 and e6600 overclock

    I installed the new bios and did all the new settings ... plus I installed the new SpeedFan. The plus is it seems to read the correct core voltage ... about .05 below the bios-set voltage. So at least that works. However I still can't manage to get 3.3 even at 1.4v ... must be some other issue...