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    water cooling A8N 32 sli

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    ram help with a a8n32-sli m/b

    ok heres the deal im running a8n32-sli 3200+X2 uncapped 2 gigs of pc 3200 corsair TWINX2048-3200C2 any way when the 3800+ is O/C to 2.6 my memory kicks down and starts running@ 178.3 not the rated 200. when i lock the mb to run the ram @ 200 it locks up or wont boot at all. im thinking...
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    Pimpin Out Firefox

    there are a ton of ways to hook up firefox here is what i do. any one else have any tips or tricks to firefox?
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    Installing Linux

    I came up with this lil bit of information for the guys that want to run Linux but always have problems getting it up and running so here is a link. if any one has a better way let me know. ill add it.
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    the easy way of cutting plexi

    this is some thing i came up with. it may help you guys thinking of cutting plexi. here is the link if you have any other tips or methods post them up
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    A8n32 my problems

    i just got mine up and running last night and i have 2 questions 1. for some odd reason my 2 usb headers are not detecting my inturnal usb devices 2. sli im running t0 6800gt's and it only detecting 1?
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    my first forum

    ok i have been working on this for a few days and i got it up and running last night. i need some feed back its just starting up. heres the site im also tring to find out how to make a section that only admins can see?
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    what kind of pelt for a uncapped 3800= X2? im not looking for super cool temps just a lil some thing Xtra im using an AC XT for a water block in the cpu now and getting ready to fire the rig up to see what it can do and i came up with this idea. any help is great the cpu loop is a 120mm rad with...
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    PC ICE or fluid XP?

    im at a toos up on what one to get any one have any info on whats better? PC Ice is specially formulated for today's PC water cooing systems. It has been designed to improve cooling capacity while maintaining a safe water cooling environment for expensive components in your PC. PC Ice is...
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    ocz600 sli will it run?

    2-6800gt's 3800+ x2 6-sata hd 3 cd rom drives 4-water pumps 5-120mm case fans 2-8mm case fans 2 gigs of ram and a few uv lights a8n 32 sli mb am i pushing it?
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    sims 2 question on system req

    ok right now my system is 3800+ x2 1 gig ram 2 6800gt sli my questions is when i max out the settings on the game and speed the timing up in the game it gets a lil choppie and im trying to find out the week link im rebuilding my system right now. i picked up an A8N 32 sli m/b and a fresh...
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    4 gigs on a A8N 32 sli

    ok im looking to put 4 gigs for ram on my a8n 32. the m/b is water cooled as will the ram. now I have been looking for some sticks but this m/b from what i hear is real picky on the ram that it will run and i need som ideas. below is a pic of the m/b and some of the links to the ram im thinking...
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    water cooling A8N 32 sli

    well i have just started working on water cooling my new m/b here is a pic and a link to the worklog
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    expantion usb cards

    in need a pci to usb but they have to be inturnal like the usb plugs on the m/b
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    Looking For Some Parts

    any one know where i can find dd fillports for under 15bux a pop i need 3 in total Bulgin Vandal Resistant Switch for under 30bux each i need 2 i cant find my old links to them but the bulgin switches can be had for 19bux any one have any links frozencpu has them 13.99 for the fill...
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    a8n32 and ram?

    what ram can i run on the board can i run higher than pc3200 or should i stick with it?
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    the no name project

    ok im starting off with a lian li V2000 case that will house 3 water loops much like TN project. im not going to talk about the water set up right now i will touch on that when i start puting evry thing back in to the case. the low part of the case psu and hard drive mounts have been removed...
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    A8n32 Sli

    it looks like the dry spell for the m/b is finaly over.... every distributar that i lookd at so far has them instock tigerdirect newegg and zipzoom
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    plexi case side?

    has any one replaced a case side with a plexi panel?
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    gutting a lian li V2000

    ok im planing on gutting my V2000 case and make the floor and uprights out of 1/4 plexi glass but still maintain the inside looks of the case. right now i have started to make the uprights for the hds i have 3 more to cut then i can start on drilling the mounting holes. the plane is to have 10...
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    plexi rods?

    has any one found a place to find square plexi rods in say 1/2 and 1/4in i have looked a few places but haven found any thing
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    the next sims2 EXP

    any one know what the eta is on this? i have very limited internet capablities due to my work blocking allthe sites.
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    working with plexi

    ok im looking to make some1/4in plexi HHD mounts for a lian li v2000 case im only able to run 6 water cooled hard drives with stock HD placement and i would like to get at least 10 hds in there. im thinging i can make 3 uprights and just tighen up the spacing on the drives. i dont want this mod...
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    AC Lian li project

    well i have ben working on this project for a long time now it reaching the 6 month mark. it started out to be a 754 system in a dragon case and grew in to a 939 X2 in a V2000 case this is what i have so far. some of the pics are dated so dont mind that. my goal with this build up was to use...
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    My Aqua-computer

    i need to get some more up to date pics 3800+ x2 6 400gb sata harddrives ocz 600watt sli ultra 500 mod to run 3 colling loops