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    NT's randomness FS

    I've got for sale: 1x HP ZR30w, $400, decent condition, one slightly dim spot near the bottom middle edge (photo coming soon, if I can capture it) orig box+styro 1x Sundown Audio SAZ-2500D, excellent condition, slight scuffing on the mounting flange from mounting screws, orig box, 2nd owner...
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    fav tower defense games?

    So far I've played the snot out of quite a few TD games, looking for ones I might not have heard of, RPG elements a plus, but w/e, looking for flash or droid types for those boring days at work. Any suggestions?
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    Tablet or minipc/embedded for car audio?

    Anyone have any thoughts on a good tab or minipc with good quality audio output / dac and/or spdif/optical output? I'm prepared to add an inverter to the system anyways, to add some lcd's to the dash and rear seats without paying ridiculous amounts for the 12v gear. What I was thinking was...