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    Viewsonic VX2233wm

    I bought this monitor at Fry's last month and after using it I have mixed feelings. The resolution (1920x1080) is nice given my mid-range video card. Unfortunately, the picture quality kind of sucks. Compared to my last monitor (Samsung Syncmaster 930) the colors are washed out and the blacks...
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    8800GT fan died, need some advice

    The fan on my BFG 8800GT died yesterday while I was playing CoD4. I heard a pop and noticed a few minutes later that I couldn't hear the fan. The power of this card is impressive, I hardly noticed the game slowdown as it throttled. When I quit the game the Nvidia thermal monitor was steady at...
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    Better overclocker, E2200 or E4500?

    So the E2200 just came out. I was previously just going to go with the E4500 but this cpu plus a nice cooler might be a better buy. How well have the 2XXX series cpus been overlocking compared to the 4XXX?
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    Cooler Master eXtreme Power 600

    What's this power supply like and who manufactures it? I can't find any reviews or personal accounts and it is on sale at CompUSA.
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    [C]heap OC machine

    I need a new computer bad. I have a great case, drives, sound card, accessories, etc. I need a new processor, ram, graphics card, and psu. I think I want an Intel chip because of the awesome OC power and I really want an 8800GTS 320mb because I am tired of f@#$ing around with midrange crap...
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    Fast, Cheap Mobo

    I'm looking to put together a new computer in the next month or two. I'm planning on getting a Core 2 Duo chip (not a quad) and I need a mobo to go with it. I currently have an Abit IC7-G from 2003 and I don't use half the features on it. I want: Cheap Good overclocking Stability...
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    Antec TrueBlue 480

    My current system uses a 2004 Antec TrueBlue 480 psu. It's currently powering a Pentium 4 system with a 6600GT and a healthy assortment of accessories with no problems. I want to build a new system and I am hoping to salvage as much as I can from the old (case, drives, soundcard, etc.). I...
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    Powered Subwofer Recommendations?

    I've had my Swans M200s for about six months now. I absolutely love them but I kind of miss the bass in my music. I got a new job recently (hooray for disposable income) and I've been thinking about putting $150-200 toward a subwoofer. I understand that it will be easiest to get a powered...
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    New soundcard for Vista

    Hey guys, I've been having problems with my Creative Audigy with Vista. Sound is stuttering during any kind of cpu load and something about the card or driver is causing the system to hang every 30 seconds. I really don't feel like waiting around for Creative to fix the problem (if they...
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    Microphone, Teamspeak, Windows Vista: The Perfect Storm

    So I installed Vista (Business ed.) the other day. Originally my Audigy worked ok with the latest XP drivers. Today it started to sound like crap (lots of low end distortion/crackling). Not a big deal, I was surprised when it worked at all. So I switch over to onboard (Realtek) and...
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    Vista is a dog - internet performance

    Vista is dog slow sometimes, especially when something is being downloaded or it's accessing the internet for whatever reason. I'm on a wireless connection (Netgear WPN111 usb adapter) and I have done the fixes listed in the forum faq and it took care of most of my problems, but it's still...
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    Room problems: sound absorbing panels?

    I got a pair of Swans M200s for Christmas. They sounded great at home, but now that I have them in my apartment I'm having problems. I have a built in desk shaped like so: _____| | x |x |_____ x | Xs are walls. It's basically an indentation with a sliding desk. It doesn't really...
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    Help, I can't uninstall mouseware

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    Wireless Problems: I need more POWAH!

    I live in an apartment (I just moved in actually) that has wireless internet. My room seems to be either too far from a base station or in the shadow of some object. I started out with a USB wireless adapter, which didn't work well. Now I have a Linksys pci adapter which is a bit better, but...
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    Help, I can't uninstall mouseware

    For some reason I can't uninstall my logitech mouseware drivers. I just got a Microsoft wireless laser mouse and I want to install the software that comes with it. When I try to install it I get a message saying there is a conflicting driver that needs to be uninstalled (which is the mouseware...
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    Integrated Peltiers on new AMDs??? Interesting... looks like 65nm is gonna be a hard step...
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    XP-120 or XP-90?

    Which would be better on a Pentium 4 2.4c and an Abit IC7-G? 1) XP-120 with one of these: 2) XP-90 with one of these:
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    Proposed WC setup plz look!!!

    Hey yall! I just built my new computer this November (not that new i guess). It is composed of the following: Abit IC7-G, Pentium 2.4c, WD Raptor, 512 Corsair 3200LL, Geforce Ti 4200, Audigy soundcard. I had planned on overclocking this computer, and being able to do it right off the bat...