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    2016 Promises To Be A Huge Year For Gaming

    I only have time to play two to three big games a year so six would be fine for me. I still have to play witcher 3, and just finishing up fo4. Games I'll probably pick up next year: Tomb Raider, Dark Souls 3, and Doom. If FFV ends up getting great reviews, I may pick up a ps4 and play...
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    New Skylake build, is it even worth it?..

    Right now I'd rather put my money into a new monitor preferably something like the 34" Predator or something like it that has a higher refresh rate, g-sync and is curved ultrawide. I also want to wait it out to see what directX 12 does for cpu loads. Basically with a gsync monitor and just...
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    PC Shutting off under load - how to troubleshoot?

    A bad driver maybe? I'm having the same issues right now. When gaming at random I get bluescreens and shuts off and reboots. Tried resetting my overclocks back to stock on everything and nothing is overheating as I have temps monitored osd in rivertuner. Other than that I did blow a fuse...
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    This 2600k is still lingering!!! :)

    All I do is game, surf the internet, rip bluerays and run my server off my computer. 2500k here, clocked to 4.2ghz. Running 1080P on a tv, and 1600p on my monitor with a GTX780ti. When I rip bluerays, I leave the computer so I don't care if it takes 50 minutes or 2 hours. Games I'll...
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    Upgrade to i7-6700k from i7-920 - lower performance?

    Lol at people believing that going from triple channel ddr3 memory to dual channel ddr4 memory would cause performance drops. If that were the case people would have noticed it right away when sandybridge dropped. Instead performance stayed the same or went up. It would have surfaced years...
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    Seagate: SSDs Will Never Match Per-Gigabyte Costs Of HDDs

    Problem is with large capacity ssd's vs hdd's is if you have one fail, you can at least recover from a failed hdd. As far as I know, when an ssd fails it's toast along with all the info on it. And doesn't it have a certain time frame of storing info when not plugged into anything?
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    Americans Can’t Seem To Stop Pointing Lasers At Planes

    Ummm... Don't planes nowadays fly themselves basically? How is a laser going to effect the pilot when the plane is on auto?
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    Crossfire / SLI market only 300K units.

    But that doubles the gpu's these companies sell so of course they're making more money so they want to have good drivers.
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    SSD Prices in Free Fall; Capacity to Surpass HDDs in 2016

    NO chance in hell I would replace a hdd storage drive with an ssd drive. I've had hdd's fail and ssd's fail. When an ssd fails, your data is gone, hdd's you can recover..... But anyways, 1tb would be sufficient enough for me for all my games, programs, and os. I'll still have a large...
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    Doom 4 E3 reveal.

    OMG this is doom guys. Why the complaining about graphics? It was all about game play and atmosphere. I'm a guy who just wants to mess up some demons and shoot mindlessly. Not no cod bullcrap. Doom 3 was complete crap. The horror movie theme was just terrible. Couldn't get past the first...
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    2x Titan X for $880 each or 980 Ti for $680 + taxes for a single 4k monitor?

    Let me requote him for you then.... You will see higher vram usage than most people because it has 12gb, but that doesn't mean the game actually needs that much. See the logic there?
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    NVIDIA GeForce 980 Ti

    I'll wait for an open box at microcenter. That's what I did with the 780ti after it came out and saved over $100 off what they were going for. ;)
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Ti Video Card Preview @ [H]

    Isn't that what directx12 is supposed to fix?
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Ti Video Card Preview @ [H]

    The witcher 3 is stressing my 660ti even at medium settings. But not a whole lot of games I've been playing have otherwise. Can't wait to see the full review on this card though, it's tempting as I have a 780ti on another computer running at 2560x1600. Thinking of selling off my 660ti...
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    DRAM Prices Lowest In 26 Months

    Isn't the whole purpose of directx12 to put more on the gpu and less on the cpu?
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    DRAM Prices Lowest In 26 Months

    I don't see ddr4 picking up like 3 did. There's no cpu's out there worth upgrading to. If you're a gamer, or just an internet surfer or movie watcher.... CPU's are pretty much stagnate..... So as for a new gen memory it doesn't appeal to many people. Last gen is when the core i5 and i7's...
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    Witcher 3 Performance Discussion

    Yeah captain obvious... Of course 30 fps vs 60 fps isnt as good. I'm trying to make the best with what I have and it's very playable to me. Yes I can get more fps turning stuff down, but like was described earlier, it's very stuttery and jerky making it less smooth so I'll take the 30fps over...
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    Witcher 3 Performance Discussion

    660ti 1080p res. Everything high, hairworks off and ssao. Have capped at 30fps and runs smooth for 30fps and very playable. So much for this vram debacle, this 2gig card can still run games!!! :p
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    7 suddenly does not want to auto sleep

    I've struggled with this on 7, and 8.1. First I could not figure out on 8.1 why it would never sleep. Windows 8 was perfect, but as soon as the update rolled out none of my computers would auto sleep. I literally pulled my hair out trying to figure it out after a few months and other...
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    980 Ti

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    980 Ti

    It makes no sense for Nvidia to call this card 980ti when it's a cut down version of titan x. Maybe GTX990 would make more sense or some form of Titan brand but no way a 980ti. GTX780 was a different line when they cut down the og titan. GTX780ti was a more improved GTX780 with more shaders...
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    What video card can run the new LG 8K monitor?

    Depends on how close you sit and how big the tv is. On the 4k tvs you can see peoples faces at crowds during games almost perfectly, even though they are tiny. And on the 4k demo's at the stores you can see inside windows of buildings. It is awesome and definatly makes a difference. I dunno...
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN X Video Card PREVIEW @ [H]

    Some games are going to use all your vram... So what? Does it mean it's hurting performance? Or does it mean it's caching? I personally don't care if I have 1gig of vram and someone else is pegging 1200 gigs of vram on their supercharged mega titan Xtreme.... If I can get 60fps then 60fps is...
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    Will there be an Xbox One+ or PS4+ with upgraded hardware?

    True that. Consoles aren't profitable hardware wise for them. Don't see them rushing out another gen very quickly. After the first year or two they start making their money on it and it takes time so don't expect a new console gen anytime soon. A refresh may happen that's more efficient and...
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    What new games are you hyped up for this year?

    I'm about to pick up two ps4's and put them on the same tv's my pcs are. Basically just Witcher 3 so far on pc but ps4 and xboxone seem to have more exclusives not coming out on pc. Bloodborne and FFIV Seem to be high on my priority list this year and not on pc. Such a shame. Def don't need...
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    4k build , 2 980's till Pascal or 2 Titan's for longer.....

    Sure pascal will be 10X faster than maxwell. If you compare the top tier pascal to a low tier maxwell..... LOL I would go the 980 route.... until pascal. Two cards will hold more value when you sell them vs one card. But I haven't actually paid much attention to second hand titan market...
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    390X coming soon few weeks

    I thought so too..........
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    NVIDIA Readying GM200-based GeForce GTX 980 Ti

    You gotta also remember the GM200 is a Massive chip and newer technology. Same thing happened when last titan came out as well. I'm not saying vram doesn't have anything to do with that but I still believe that the whole vram debacle is overhyped. Games needing 3+gigs of vram and still...
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    NVIDIA Readying GM200-based GeForce GTX 980 Ti

    Ummmm... Well you're not getting the "stutter" on the Titan X because you're running out of vram, it's because your minimal frame rates are higher due to the GM200 architecture and you're running 3000+ cuda cores. LOL. It's not due to vram sorry to say.
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    Streaming Music Beats CD Sales In US For The First Time

    As for people who say they don't want to hook their phone up to a cord, buy a bluetooth dongle for your car. Bluetooth streaming is awesome and doesn't cost more than $25 if you find the right one!! As for cd selection at these stores, why would I want to buy Bieber, Gaga, Nickleback...
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    Home server vs packaged NAS

    Any drawbacks to putting a 6tb hdd in a computer and leaving it running all the time as a server? Also to backup going to get an external hdd to mirror that hdd and only to turn it on to back up. Is there any software that will detect changes and only backup the new data? I'm using this...
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN X Video Card PREVIEW @ [H]

    lol people still actually do this. I've never had a problem running physix of of one newer card. Just don't see the point anymore lol
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    What new games are you hyped up for this year?

    A lot of those games on that PC gamer list don't seem to be games that are going to be pushing new hardware. I'm sure a few will but will probably just wait and see how Witcher 3 does on my current 780ti before I consider upgrading. Really don't care about any more battlefield or cod games...
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    What new games are you hyped up for this year?

    Have to ask because other than The Witcher 3, I don't really see anything that I know of that's worth upgrading my pc's for. I just hope I overlooked some but seems like a boring year for games so far again....
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    Japan Space Scientists Make Wireless Energy Breakthrough

    Turn the earth into a microwave? Great now we all can fry!!!! :D
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    NVIDIA Unveils The Titan X At GDC 2015

    So other than Witcher 3 and GTAV what games coming out soon are worth getting this TitanX that my GTX780ti can't play at max?
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    AMD to launch 390x in June @ Computex

    Are those the only two big games coming out this year? God I hope not!!! While they are fantastic games, we need more to justify spending $500+ on hardware.:mad:
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    Streaming MKV's, how are you doing it?

    Plex!!! 1 6tb hgst hdd in my main computer that runs 24/7 no issues streaming even on computers at work when I'm bored. Need to get a backup hdd just incase this crashes but so far I'm good. 204 bluray rips, 200 dvd rips, and some tv shows and extras. I recently had to convert all my mkv's...
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    What the heck happened to Steam?

    It looks like a cheesy mobile app store now full of rubbish indie and unfinished (early access) games. Comparing stream from two three years ago till now it's defiantly gone downhill. Spending loads of time looking for some quality new releases or upcoming and having to sort through angrybird...
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    Corsair K70 Reviews on Amazon

    Have my corsair k70 on for the past few years and no problems whatsoever. Best keyboard I owned. People gave it bad reviews because not all keys are mechanical. Doesn't bother me one bit though.