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    HP dv2000 - Downgraded Vista->SP2 No sound.

    XP SP2 that is. I've installed the kb888111 fix, tried installing drivers, etc... I haven't been able to get the computer to recognize the audio device. Any ideas??
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    The Axe Rack - My senior level production class project

    Just wanted to show off what I've been working on in a team this year at school. It's a guitar stand that is focused on Guitar Hero, but fits most electric guitars as well. We had to design/manufacture fifty of these within strict specifications. They're routed from acrylic and airbrushed...
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    Oblivion really is great looking...

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    Computer locks up during video playback.

    My computer acts sluggish most of the time, but remains stable until I try to play any format of movie file. 90% of the time or so my computer will then lockup after opening any movie file. It does the same thing overclocked or stock. Specs: evga 680i A1 motherboard 4-4-4-12 Crucial 2GB...
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    e6600, evga 680i, gamexstream 700w volatage problems.

    I have the above components and set 1.5v in bios to the cpu. However, in CPU-z it will show 1.255v and then jump to 1.464v occasionally. Any ideas? It's fairly unstable as well. I've overclocked an e6300 with ds3 to 3.5ghz solid before. Am I just forgetting something? Thanks!
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    Gears of War online help needed!

    I don't know how people are so good at the game, my strategy is good, my aim seems good, I just can NEVER hit anything, or then I'll have days where I'm extremely good. I worry that the lag is too bad for it to be consistently playable. Any ideas?
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    Best way (cheapest) to get Over the Air HD on my LCD TV? Details inside.

    I have this tv: It doesn't have a built in HD tuner, and I need a cheap solution to get those basic HD channels over the air. Any suggestions? Thanks!
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    Cheap BM Place to get a HDMI cable? In CA

    I'm looking for a reasonably priced HDMI cable that is BM, as I need it ASAP. The prices at Circuit City, etc... are horrible compared to some I saw online (not even sub $100). Any ideas? Thanks!
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    Best HDD backup software... to DVD...

    I have no access to an external harddrive at the time and have sold my computer to be shipped thursday. I really need to backup a large amount of data, and am guessing that dvd is my only option. What is the best possible software to ensure that my data will be backed up correctly and be easily...
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    Packaging a full system for shipment.. Help please.

    Would the case box be sufficient? It's a lian li v1200 plus, the internals would remain installed. If not what else should I do? Thanks!
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    Will this combo work for esata with the upcoming Asus G1 laptop? Please help!

    These items: With a 500gb WD or Seagate drive in the enclosure. Is that esata card compatible with the G1 (ie is it the right type of card), and will I get the full transfer...
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    Thinkpad t60p vs. Asus A8Js Help me decide please.

    I need a dvi connection. That is the first point. This is necessary because I'll be using it with either a westinghouse 37" 1080p monitor or the dell 2407, not sure which yet. The IBM needs the advanced dock for dvi, which is an ungodly $159. It will be used for light gaming (Counter Strike...
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    Want a 15.4" Laptop, but need DVI for 2407fpw. Possibly with HP dv6000t?

    My dad is thinking about getting a HP dv6000t laptop, but is worried he won't be able to connect it to his 2407fpw through a dvi connection, thus making it blurry. Is there any work around for this? If not, are there any similarly sized laptops that will? Macbook Pro is out of our price range...
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    Price Check on watercooled 3.5Ghz c2d.

    First off, I don't know if this is the right forum, so if it's not I would ask that a mod please move it. Here is my system as it stands. I have worked a lot of this computer and it has changed a lot since I first got it. The pictures are horrible, as I just sold my digital camera...
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    Slow page loads with router, quick plugged straight into modem. HELP please!

    I have a wgr614v4 Netgear router and this is with Charter cable. I have tried disabling the internal firewall and fiddled with a lot of settings, including the obvious rebooting the router, modem, etc... I am now plugged straight into the modem and everything is much much faster. With the router...
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    I need DDR2 that is good to 500+ (On a budget)

    I have an excellent e6300 that will do 3.5 ghz stock volts... My DS3 seems to be going high, but it's all limited by my 667 twinx ram that surprisingly will do around 970ish with loose timings. I need new ram that will perform well and almost certainly hit 500 and beyond. I need to get these...
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    e6300, twinx 667, DS3 initial testing (will update)

    So I bought some semi cheap 667 twinx corsair stuff today... here is my initial tests to this point... (Stock volts on cpu/motherboard, ram changed to 5-5-5-15 @ 2v) Passed half of superpi 32m, and i stopped because i want to test more.
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    Help me piece together a e6300 + ds3 + ram combo (intel 1st timer)

    I think I'm finally going over to the dark side, but the catch is that I don't have much cash to do it. I currently have an opteron 165 + ultra-d + 2gb Patriot ram. I want to go with the 6300 for the fun of overclocking and just the different learning experience. I'm from california so sales tax...
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    Is my d5 pump dying? Help!

    Well, I redid my loop today with a tline. I turn the computer on and the pump starts sucking, but the Tline isn't emptying, Finally i squeeze the other line into the pump, and it starts going down. However, it's making a really loud vibration type noise, which comes and goes. By loud I mean you...
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    LCD for SERIOUS gamer. (all my computer exists for).

    Here is the deal. Right now I use a 22" NEC fe2111sb CRT that I love, but the problem is that it weighs far too much and uses my entire desk. I would be using the display for Counterstrike Source, which I play competitively. I need something that doesn't ghost at all, and will keep up AS well as...
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    Voltage (Opteron 165) Cpu-z quite far off of bios.

    In my ultra-d I set the CPU voltage to 123% x 1.3v = 1.599v. However, CPU-Z reads out @ 1.536 which is quite a bit off. Which should I trust? I want to keep my cpu at or below 1.6v which I've heard is safe for water, but that is what I've set in the bios. If cpu-z is correct though, I guess I'd...
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    Foamy water while bleeding...

    Here are a couple of links to the best pics I could get (camera phone) of the problem... My mixture for 1L was Distilled water, 1.5-2 capfulls of zerex, 3 drops of...
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    Modding v1200b to fit rad in top, help please!

    I have no cutting experience, but I need to mount a MCR-220 (2x120) radiator up top. I'm thinking that I might want to cut an extra hole for futureproofing of a 120x3 rad and use this grill... Grill Does anyone know if that grill will work with my radiator. Can someone give me tips on...
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    Help me choose my res.

    Ok, I now have a problem. I've decided to ditch the aquatube idea as there are WAY too many problems with using that in my loop. I was going to just decide on a bay res... this one: my...
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    Anyone in SD want to help me do a couple easy mods?

    Well here's my deal. I'm trying to incorporate an aquacomputer aquatube into my 1/2" loop. I need to retap the res to 1/2", and then cut a hole into the top of my v1200b plus in order to mount it up there with the faceplate. If anyone cares to help, please reply here or pm me. I have no tools...
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    Need Help: Aqua tube fit in 7/16" ID, 5/8" OD loop? how?

    Here is what I just ordered: Swiftech MCR-220 "Quiet Power" Series Radiator - Black AquaXtreme MP-05 SP Limited Edition Universal CPU block Swiftech MCW60 GPU block MCP655 pump (Laing branded) 7/16" ID (5/8" OD) Masterkleer tubing Aquacomputer Aquatube Reservoir and Faceplate (Black)...
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    About to make a big order, please help (quick responses would be nice)

    Ok, so I've finally decided to watercool. I just have to much free cash right now and nothing to do with it so here goes.... I am planning on these items based upon reviews. They are from sharka and petra online sites. Please give your input and following the list I'll have a couple of...
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    Help me design a loop (first WC venture)

    I'm buying parts either in fs/ft or at some etailer. It'll end with an AC Cuplex Evo, Some x1900 block, not sure on pump, AC Aquatube, 2x120mm Rad (internal)... All in a Lian Li v1200b plus. Radiator will probably be at the bottom replacing the harddrive racks. The aquatube I hope to cut a hole...
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    Advise me on a WC setup (want to buy from fs/ft)

    I am running a Opty 165 in a lian li v1200b plus with an Ultra-D , x1900xtx, audigy 2zs, etc... and I wanted a good WC system that wouldn't be overbearing to install, would fit IN the case, and would provide good cooling (moderate noise is ok). I really like the look of some AC block something...
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    Wouldn't this be cool for case manufacturers to include?

    Autocad files or something similar of each case so modders could easily design big projects... What do you think?
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    vf900 + x1900xt + LL v1200b Plus Case = High temps

    Hello, I think that the problem (80c+ load temps) is due to the upside down arrangement in my case which would flip the heatpipes. Otherwise, what do you think the problem is? I used their thermal paste as my AS5 is 6 hours away (plan on applying tommorow). Any ideas?
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    Ultra-D HELP, posts, won't boot into windows

    I just installed a vantec fan on my NB for my ultra-d and a big typhoon on my cpu and it won't boot (posts). help!
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    Need help now, won't boot (posts)

    close plz
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    i9300 -> 12" powerbook 1.5 Ghz G4 = Power hit?

    Here are my specs Pentium M 1.73Ghz 512 MB DDR2 553 Mhz 1920x1200 Ultrabright 17" Screen 60 GB 7200 RPM HD Dvd RW Internal Bluetooth ETC... The power book would have 1.25 gb's ram and a 1.5 Ghz G4 processor. I want more mobility and like the way that the powerbooks look. What am I...
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    Can I touch heatspreader while comp is on?

    Retarded question... can I touch the heatspreader of my OCZ while comp is on? I'm dual priming with ram @ 3.5v 1.5-2-2-5 @ 250Mhz... so far stable, i just need to know how hot it's getting :rolleyes:
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    v1200b plus... back fan is intake??

    Like this diagram... i have my as an exhaust... should i switch it?
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    Flash x1900xt to xtx?

    I heard you could do this with 1.1 ram chips or something, anyone care to enlighten me as the method?