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    PoE Powered Switches?

    I'm half looking into PoE for a future project and partially at work... I know there are Switches that provide PoE.. but are there any switches (looking at the 4-8 port type) that are/can be powered with PoE? and also provide PoE (probably less likely). application could be sending one...
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    New to VM.. Hyper-V or ESXi?

    just starting to get into VMs and such.. my only real experience is VirtualBox.. but i'm looking to get into it more for playing and learning more windows server type stuff. I'm trying to decide if i should use ESXI or MS Hyper-V. I'm leaning to MS only because I really need to learn more...
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    Mass checking Dell Warranty status?

    I was just wondering because my google skills do not seem to be up to par today. Does anyone know if dell has a stand alone or web app to input mass amounts of service tags to check warranty status? I have a few hundred and i would rather not do them one at a time or forcing one of the...
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    GPU and/or monitor upgrade?

    Currently running a 3930k with 64GB, MSI 7950 w/boost on a Rampage IV extreme using a QNIX 1440. (rest specs in sig) Mostly play Black Ops 2 but Inquisition will be the next game and some Old republic this winter to see what happens to Revan, maybe the new COD too but haven't decided...
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    IB-E or spend else where..

    Opinions.. Stay with my plan and go with the 4930? Wait for the next gen Radeon card Get a 'bigger' monitor 30' 1600p or second 1440 (i want a 4k but wow expensive lol) Currently running a SB-E 3930, my Plan was to go IB-E when it came out but after reading more about it.. it doesn't...
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    newb needs a UPS suggestion

    I don't know a lot about UPS's I just want one i can plug in and go...... I've had a few cheap APCs for home and at the office and then generally failed or the batteries didn't last long even though they where rarely or never used... Currently using a CyberPower 825AVR (non-LCD) and it just...
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    IB-E ~10% faster than SB-E?

    just saw this at techPU (link) my question is that they say 1866 will be the standard, but how will 1600 work? If i would have to replace my ram, may be better of off spending else where.
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    AdBrite Shutting down...

    Adbrite one of the better alternatives to AdSense is shutting down on the first. anyone have any other reliable decent paying alternatives?
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    ITX System Newegg shell shocker

    Almost over. AMD ITX barebone system $110 before $30 rebate. couldn't pass it up and got 2 of them.
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    Virtualbox as a VPS host.

    I'm currently using VirtualBox on an Ubuntu Server host to setup a smallish VPS setup. Currently just my sites but possibly a few others. It runs pretty good and extremely easy to move around, but a couple things i noticed is that you can't change the drive size on the fly and there doesn't...
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    would going to 6870 crossfire help?

    Current build in Sig. I jumped on the Black Ops 2 wagon and noticed some slow downs at 2560x1440, fps stays pretty high just a quick jump in lag and i get shot in the face or knifed even though i saw them first >.< If i'm streaming as well, forget it. On single player i can max out for a...
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    Dedicated server opinions/options?

    Looking for opinions/options Right now I have a Dedicated server at eSecureData, they're not too bad. But i'm looking for a new setup. May go back to eSecureData but just keeping options open. Right now i'm looking for at least dual core, 2GB ram, 500GB Storage, 10mb unmetered or 100mb...
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    Perfect Pixel 27" Inch LED Qnix QX2700 S-IPS 2560x1440

    Grabbed me one of these this week after reading about the different Korean IPS's on [H] and other forums. I ordered the Matrix Neo but ended up with this instead (willingly) There are not many pictures or videos of them so i made a rather crappy one but it is something...