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    The 4K 60hz limitation is crazy! What's the future of firmware updates, etc?

    HDMI 2.1 will have a max bandwidth of 48 Gbit/s and require new cables. Enables up to 8K. It won't be able to be enabled via a firmware upgrade. Read this cnet article Variable refresh rate...
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    At which size ultrawide screens begin to make sense?

    I've been contemplating an ultra-wide monitor above my triple monitor setup, I don't think it's a stupid development. I wish that TV manufacturers would give ultra-wide another shot, at least in the 60"+ range, would be really sick.
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    MSI GeForce GTX 980 Ti SEA HAWK Video Card Review @ [H]

    In what instances does the on-card fan run? Is that fan silent even under heavy load? I hate that whine that those fans will produce at high RPM. One thing I've always liked about the NZXT and other video card water cooler kits is that the on-card fan is larger than a reference card provides. I...
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    Eyefinity 2015 Review

    Is anyone using a curved ultrawide for gaming? I too have been holding out for a higher res ultrawide but have also still be contemplating going nvsurround.
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    Help me get this Q6600 to 3.2GHz+

    I've got the same mobo & cpu with ddr2 800mhz skill 4x2gb, I was able to run stable 8x400 (3.2ghz) with 1.525 vcore, this mobo has horrible vdroop, I believe I'd see it go down to 1.46 during OCCT stress testing. Temps were in the 60's range, though this was with the corsair H100 What does...
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    Galaxy 6 Weeks of Christmas GPU Giveaway! Week 4

    galaxy cards are the fastest
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    Galaxy 6 Weeks of Christmas GPU Giveaway! Week 3

    galaxy is outta this world
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    Here Comes the $13 Single-Board Computer

    It'd be nice to see this evolve into being able to work in tandem with a RPi, providing it's features which the RPi lacks to the RPi. IE: through open software it's possible to have this be a logical extension of the RPi which includes a real-time clock, 2 push buttons, 3 LED's as well as all...
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    Scythe AP 15 "Whistling Typhoons"

    I agree completely. I run 4 off of my H100 block (which even after rma won't controI their speed, are these pmw?) and they have annoyed me ever since.
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    what's a good server case that has USB 3.0 at the front?

    If you're serious, check out this new full size case from Lian Li The Lian Li PC-A76X looks really tight, with lots of fans, drives and options.
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    Patriot & HardOCP Lucky Draw Giveaway

    patriot ram is the best
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    Is this case big enough to fit a Corsair H100 water cooler?

    Yea if you poor through the reviews the H100 is a few degrees cooler than the H80, but really for most people it'll come down to fan noise, H100 really allows you to have the same cooling of the H80 but with less ambient noise (depending on fan choice). And do your self a favor and get...
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    Is this case big enough to fit a Corsair H100 water cooler?

    I own both (separate computers), unless you plan on modding your case heavily to make it fit, you should either get an H80 or get a bigger case.
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    2x120mm radiator mounted with 2 screws enough?

    I ended up buying some They are exactly what I was trying to reproduce, just a hard thing to search for.
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    Performance-pc customer service is a joke

    Go back through your emails that they sent you and figure out who it was that packed and checked your order. I'd talk to them on the phone and call out that person directly instead of holding a grudge against the whole company, or getting involved with pay-pal refunds. Put 2 orders through them...
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    2x120mm radiator mounted with 2 screws enough?

    2 screws doesn't work as the psu cables butt up against the back of the radiator and the top won't go all the way down. Got an array of stuff from the hardware store but I still haven't found what I need that'll work. Have been referred to a hobbyist shop, maybe that'll have something I can use...
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    2x120mm radiator mounted with 2 screws enough? Yea, I decided to not cut up my own top and bought one instead. Of course it wouldn't be a smooth fit, but it was definitely better than haven't to cut the holes myself. I never have a steady...
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    2x120mm radiator mounted with 2 screws enough?

    Topic title really says it all. I haven't tried it yet as the system is still in pieces, but wanted opinions on overall weight/resonance. I'm installing an H100 into a custom top for my lian li pc-7b+. The all-in-one unit where the tubs comes out is about 1cm too long (hits the rear, top...
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    LIAN LI PC-7B plus II Black Aluminum ATX Computer Case $60 Shipped.

    have this case and just bought a custom top for $20 from performance pc's to do just that. Though I'll have to offset the h100 internally a little since it butts up to my psu. Love this case though.
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    GTX 680 3 monitors, different resolutions

    Okay, so the TC can use his setup then, I would love it to be a driver issue that could be fixed one day. I mean, hell put black bars on whatever parts of the monitors you need to (different resolutions).
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    GTX 680 3 monitors, different resolutions

    wait wahhh, nvidia's drivers literally don't support different res monitors? Or are you just talking realistic. That sucks. so what can do you (setup wise) do support TC's setup? Does amd offer something that will work?
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    Fans to go with an H100 push/pull?

    This one: I wish he had done tests with the corsair unit at low, medium, high. I wonder if ap-15's @ medium = stock fans @ high? I'm thinking of H100 + 4 gentle typhoons...
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    Antec Nine Hundred & H80 Positioning Question

    To be honest, I'd rather have the H80 as an exhaust out the back and provide it cool air from the side fan, rather than having cool air come in the front go through the radiator, then through the rest of your case to be exhausted out the back/top. radiator in the front of the case leaves me...
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    Thermaltake Water 2.0 Pro

    Thanks both of you, was considering this cooler over the Corsair H80 but this news above, combined with the review stating the fans aren't controllable makes me want to move onto either a Corsair unit or some $60-80 air cooler.
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    Graphene based CPU heatsink?

    I think you'd moreso pour a mold/cast of it? But I'm really no expert. It would be sick if it could replace aluminum fins for radiators and such though, I believe it is lighter. It is stronger than steel as well.
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    Graphene based CPU heatsink?

    No, I haven't found one if that was your first thought. But how's that idea sound? According to graphene/copper composites have better thermal conductivity properties than pure copper. So after seeing heatsinks such as the...
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    Is the Performance Mouse MX really as bad as some people make it out to be?

    Wow, I can't believe people don't like this mouse. I have bigger than average hands, and let me say I LOVE this mouse. I use one at work 40-60 hrs/wk and am considering buying one for use at home as well. The thumb button is one that every mouse I buy needs to have. I am a constant music...
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    Most common Java IDE in industry?

    Have you heard of maven before? check it out, it makes dependency management a breeze.
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    Most common Java IDE in industry?

    Eclipse, there is also Flash Builder which is flash support built on top of regular eclipse developed custom by Adobe. Eclipse is really all you need, with the provided plugins of course.
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    What is the OPTIMAL/IDEAL gaming setup? Multi-monitor? or 1 big one?

    I haven't ever tried to push it, and will when I need to, or upgrade if I have to. I haven't ever considered a single 4k monitor, but maybe I would upgrade to a 30". I have a 24" samsung 1920x1080p atm, and am looking for some more immersion.
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    What is the OPTIMAL/IDEAL gaming setup? Multi-monitor? or 1 big one?

    So I'm trying to decide what is the optimal setup for playability and immersion in graphics and displays. I'm considering 1920x1200x3 in either portrait or landscape (or switch between per game) __________ [___|___|___] 5760 x 1200 in some games would provide great view and depth of...
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    24 inch Samsung Monitor $199 at BB

    I've been looking for a while at different 24" monitors. I think this is the one I'm going to end up buying. Does anyone know if BB has some coupon codes coming out for the new year? I believe they usually go out on Sundays so I'm going to hold out until then to jump on this monitor.
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    Moving from 1680 X 1050 to 1920 X 1200

    1600x1200 is not 5:4 in any way. It's 4:3 always has been, always will. The 5:4 you may be thinking of is 1280x1024. This is your standard stereotypical 19" square monitor.
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    audigy 2 zs platinum conflict with itunes/games

    ok so i have an audigy 2 zs platinum and i believe that it or some type of sound codecs or something is having some problems. this is the story, i have itunes running in the background for music and whenever i play a game (leaving music on) a loud humming overcomes the game and lags like hell...