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    WD 2TB Green EARS 64MB $69.99AR Newegg

    wow.. "Up to five (5)WD20EARS products from between 01/17/2011 - 01/31/2011."
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    82-Inch (7 feet) Mitsubishi WD82837 1080p 120Hz 3D-Ready Home Theater HDTV $2599+FS

    What I learned from this thread: DLP picture quality is higher than both Plasma and LCD, except when Plasma is better than LCD and DLP, except when LCD is better than Plasma and DLP.
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    Greasemonkey script

    I wrote up this GM script to clean up a bit and add a tag word blacklister. Figured I'd share it, if there are any requests please post them.
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    Free Alien Swarm on Steam - 7/19 Release

    Damn "Steam servers are too busy..."
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    Office 2008: "There is a problem with the office database"

    Worked for me as well! *edit* Just realized this was posted 2 years ago, sorry for bumping an old-ass thread :)
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    Motorcycle Helmet Sale

    Not a tech deal, but I know a bunch of geeks who ride, including myself. Motorcycle Superstore is having a helmet sale on selected cruiser, street and dirt helmets.
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    50mw High Powered Green Laser Pointer (military grade) $24.99

    If you think Deal Extreme will ship that to you, you haven't learned how to read. This is posted on every single page which advertises a laser >5mW.
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    Daemon Tools Pro Standard Free today only

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    Fry's HDD Deals 500G@$60 / 750G$60 / 2T$120

    Hitachi 2T @ $120 Seagate 750G @ $60 WD 500 @ $60
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    2TB Seagate @ $119.99

    Seagate Barracuda 2TB Serial ATA/5900-RPM 3.5" Hard Drive - ST320005N4A1AS-RK Limit: 2
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    3 Pack HDMI Cables @ $5.99

    Dead now, happy I could help some people out. I got 15 cables out of that deal, should never have to buy one again :)
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    3 Pack HDMI Cables @ $5.99

    3-Pack 6ft Super Hi-Resolution, Gold Plated 1080P HDMI Cables v1.3 $0 + $5.99 shipping = $1.99 per cable You can buy up to 10 packages, no discount for larger orders.
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    Motorola 6120 Surfboard docsis 3.0 $64.99 shipped Amazon

    Too bad most cable companies don't support docsys 3 at all, COX is only beta testing it among employees; Road Runner is beta testing it in NYC. Not sure about others
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    D-Link DIR-655 N Router + Belkin G Notebook Card = $65

    It is like they're paying people to take away something they can't sell. Any customer who purchases this is essentially a garbage collection person. hehe
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    6-ft HDMI cables for $0.03 (Amazon)

    If any of us had lives, we wouldn't be replying at all :)
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    Legit? Office 2007 Ultimate @ $179.99

    Ribbon interface makes me want to die, I had Office 2007 and went back to the previous version, because of that interface.
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    Till Oct. 5th: Xbox 360 Elite $50 rebate from MS

    Anti-social geeks? :)
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    Steam sale....The Witcher Director's Cut... $27.99

    Definitely not a thread crap :)
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    60Gb OCZ Summit (128Mb cache) SSD $165 shipped after $30 MIR @ ZZF

    Dude, that guy's been here for like 3 months, that means he knows everything!! Uh .. like the difference between an SSD and a standard mechanical hard drive ... HAHA noobs!
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    OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard Upgrade $29 from Amazon

    Considering the last PPC mac was the Power Mac G5, released in 1996. I'd venture to guess most of those machines are in business environments which wouldn't upgrade the OS anyway. I know there are a lot of video production companies out there, who can't afford to muck around with upgrading...
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    XBL Points Target in-store Deal

    I just bought 4000 points on iOffer from this guy, received working code within 1 hour of purchase...
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    XBL Points Target in-store Deal

    I bought from zkarlo and received a used card, he did issue a refund, though.
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    OCZ Vertex 60GB SSD - $178.99 AR, %5 Bing Cashback, $1.99 Shipping (Tax in some)

    I've really got to stop looking at Hot deals, or I'm going to go broke!
  24. V liquidation, new items added daily

    If you're going to trust your life to a $25 stun gun, your life is probably not worth very much. Getting much further into this subject goes beyond the scope of this forum, if you actually do value your life more than $25+$8.34 s/h, I'd recommend checking out one of the many 2A forums out there.
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    Asus Eee Netbook (2nd gen) $149.99 w/code at

    Kind of glad they're sold out, I've wanted one of those for awhile, but I'm going on vacation soon, so I don't want to buy anything.
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    Woot Off!

    Neat Receipts v4.0 Document Management System with Scanner Rated M for meh.
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    Logitech G9 now $20 AR shipped ... wow

    I have an MX1000 from when they came out, just need to upgrade, since it is pretty worn out. Thanks OP, I was looking for a good deal!
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    Peggle for iphone $1

    If you can afford to buy iTouches for your kids, I'd figure that you can afford to pay $2 for two games.
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    Dell 3007WFP-HC $999 at CostCo

    I use the 3007WHP-HC at work, along with a 24"... yeah, they spoil us. When I get home, it is almost hard to go back to a single 24.
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    1saleaday... Breathalyzer, 10 shipped.

    I prefer just not drinking so much that I need a brethalyzer.
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    Free Coupon for free Kraft Oscar Mayer Beef Franks
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    Demonoid Invites

    There are already over 10 demonoid threads in Free Stuff..
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    GhostBusters VG PC ($37 free s/h) Preorder Newegg

    pfft, I owned the original Atari 2600 version!
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    [H]ot iFone Mini $86.99 w/ Free Shipping

    Reading is for suckers! Why bother doing any research for yourself, when you can just read what others write and spout it off as if it is fact?
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    $100 for Opening Account at FlagStar Bank

    Ha! Flagstar was the name of the holding company for Denny's and several other chains, all of which cause me much gastrointestinal distress.
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    Free Metal Water Bottle --First 25k

    Direct link registration for prize.
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    Free 256mb usb flash drive from flying share

    Damn' it, all of my files are 257MB!!
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    A buncha HD DVD for $4.75

    The only good thing that HD-DVD players are good for is extracting the blue laser diodes.
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    I-INC 25 inch 199.00

    Ha! I paid $300ish, back in the day for a Dell 20.1", when that deal came out, people here were shitting themselves, myself included. These days, people are almost like, "Gawd, not another monitor deal." Here's a DVI to HDMI cable for $4.14 from monoprice...
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    Fry's B&M Only - WD 500GB SATA II 3.5" drives, $49.99, limit of 4

    Dang B&M, if Frys came to the DC metro area, they'd make a killing. Their only competition is Microcenter and Bestbuy, Microcenter has some good deals, but BB is usually utter crap.