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    Sennheiser HD 598 $150 - Fry's in-store I picked these up a few days ago. I like them... a lot. Not bass heavy, but you can hear the bass clearly, and well, everything else pretty clearly as well. Anyways, these retailed for $300 about 2 years ago, I think they are...
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    Efficiency and "More than Necessary" Supply

    I'm sure this has been discussed before... but I went back a few pages and didn't see anything recent. I have a Corsair TX750M that had it's 8-pin CPU connector melt... not sure if it was the fault of the PSU or Motherboard, or the combination... but anyways, they're both going in for RMA. I...
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    Sabertooth 990FX seems to have melted CPU connection

    So over this weekend I smelled a foul burning plastic smell. It was almost like tar, and I couldn't pinpoint it, so I thought it might be coming from outside. I sniffed around my PC but couldn't really identify it. Today I was doing some overclocking and stress testing, and I noticed that if...
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    Jumping on the bookshelf speaker bandwagon

    There are some sales on right now that might end up being better I thought for under $200. It would use a T-amp, but maybe that'll be fine. Planning on using the 3.5mm out of my LCD TV so that it'll play audio from the laptop, Wii, Raspberry Pi, and whatever else I might hook up. Pioneer...
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    HTPC + Web Server for SOHO?

    Hey everyone. So I'm interested in setting up some type of home server in the near future. I'd like to host the standard HTPC stuff: music, TV shows and movies, etc. I also would like to be able to host work files from the server. As a web designer/developer, that would mean larger Photoshop...
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    Computer speaker setup 2.0 or 2.1 for $50-$100

    Hey guys, So I've been reading through the forums and seeing what others have been looking for and suggesting. I'm looking for some speakers mostly for music and movies. I will play games, but nothing competitive and I sometimes use headphones anyways. Inputs will probably be my laptop...
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    Cheap update with leftover parts

    Hey guys, I don't hang out much around these parts anymore, I haven't used a desktop in years now. Been using this Gateway P-6831FX for close to 3 years now as my main computer. Here's the thing, I have some hard drives, and a half-working old Gateway desktop which contains in it a Q6600. If I...
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    Unreal 3 Engine Development Kit Released for FREE! Apparently the deal is, now it's free for anyone to download and use. Feel free to make a game on the Unreal 3 engine. You are even able to sell your games, only catch is that if you don't license with them, and download it for free, then anything over $5,000 US dollars...
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    Steam: Jedi Knight Collection Available How awesome is this? I might buy this just because my Dark Forces and Jedi Knight disks are all scratched up... not sure if I ever played Mysteries of the Sith either. Really awesome games.
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    Wireless router capable of getting through 2 or 3 cement walls and 50-75 feet?

    Any chance of a router available right now being able to get a decent signal through 3 cement walls and 75 feet away? Seems tough, but I haven't kept up with these new Wireless-N routers at all. My laptop has wireless-n, but my modem/router doesn't. Probably not a decent connection?
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    KoToR on Steam? Yes sir.

    Just saw this on another message board. How awesome is that? Good price as well.
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    Oblivion TC: Mesogea

    Hey guys, I recently started help working on a big project for Oblivion. It's a Total Conversion that has already created a whole new world space. The world space is about 4 times the size of Oblivion's Cyrodiil. Right now there are only 3 cities built, and still need interiors and NPC's, but...
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    Oblivion guru's: Quick Q about lot'sa mods and bugs that happen

    I've got my Oblivion fully modded with FCOM and quite a few other mods. I started playing, and for probably the first time since I've tried so many mods at once, it actually worked! You definitely have to read thoroughly. So I started the game, did a bit in the...
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    Free Realms...

    So I've always liked MMORPG's, started with Lineage 1, did Lineage 2 for a bit, then Asheron's Call, tried out free ones over the years, and did a lot of Guild Wars... I never had enough time though to do the whole grinding thing, plus I usually have friends or family around, things to do, etc...
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    3 friends, guild wars... which to get?

    First of all, none of us want to pay $50 for the trilogy, I'm sure $20 is max for my other two friends, if anything at all... so which should we get? I'm assuming the original Prophecies gives the most game... and it's the original, so it's probably a good starting point. What do you experts...
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    Benq G2412HD... anyone ever heard of it? Same as the G2410HD, but with HDMI and headphone jack... apparently the same panel as Samsung 2494HS according to some Australians..... I'm looking for a cheaper monitor for home. I was thinking about the Dell 2209WA, I do have first-hand...
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    Freedom Force available for cheap on Steam... That's an Irrational Game! Steam got an Irrational Game in their catalogue... may I say that it's stupid cheap and I think I might buy it. I'm just curious though... does this mean the chance of System Shock 2 in Steam's future?? That would be freakin' awesome! I have a...
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    Steam Weekend Deal's a good one: Orange Box $9.99

    I don't know why anyone wouldn't have this pack yet, but if you don't, this is one of the best opportunities.
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    Power of Valve/Steam: Your thoughts

    There was a discussion going at the forums of about how someone bought CoD5 off of Ebay for $35, the Steam version. The guy gifted it to him, and a little while later Steam disabled his account, his whole account with all his games he purchased previous. Not fair or just...
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    Far Cry 2 50% off = $15

    Today on Steam. It's not posted quite yet, but it's 50% off. They're probably getting ready to change it in a couple minutes.
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    Tom Clancy's HAWX Demo out for PC!;13376697;/fileinfo.html Those two are usually the fastest for me. Feel free to post anywhere else. I'm 33% done :D
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    Dell LCD for Photo/Graphics Work

    So I'm living south of the border, Mexico, and I've been doing Photoshop/Illustrator work on my laptop for the last year. I do a lot of labels for fresh/frozen foods and some website work as well, along with other graphics type work. I'm thinking it's about time I get a color accurate monitor...
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    Quick Question: Friend doesn't have a ton of money for gaming rig

    Quick question, mostly about CPU bottlenecking. My friend has ~$500 for a computer, more or less, but he wants to game on it. Basically my only question, since I've been a little out of the loop for a bit. I know for a while the AMD cpu's have bottlenecked the higher-end cards like the...
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    Linux Mint 6 today....

    After a month or two of playing with a few different distro's, I've been enjoying Linux Mint. It's similar to Ubuntu, but IMO, looks better, loads faster, and has some fat cut away while also being more complete. Mint 5 was based on Hardy, or Ubuntu 8.04, and while Ubuntu 8.10 has been out...
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    Prey ported to Linux 2 years later...

    Now maybe I'll finally get to play my $5 purchase from Steam of this game :p Unfortunately I can't get it working... I got it installed from my Steam installation, but I can't get the CD Key to work :mad:
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    Red Orchestra $4.99 Weekend deal on Steam

    I'm in for one. My steam account is getting pretty full of these $5 games
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    No Steam Weekend Deal??

    Anyone see if Steam has another game deal this weekend? Maybe it's just not up yet
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    Okay, 10 person server, what do I need?

    So I'm looking at building a server for our small business here. We do a lot of work on the computer, basically we have all our Quickbooks files saved, lot's of files like Excel spreadsheets, logo's, text files, everything. Also, I do the graphics work for labels (we're an import company), so...
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    A Server for a small company....

    Well, we have an import company here in Mexico, lot's of work done online, and right now we have up to 5 computers and laptops connecting to the receptionists computer as sort of the main computer and server. We actually have that computer holding all our core files, listings, prices, logos...
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    Ninja Reflex Game?? Only $8.95 on steam right now, I might consider it but I'm at work right now. *shrug* maybe I'll get the demo when I get home tonight. Definitely looks interesting though. Edit: lol okay, I...
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    If you were to go try out some headphones.....

    Which store in the US would you go to to try out headphones? I don't live in the States, but me and the wife will be heading up in a couple months to visit the family, and maybe heading up to Vancouver, Canada also (my hometown :cool:) Which stores would you visit to try out some decent...
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    CS:S and Headphone Settings

    I searched a bit for the answer but couldn't find anything exact. I just got my XtremeGamer and have some decent headphones (Koss SB45's), now I keep the X-Fi settings to Headphone and enable CMSS-3D but turn CS to 5.1??
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    Two Worlds PC Game only $9.95 on Steam! 75% Off, Expires March 10th

    Decent RPG Game in a large world, similar to Oblivion. There was a large thread about it a while ago started by Cerebrex. I played it for a bit, but may start it up again, I thought it was pretty decent. Definitely worth it at only $10 bucks! There are quite a few people who didn't like it...
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    Gateway T2330 Laptop $499 at Bestbuy

    Pretty decent laptop for cheap, dual core, 1 gig of ram, Vista Premium, 15.4" 1280x800, X3100 Intel Graphics, 160 gig hard drive!!, pretty decent for $500
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    Call of Duty 4: Hardcore Servers

    Who plays Hardcore mode, and what are some good servers you've found? I've been looking but 16,000 servers it a lot to search through :p Trying to find one with mature people, good players, somewhere I can practice and have fun but don't need to be yelled at/cursed at by pimply faced...
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    Yahtzee: Call of Duty 4 Funny stuff. While like most, I don't fully agree with his reviews, I completely agree with his description of the end. I won't try and spoil it for anyone, but when the game is going...
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    Problem with Toshiba Satellite A105

    Edit: Okay, I've found that the RAM isn't necessarily bad, both work, but only in one spot. The left slot doesn't seem to want to accept any RAM. This is a little strange, isn't it? I've heard of RAM going bad, but the slot, I'm not so sure.... anyone had a problem similar to this?
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    I don't understand reviews sometimes: Razer Piranha

    Over at TechPowerUp!, they just reviewed the Razer Piranha gaming headset. Now, I'm no expert in headsets, I just bought my Koss Sb-45's and love them, and they were only $30. Now this headset from Razer is $80, the reviewer says they are uncomfortable for extended periods of time, are crap for...
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    Ironic game to play at work.... Pretty addicting game I think, reminds me of the Paper Airplane throw, but maybe a little more addicting. The guys are funny (sometimes) when they talk. "Ninja skills dude, ninja skills"
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    Phenom 9500 now $240.... any takers??