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    Project: Escalade 2.5

    I'm going to spill coke all over it :D
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    Watercooling has never been as sweet as in the new house

    Or I could only have the window open to supercool my room to test how cold I can get my processor to run after overclocking it, and not actually living in 5C temperatures as noted nowhere in this thread. :)
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    Watercooling has never been as sweet as in the new house

    Not at all, the case is sitting 10' directly in front of the window, rad sucking air in through the front of the case (CM stacker).. It got to <11C in my room, feet frozen, wanting to see how low it would go. I doubt there was any danger of condensation because the fans on my rad pull air...
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    Watercooling has never been as sweet as in the new house

    There's nothing quite like opening the basement window when it's -15C out :)
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    Half Life 2 Episode 2 and PORTAL unlocked 12am pacific time!

    Slept from 10-3am, played from 3-5, slept from 5-6, school from 8 onwards :(
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    Hilarious flash Bioshock review.

    wtf he deleted it :(:(:(:(:(
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    Ottawa, Canada - LanGenie I (Nov 10-11)

    Hey Guys, We're just spreading the word about our upcoming (Nov 10 - Nov 11) LAN Event which will be hosted in Ottawa, Ontario. LanGenie I will be host to 300 Gamers for a full 24 Hours. We're offering our guests access to our 15 Dedicated Servers via our Gigabit Backbone connection...
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    Some input needed re: Case

    900 is terrible for cable management though..
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    Lost Planet DX 9 what frames are you getting???

    Everything maxed except for AA/AF (4x, Trilinear) at 1280x1024 was average 34fps for the snow scene with my sig rig..
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    Very Old PC Game - Need help w/ name :)

    THANK YOUUU!!!!! now everyone can compare my paint skills to the actual game :P
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    has WoW single handedly saved pc gaming?

    Let's just say this is one type of thread I wasent expecting to see on this forum. Seems like pointless trolling and spamming... wow sux.
  12. O Lanfest 2K7

    Aww what the hell?! 2000 E. Convention Center Way, Ontario, CA To me, that looks like a road in the province of Ontario in the country of Canada. Of course not, it's a city in california :mad: So much for me driving down a few hours
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    The Skyscraper Photo PC

    I'd love to emulate this mod but it's so much work that I dont feel I could do correctly/accurately/nicely :(
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    Quad core means no physics card needed

    I dont have a need for 100a, nor will I for a few years to come.. My enermax 650W pumps out 86 which, imo, is plenty for anybody..
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    Quad core means no physics card needed

    qft, good arguments - would read again.
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    Floppy Drive

    Unless your resume is on diskette, you dont have a need for it for a few years then when do you need it, you realise your two laptops, gaming rig and general use pc dont have a floppy drive.. :rolleyes:
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    Finally over WoW, considering LOTRO

    Because he has stopped biking (was a mountain bike instructor), orders in junk food all the time (previously my go-to health expert), works from 8-4 and plays from 5-3am, dosent "have time" for his friends anymore (he says he'll chill with us when he's not in instance... which is never). When...
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    TribalOverkill's LiquiD EvolutioN

    Impressive work as usual... Thanks!!
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    Project Omega : Hell, it's about time! (56k? what's that again?)

    This is essentially what I wouldve wished to accomplish with my new build. Instead, I had to settle with recycling some parts instead of going all out and buying new. Cant wait for updates, keep us posted asap!!
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    Finally over WoW, considering LOTRO

    Just to address this, I know of a girl that sits at her computer for upwards of 20 hours a day playing WoW nonstop. I also go to school with a WoW addict that is enrolled in full-time school, works at mcdonalds 24 hours a week, is fat, smells horrible, has no hygiene skills and perfectly...
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    Project: dislexicllama (STC-T01+PAINT+WATER)

    See original post for update on leaky loop :(
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    Post your "Ghetto Mod" pics

    Fairly ghetto 1000th reply :p
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    Post Your Workstation 2007

    To each their own, guys :)
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    E6850 G0 @ 3.6Ghz = No success, can I go for 1.45v?

    Relax there big boy, I didnt piss in your cereal this morning. In no way did I mean the chip is bad because it cannot perform higher than rated, I meant it wasent the prime super-duper-crazy overclocking chip some people rant and rave about. He assumed he could just pop it in and WOW 3.6...
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    E6850 G0 @ 3.6Ghz = No success, can I go for 1.45v?

    Perhaps your chip just sucks and cant clock that high?
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    Project: Endorphin (SFF Mod)

    I think you should just retire the worklog right now, those LEDs are all I wanna see :D
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    Logitech G9 Mouse Coming soon

    Definately do not like the design. I'll reiterate the MX518 being the best so far, and I would love to have the added features. The second-gen G5 looks like something to consider - If it wasent laser! :( qft
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    steam not loading

    Have you tried the official Steam forums?
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    Making a LAN cart ?

    I figured I'd throw a trolling motor on the back of my cm stacker original, hook it up 4x4 and drive into the next LAN.. rofl
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    Halo 3 will have 4-player co-op

    This is the only good thing about H3 imo... At least I'll be able to play the Halo 2 port with extra graphics at my buddy's place :D
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    98% confirmed $50 Xbox 360 price cut.

    Like all novelty online fads, it's funny at first if you understand the story behind it. But just like any novelty online fad, it get ridiculously annoying when picked up by every little kid that uses the internet.. On topic, I agree that M$ should just have gone with a one time 100$ drop and...
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    PS3 will have DVR capabilities by March 08

    Generally HD programming is only available to those who receive digital cable or better, simply because the quality of signal they send to your home is better. In terms of in-house cabling, I dont recall them upgrading all your wiring when you upgrade to digital so it must be running off good ol...
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    Bleach (aka Sodium Hypochlorite) + Copper

    YES! :D But it obviously didnt work well enough to keep the bugs out :)
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    Someone Put AS Ceramique On My Chipset Cooler! How Do I Take It Off!?!?!?

    Warm basin of boiling water works wonders as well :rolleyes: The above was sarcastic.
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    Very Old PC Game - Need help w/ name :)

    Ok here's another one for ya: it was a tower type game (multiple floors, multiple rooms) with a 2D/3D view (perspective view, 2D graphics). You could pick up weapons (like green globs, rocks) that when you shot, they followed the perspective angle at which you were facing. The enemies were odds...
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    Finally over WoW, considering LOTRO

    Or you could finally get over MMOs and play something less time consuming :)
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    Need For Speed Carbon FPS problem

    Do you have some sort of "pc accelerator" software that promises to optimize and accelerate the speed of your computer in everyday use? That might be it..