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    Dual E5-2683v3 build [Warning large & many images]

    Wow. 56 threads of goodness, but only 16GB of ram.... Its like someone missed leg day.
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    The End Of Terrible Wi-Fi Is Near

    I need make a better version of WPS. WPS isn't without its uses... just needs to be tightened up. We evolved security from WEP, to WPA, to WPA2 etc
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    Facing Layoff, IT Employee Makes Bold Counteroffer

    Interesting choice of words.
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    Facing Layoff, IT Employee Makes Bold Counteroffer

    While I agree that people should learn new skills... I bet you ANY money, this isn't being outsourced, it's H-1B being abused. I have no problem with 'truely' outsourcing employment overseas... but if you're going to do it... do it. Don't make foreign workers here slave labor.
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    Hackers Stole More Than 30 Jeeps And Dodges Using A Laptop

    had one of these in the late 90's till it died. Most fun car security I've ever had!
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    Amazon Is Quietly Eliminating List Prices

    Refuse to use PC Hound anymore after the way Kyle treated me.
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    Verizon Hangs Up On You When You Record Them Back

    It is. If a company states that the conversation is being recorded, that is giving consent for the conversation to be recorded by any participating party. Source: I work for a voip telephone company in FL.
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    Need help cooling my 3770s

    Yea, the low voltage version. No overclocking, just want cooler temps. This is with a Thermalright True Spirit 120.
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    Need help cooling my 3770s

    Switched my main rig from a gaming pc to a VM server / workstation. (mostly, maybe some light gaming once a month) Want to be able to keep my cpu as cool as I can w/o switching to water cooling. Case: Fractal Design R3 2 intake fans from the front (gentle typhoons 1200RPM) HSF: Thermalright...
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    GPU Mod Gone Horribly Wrong

    I've done this... Still rocking a 560GTX like this. Quiet AF.
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    Google Testing 'Hands Free" Payment Service

    interesting that such tech person (and others on here) think that tech to pay for stuff is bad. Embrace change. I can't tell you how many times Apple Pay has saved my butt when I forgot my wallet at home.
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    The End Of Work?

    ok Chappie
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    Tiny PCs to drive a dozen NOC monitors?

    Simple. Matrox M9188 PCIe x16 Drive 8 monitors, plus 1 monitor from onboard motherboard for an awesome 9 monitor setup. Only $1800
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    The Router Recommendations Thread (Consumer)

    Almost anything you try will be a massive upgrade for you. However, if you want 'stable', then you'll need either Ubiquiti or Mikrotik. I went the way of Mikrotik and have a wifi version of the RB2011. Super stable, pretty easy to setup, and covers my entire house decently. (1400 sq feet)
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    Kid Arrested For Hacking Sues Newspapers For Privacy Breach

    Kids did all kinds of stupid shit, just the internet was nearly as big back then.
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    8th Grader Slapped With A Felony For Changing Teacher's Desktop Wallpaper

    fuck. I live in pasco county. We never have decent news.
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    OS X, iOS And Linux Have More Vulnerabilities Than Windows

    I agree with those that say having a GUI (remote or web based) just plain saves time. You can use a single connection and open many different tools to get a better/broad stroke idea of what is going on. This is the same way I feel about managed network equipment. yes, being able to set a...
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    Marriott Abandons FCC Petition for Hotel Wi-Fi Blocking

    Yea, your dad's sperm wasn't that important, but it was allowed to live to become you. Get over yourself. Yea, cell phone at a theatre usage sucks. However, if I have a day off and go to the theatre, and my child's school needs to call me because my child is injured, I need to know when...
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    12M Routers Vulnerable To Critical Hijacking Hack

    D-link has always put out low end crud. The DIR-655 was a bright light in routers, but before that and after that, they haven't put out anything great. Moved from a dying 655 to a Asus Dark Knight (RT-N66U) and it was great... until it started to overheat and get flaky. However...
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    (stupid?) Question assigned from college Cisco course

    I'm confused by this thread as well. I thought each subnet had to have its own gateway?
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    Piracy = Theft? Movie Industry Workers Speak Out

    no no no ... and just no. Your are the consumer. You don't get to tell businesses how to price their product, no matter how much you think it is 'crap'. Also, there is no regulatory body in the world that could examine each piece of software and determine its value. What about...
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    Patch panel termination on home network

    2/3's of all Cat6 runs wouldn't be certified. Not sure why a person would have an A/V company do this, but whatever. It's done, not perfect, just leave it be. You'll still have gigabit speeds and really after a few weeks, you'll forget about how it looks. If anything, I'd be pissed about...
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    Small Rural Office Network Rebuild

    Op, in this thread you made several allusions that other people were idiots or morons because of one thing or another. You may not know why a person/company did a certain task a certain way. I work for a VoIP provider and I can tell you that having dedicated runs to phones is important in...
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    recommended Bulk Cat5e cable, crystals, and tools

    For this Primus Cable, ez connectors and tools, where does one source this?
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    recommended Bulk Cat5e cable, crystals, and tools

    Since I'm not versed in CCA cables, why to avoid them?
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    recommended Bulk Cat5e cable, crystals, and tools

    Where can one source this? This sounds perfect for a lot of installs.
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    iPhone app for testing latency and signal strength?

    Pretty sure that iOS blocked the usage of 3rd party tools for testing signal (radio) strength / a while back (ver 6 I think). However things may have changed with v8.
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    recommended Bulk Cat5e cable, crystals, and tools

    I'm looking for recommended bulk Cat5e cable and appropriate crimping/toning/punch down tools. In short, I've been asked to freelance for some small/minor cabling jobs coming in January that the usual cabling guy that my company usually uses won't do (not enough money for him/too far away)...
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    Need some assistance with programming some older Cisco SPA509G phones

    ok, fixed the paging by using the Multicast paging. (gotta love that its enabled by default at 800#) Still wish I could figure out the speed dial issue while connected. Lastly, to your knowledge, do you know if Asterisk supports sending a call to a specific parking extension?
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    Need some assistance with programming some older Cisco SPA509G phones

    Just tested... still doesn't seem to work. Any other suggestions?
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    Need some assistance with programming some older Cisco SPA509G phones

    Logged into the phones tonight to create a 'dedicated backline button'. the "Keep Referee when REFER Failed" is on the SIP page. Going to be testing this out in the morning to see if works. BTW, do you know if paging works with these older phones and Asterisk style PBX's? I tested it out...
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    Need some assistance with programming some older Cisco SPA509G phones

    Thank you. I'll try this on Monday first thing.
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    Need some assistance with programming some older Cisco SPA509G phones

    sad face... didn't work. when I use the above (with my appropriate info), the phone tries to pick up a new line to call extension *6. sigh, just wish I could send a DTMF tone.
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    Need some assistance with programming some older Cisco SPA509G phones

    I'm a entry level voip tech (but have had several years as a desktop support/help desk person) for a small voip provider that is trying to make some Cisco SPA509 series phones work with a non-cisco pbx. (we're replacing a UC320 that's dying). The main issue I'm having now is programming a...
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    Looking for a keyboard that feels good to use.

    Thanks missalaire!
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    Looking for a keyboard that feels good to use.

    Here's another question... do vendors like Corsair sell additional keycaps or would I have to go through a 3rd party? I like the idea of the K70, but because I'm left handed, the textured key caps are in the wrong place for me. I'd like to move / replace them accordingly.