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    Dual GB NICS

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    U320 SCA to 68 pin adapters

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    Computer room temperature

    I got a Kill-A-Watt electric usage meter. The two dually systems, both running 100% folding, with the peripherals, etc., my computer bench is eating 760 watts. My bench for the radio, weather, TiVo hacking, etc. is eating another 320. The room lighting is using 65 watts (high effeciency...
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    Help me understand pagefile usage

    If this has been answered before, sorry, I did do a search on "pagefile" and came back with enough hits to spend months digging though them. Sitting at work now with Task Manager open. This machine has 1.5GB of physical RAM in it. Looking at the Performance tab in Task Manager, it shows...
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    Video card recommendation

    I'm putting together my 64 X2 system, and need video card advice. What I've got so far: Athlon 64 X2 4600 Asus A8V Deluxe 2 GB Kingston and the usual drives, PS, yada yada. The Asus A8V Deluxe was chosen because I'm not a PC gamer, so don't need the latest-greatest video card...
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    IBM S series USFF reliablility

    Posted this in the wrong area earlier, so it's a repeat question: We bought a couple IBM S series ultra small form factor model 8086-46U with the 3.4G cpu machines to eval at work. The things are barely bigger than a phone book. They've got only two 2.5 inch fans in them, not including the 1...
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    fold, people, fold

    might not be the bet place for this, if not mods please move / delete. One of the nicest ladies you'd ever meet from my old job up north passed away from cancer, started in her tongue (smokers take note) and spread. We'll miss you, Helen. Another one up there was just diagnosed with...
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    uSoft Word identity problem

    When we set up new systems at work, we use a (Domain) account that has admin privs, that we can enable / disable as we need to. Part of setting up the new systems includes installing the entire Microsoft Office Professional Suite. So the first time Word or Excel or PowerPoint is opened by...
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    Confiscated items auctions

    This is a government org that auctions off items confiscated by NTSA agents at airports (banned items). Some interesting stuff here, but mostly knives and scissors. Check out the ebay listings link.
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    old fart needs help

    Ok, so I'm way out of the latest lingo.... What does "QFT" mean? domo
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    Dual Opteron 248 & Folding

    There's too many places I could post this...this one is good as any I think. We've built a new system at work that will be our primary SQL server. It's a dual Opteron 248 system. Tyan K8SR (S2881) motherboard, right now there's 1GB per processor (NewEgg sold out of the stuff we're using...
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    Organize IE Favorites

    Anybody know how to force URLs in the IE Favorites folder(s) to appear alphabetically when you look at them in IE, short of manully dragging them around in the Organize Favorites tool IE has? I've tried cutting them out of the favorites folder, moving them to a temp folder, then putting them...
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    U320 SCA to 68 pin adapters

    I've got a bunch of U160 SCA drives at home, and use the SCA to 68 adapters with no problem. Now, at work, we've managed to get a bunch of U320 SCA drives. Does anybody have any experience with using the SCA to 68 pin adapters with U320 drives? These are nice drives, we'd like to stick them...
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    I do believe I want this Know nothing about the Eden chips...suspect they're what the Cyrix chips evolved into. True?
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    Dual GB NICS

    Curisoity question: What is the advantage(s) of having DUAL gigabit NICs in a machine, either on the motherboard or on an add-on card? After 25+ years in computers, the only time I've ever used DUAL any-speed NICs in a machine is when it was used as some sort of router, firewall, gateway...
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    Need AOL web-cam help

    My father is a dial-up AOL user. He got a USB webcam for Christmas. I went over to his place and loaded up the software that came with the camera. It works fine, we can watch ourselves on the monitor. Now, he wants to be able to send streaming video over AOL. Him being totally computer...
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    Beware Microsoft & Farstone

    I bought a copy of Farstone's Virtual Drive. It emulates physical CD ROM drives in software. Using it so my kid's machine can network to my server, she can play her ROM-based games without touching (and therefore destroying) the actual CDs. So I load it, create 5 virtual drives, load her...
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    Good guideline for company Internet policy?

    I've been tasked with writing our company's computer and Internet policy. The computer part is easy (don't steal it :) ) but the Internet part not so simple. Looking for a good site I can get a guideline from to get started, modify it to our specific company. Anyone know of such a place?
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    Water cooling on the CHEAP! LOL!
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    Forgive if posted before (mods delete if so)

    Interesting reading:
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    Odd microphone question

    I'm running HAL2000 in my theater, for it's voice control of my entire system. I've got an issue that must have been worked out somewhere, but danged if I can find it! I did search here too.. How do you tell a voice response system in a theater to turn the volume down, when it can't hear...
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    Special screen saver needed

    I'm using a 14" LCD touch-screen monitor mounted to the futon arm in my theater. What I'm looking for is a screen saver that has something like a small area on the screen that can be touched or clicked on that will turn the screen dark, and when touched or clicked again will lite it back up...
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    faster USB interface method

    I'm going to RAID 0 (stripe) two 200GB UDMA drives, mounted one each in two external USB 2.0 enclosures. Going to put my ripped CDs on it for my HTPC system, possibly also DVDs. Because I have so many USB devices that will be hooked to this system, I have to use a PCI USB card, since my MB...
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    USB or PS2 for long distances

    The USB keyboard in my theater is going to be a good 20 feet from the PC. It's an incredibly small unit, fits perfectly where I want it (beside the seat) and it's looks are perfect for a theater. I don't want to toss it and go wireless. The low-speed USB spec for cable lenght is 10 feet...
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    Possible fix for bizzare problem?

    I have a brand new mn31n mobo, and can't get a peep out if soundwise. The on-board sound is dead, I tried plugging a SB Audigy PCI in it, it won't make a sound, tried a generic ESS PCI card, it won't make a sound, even tried the SPDIF on the mb and it won't output anything. Tried a couple...
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    Need mobo that COMES WITH THE S/PDIF

    I bought and set up a mn31/n mobo, and used the S/PDIF sold by the ebay guy that's "recommended" at the beginning of the 2nd mn31/n thread. I'm not going to re-post the link to him, don't want to put anybody else though this. Well, long story short, I do believe that S/PDIF completely cooked...
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    CD info question

    This may have been asked / answered before, but if so I can't find it. I'm in process of ripping my 300-some-odd audio CDs onto my new HTPC machine, using Windows Media Player. I'm using a USB 802.11b wireless network inside the house. While it's ripping, after about 1/2 way through the first...