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    Is upgrading from X58/i7 920 to Z68 /2600K worth while?

    I am currently running a X58 mobo with a i7 920 and 6GB of ram. I am considering upgrading to a Z68 mobo with a 2600K. Do you guys think it wil make a noticeable difference? I use it for gaming and I have a HD6970 which I want to keep using. I am just not sure if it is worth the money.
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    Memory probs on P5B Deluxe

    I have an Asus P5B deluxe mobo with 4x1GB of RAM. For some reason, windows only shows 3GB of ram. I am certain that the modules themselves are ok because my system works fine with each individual module. So I am thinking there must be some compatibility issue with them. I already had the elixir...
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    SPDIF problems with X-Fi

    I recently swapped my SB Audigy2 with a X-Fi.I am using the SPDIF output on the card which doubles as a mic input. In software, I can choose between SPDIF out and mic mode. My problem is that every time I reboot my computer, the X-Fi reverts to mic mode. The THX setup console still shows that...
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    Multimonitor settings stored in profiles?

    I am using a nVidia 8800GT. It is my first nVidia card in a long time so I don't know a lot about the nVidia drivers and software. I have set up the card to use two monitors and saved a profile. Then I set it up to use one monitor and my TV and saved another profile. Loading one of the profiles...
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    Annoying Internet Explorer problem

    Whenever I open a new Internet Explorer window it is totally unresponsive. I can't even relocate the window. After a minute or so the default website loads and the browser responds normally and other websites load quickly. At first I thought that the browser was hijacked or infected by a...
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    Sound problem in Supreme Commander

    I have a SoundBlaster Audigy 2 and I cannot get the sound in the SC demo to work. In the in-game video's sound is working just fine but in the game the sound effects don't work. The music is OK but the voices and the sound FX don't work. I am already using the latest Audigy2 drivers. Does...
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    COD2 problems with X1950XT 256

    I have a different issue with COD2. Even since I installed my new X1950XT 256MB i get framerates between 1-5 fps. When I set everything to their default values i get like 20fps max. What the hell is going on? My X800XT was able to get in the low 20-30 fps with everything turned on! The card...
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    watercooling X1950XT - info needed

    I just ordered a X1950XT and I want to slap watercooling on it. I already have the waterblock but i still need a bracket to mount it on the GPU. I need to know what the distance between the mounting holes is near the GPU. Can anyone help me?
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    mbm doesn't support my mobo-> no more crystal fontz

    I recently bought an Asus P5B Deluxe and a C2D. Motherboard monitor doesn't fully support this board and Crystal Control is unable to use a different hardwre monitor utility like speedfan or the original asus utility. Has anyone found a workaround? Is there a LCD program that supports speedfan...
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    Logitech & Vista support

    I own MX500, MX510 and MX700 mice. They still work with MouseWare that doesnt support Vista. Does anybody know if Logitech plans to add Vista support later on?
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    Sound problems in Serious Sam2

    I am having problems with the sounds in SS2. The voices and the music sounds OK. Some of the soundeffects are also OK. but the weapons don't sound the way they should. Instead of a satisfying bang when I fire the shotgun I hear a slight disturbance of the sound. I have tried to adjust the...
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    Checkdisk problems

    Everry time when I boot my computer it starts checkdisk, even though it never finds any problems on the drive. Tha is really annoying and I want to stop it but I don't know how. I have already run msconfig and the register editor but I can't find any entries regarding checkdisk. Does anybody...
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    Cool 'n Quiet problems

    I have the Asus A8N-SLI (see sig) with a 3200 winny. When I enable the Cool 'n Quiet function in the BIOS, the CPU clocks down nicely to 1000MHz. The voltage also goes down to 1.24V. But when I start a game it doesnt clock back to 2000MHz. Is this a A8N-SLI bios problem or a driver problem? I...
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    win2k scheduler skips tasks

    I am using the scheduler on a win2k box to execute an important task for my employer. There are several tasks scheduled but two out of three aren't executed and the third is sometimes skipped. The weird thing is that the sheduler says that they have been executed according to schedule. But from...
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    How to automatically disconnect users from server

    I have a server at work that has the database on it. It needs to re-index the database overnight. The problem is that users sometimes forget to log off, leaving one of more tables in use. This causes the indexing to fail. So I'd like to find a way to automatically disconnect all users from the...
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    AMD64 3500+ not performing

    I just built a A64 rig with a 3500+ 939 CPU on a nForce4 board. I have a X800Pro which is BIOS modded to XT speeds. The problem is that Prime95 quits on the first test. The CPU is running at stock speeds. Also, 3dmark 2001 exits before the first test starts. 3dmark 2003 runs the gametests OK...
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    X800Pro ->X800XT flash possible with PCI-e?

    I flashed the bios of my X800Pro card with a X800XT bios and it now has 16 funcional pipelines. I want to do the same with a PCI-e card. Is that possible?
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    Automating wireless connection

    I have a laptop and a wireless router. When I want to make a wireless connection with my laptop to the router I first have to activate the wireless lan card on the laptop with a button. Then I have to right-click the network icon in the tasbar, select 'available wireless networks' and then...
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    KT890 or nForce4?

    I was wondering, since soundstorm is left out of the nForce4 chipset, is there any reason to go for the nForce4 instead of the (cheaper) KT890? I am talking about the regular nForce4, not the SLI one.
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    NTFS trouble

    I recently change the volumenames of the harddrives in my download PC after which the drives werent accessible anymore through the network. Then I changed some permissions on the download PC and now the drives arent accessible on the download PC itself! I even reinstalled windows hoping that...
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    Installer won't start

    I am currently having problems installing some software. When I try to install the software that comes with my HP980 printer the installer simply won't launch. The same goes for the software for the USB printserver on my wireless router. There are some installers that do work but I cant figure...
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    Do all Bartons come locked now?

    A friend of mine wanted a cheap overclockable CPU so I recommended the 2500+ because in the past most of them have been able to hit 3200+ speeds easily. But it turned out that his was multiplier locked. I work in a computerstore and he wants me to go look for an unlocked CPU. But I dont want...
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    Weird TV card problem

    I work in a computerstore where a customer brought his PC back with the complaint that the 9800SE AIW cards made a clicking sound when using the TV tuner. I hooked up the system to the cable and discovered that he was right. First I swapped the AIW card with another one. And then another and...
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    Will a S754 waterblock fit on a S939 mobo?

    Oops, double post. Hmm, it seems that deleting this thread is not possible.
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    Will a S754 waterblock fit on a S939 mobo?

    I want to buy a Athlon64 waterblock for my rig but the only ones I can find are for the S754 variant. I do not have an A64 yet but I want to buy a S939 system this fall. But I don't know if the S939 cooling solution differers from the S754 one. I know that the sockets are different but maybe the...
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    Hardware monitoring on X800

    I noticed that the fan on the X800 just like on the 9800XT's has a three wire lead. I'm wondering if it is possible to monitor it just like the temperature. It would be nice to show the GPU temp along with the FAN speed on my LCD using MBM.