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    Seasonic SS-460H2U fan replacement

    I have a Seasonic 2U SS460H2U psu running in my NAS in the attic but the little 60mm DELTA fan is driving me crazy. I've been thinking about replacing it with a silent cooler but I'm worried about the amount of air these silent fans push. Do power supplies like these generally need the high...
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    dual M-ITX rackmountables

    since I moved to mITX for my ESX homelab, I've been looking for a rackmountable (2U, 3U) which fits two mITX boards. The whoel deal about this is: where the h*ck are these chassis? I live in Europe and my only source was but the chassis was removed from the site after i emailed him...
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    Datacenter/network management suite

    Hi guys, Before asking questions I'll draw the picture first: We recently cleaned up the mess that is called our datacenter and it hsa been running clean now since August. It is mostly used for testing, playing around and some occasional local production servers. We have around 16 racks...
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    Home-use FC switch

    Hi guys/girls, At the moment my home lab consist of 1 ESX host and 1 diy NAS box with an IP network in between. I'm planning on expanding the host/storage side for training/testing purposes and I'm eyeballing the FC world. The problem is that I can't really find myself a good FC switch for...
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    Home virtualization and IOPS requirements

    I'm in the process of creating a diskless ESXi 5 server for general testing, fiddling around and VCP studying at home but I'm not sure if my NAS box (i will provision storage to the ESX box from there) can cope with the requirements. NAS box specs: - Athlon 64 X2 4000+ - 4GB ram - 3x2TB...
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    Brazos and Storage cards: sitrep?

    Hi, During my extensive search to replace my Synology box I stumbled upon the Brazos E350 platform. This seems perfect for a small storage server due to low power and a PCI-E slot for a raid or expander card. The thing is, I read somewhere that some E350 boards don't handle RAID and/or...