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    Why I hate Sony....

    lol. if only it were that easy:D
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    Why I hate Sony....

    sony sucks and here is why... i finally broke down in june and made the switch from pc gaming to a console. fast forward three months later to when the video card in my ps3 died- artifacts all over the screen as soon as you turned it on. anywho i went through the online process to get a...
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    ps3 issues

    that was my first guess too. but my ps3 is in a well ventillated area, im a neat freak so i dont have alot of dust lying around and it happens as soon as i turn on my ps3....
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    ps3 issues

    so anywho... i have a ps3. i really only play madden and battlefield bad company. yesterday i started playing bad company and it had all sorts of artifacts all over the screen. i tried again today and same thing. any ideas?
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    Playstation 3 and TH-46PZ85E Plasma HDMI issue...

    i dont know who your cable proivider is but if its comcast you can go to your local comcast office and they will supply you with free hdmi cables. i just told them they didnt give them to me when i got my cable box and they gave them to me no questions asked.
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    PS3 Price i remember one model being 299.99? Or is it just me?

    you can also sign up for the sony chase credit card which gives you $100 off your first purchase of $300 or more. i combined the walmart deal and the sony deal when i bought mine last month:D
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    Best deal on PS3?

    ^^^^^ yeah what he said. i just bought one two weeks ago. I signed up for the sony card here: and then i bought a 40gb at walmart which gave me a...
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    Got a great deal on a PS3

    yup. there are two different offers. the first one that u mentioned gives u instant access to the card BUT your discount is only good at the sony store. the better offer...
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    Got a great deal on a PS3

    so i after thinking long and hard about it i have decided to abandon pc gaming. i know i know. im a horrible person. its just that i can no longer justify the expense of continually upgrading my rig so i can play the latest games. So...i love a good deal and i thought id brag a little. i...
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    Gaming Laptops?

    i have an xps m1210. while i wouldnt really call it a gaming laptop, i am able to play games like bf2 w/o any issues. oh yeah and i love my lappy:D
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    New QuakeWar piccies

    agreed. ET was a great game and i cant wait to give ETQW a try:D i havent found a fun fps since BF2, which i am totally bored with at this point. i just looked at the screenies and i have to agree that they are some BORING screenies. dont waste ur time.
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    Did I miss something? EA owns Valve?

    your right :eek: i never noticed that before.... please hold me i'm scared now.
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    Dell LOL

    the xps does not come with a restore partition. oh and unless dell has changed things in the past few months since i purchased my m1210, good luck getting the media direct feature to work properly after you do your reinstall. mine still doesn't work. fortunately i don't really care...
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    m1210 1GB -> 2GB memory upgrade

    the instructions are in the manual and it is pretty easy to do ( i did the same upgrade to my m1210 :D ). i would just recommend you take your time doing it as the plate above the keyboard seemed a little flimsy to me.
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    Just set up the new build with MSFT FSX, and what kind of performance is normal!?

    My understanding is that it is a major system hog.
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    Suggest me a decent 12 inch (or smaller) lappy

    sucks for you :D my m1210 is great. it does everything i need for grad school, and when i have time i can sit down and play some bf2.
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    13" Black Macbook vs. XPSM1210 vs. Vaio TX

    i have an m1210 and i love it. i can use it for grad school, and better yet when i have the time it can even handle bf2 :D i couldn't tell you anything about the other two lappys but i hear good things about the macbook.
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    WOW didnt think this would happen

    wow lazy. you are really telling alot about yourself by admitting that you were trashing the game without first trying it. very sad...
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    so is the M1210 my best bet?

    i love my m1210 :D but i'm not gonna try to convince you to get it. good luck
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    Best recent RTS

    company of heroes
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    Company Of Heroes Excitement!

    the patch was released yesterday...
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    Free WOW Sticker (not World of Warcraft)

    i'll stick with howard...
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    Lost BF2 CD's

    he can install from the images. transfer the iso to another drive or even burn them and them copy them back to the hdd after reinstalling the os
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    No more BF2 support?

    um no. have you seen the incremental patches? they worked just fine for me. im not going to say ea or bf2 are perfect, but it is alot of fun to play when it doesnt lock up, or crash to the desktop.
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    **HOT** Free Windows Vista

    thanks for the linky, i'm in.
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    Which Razer for Counter-Strike Source?

    i dont think it matters at all. i have a diamondback i use with my desktop. i recently bought a dell xps m1210 lappy :D since i purchased my new lappy i havent really used my desktop as my lappy can play bf2 just fine. with my lappy i just use a bluetooth logitech mouse and i havent noticed any...
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    OMG Hot 200Gig 52 Cents

    yeah you should be sore :D my bro and i ordered 6 and sold them on ebay. i orderd 50 of these so that in the off chance that they actually honor the deal i can make some more easy money on ebay :D that being said, my order says they are on backorder so i am not holding my breath. :(
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    OMG Hot 200Gig 52 Cents

    yeah i got an order confirmation on the 50 i ordered but i ont expect to ever see any of them. that being said, i still have my fingers and toes crossed :D
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    OMG Hot 200Gig 52 Cents

    never hurts to try
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    OMG Hot 200Gig 52 Cents

    nope. there isnt any time to read past the first post when trying to jump on a great deal.
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    OMG Hot 200Gig 52 Cents

    it is always worth a shot... if i get them then they are going right up on ebay like the dell 2007fwps i got the other week :D
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    OMG Hot 200Gig 52 Cents

    i just bought 50 for $63 shipped :D man i hope they show up.
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    Outlook and NOD32 = conflict?

    what issues are you having? i use outlook and nod32 w/o any problems.
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    opinions on my latest cover

    yeah, i like the second one better.
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    converting word docs to jpegs?

    thanks for the info :)
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    converting word docs to jpegs?

    does anyone know of a freeware program to convert word docs to jpegs? thanks in advance.
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    Upgrading lappy GPU

    i could be wrong but my understanding is that even discrete graphics for notebooks are actually on board meaning they cannot be upgraded.