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    Sourcing Parts for Custom Case

    So I have a desire for a rack mount, shallow (17" or less), 2U case that can fit standard ATX parts. Did some research and it appeared that this was gonna be a difficult thing to find. So I went about designing my own in AutoCAD. It was a steep learning curve but I got something designed that...
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    Ryzen 2700X or Xeon 2136 Home VM Lab

    Looking to rebuild my compute nodes for my home lab. The two CPUs have similar scores on CPUBenchmark with the Xeon having a higher IPC and the Ryzen having two additional cores. I plan to purchase two and load them up initially with 32GB of RAM. What should I look for in a VM host, higher...
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    Stackable Open Air Case

    Looking for open air cases that are stackable and not for mining. Have a small three node home lab I'd like to not have consuming the space of three standard sized cases.
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    Help with Multi-Node Home Hyper-V Cluster

    I've got a bunch of old parts lying around that I can use for a small home lab. I've previously had a 2-node cluster setup using all this stuff and a couple other parts. I recently disassembled it to build a gaming computer for my son (pulled a 4th gen i7 out of it). I'm wanting to rebuild...
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    Orbus Players

    Anybody checked out Orbus yet? I've got about 5-10 hours in it but it has gotten kind of stale...maybe because I'm a bit aimless or have been playing solo. For those not in the know, Orbus is an early access VR MMO. I haven't progressed beyond firearms yet but everything is very much a manual...
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    Where's the 8 Series??

    Any ideas on why there's such a shortage on i7-8700? I think it's time I scratch the itch and move off the 4770 but I've started looking at everybody seems sold out. Any news on when inventories are gonna catch up with demand?
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    Oculus Touch Impressions

    Before I get started, I'm curious if Kyle has given the Oculus Rift/Touch a go. I know he's been engrossed with the Vive but I'd really like to get his impression. I think a Vive vs Rift comparison article would be awesome to get from the [H]. KYLE!!! DO IT!!!!! To preface, I was a pre-order...
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    Poor Storage IOPS

    I have a makeshift SAN node setup that a pair of VM hosts are connected to and I get shit IOPS performance. Initially, I had a RAID0 array of 6 1TB 7200 HDDs connected to an Adaptec 3805 SATAII RAID controller and 1GB connectivity with a PowerConnect 2816 switch, everything configured for 9k...
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    Modest VM Hosts

    Hey guys, I've currently got a two node cluster running here at home that I do basic testing and learning on. Each is running a 2nd gen. i5, 16GB of RAM and Hyper-V Server. I'd really like to upgrade them but don't have a ton of cash to spend, anybody have any suggestions as to what would give...
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    Dragon Front

    Anyone else playing this on the Rift/Gear VR? Currently in beta and free, they're asking a pretty penny for the full game. If you're into card games at all this is a must. I haven't used the Rift all that much since I got it but I've spent 8-10 hours this week inside playing Dragon Front...
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    Powershell; Piping information

    Hey guys, I am needing to find out servers that are pending reboot in a large environment. I put together a one-liner powershell command that will pull the servers I want to check, and I know I want to check a certain registry key, but I don't know how to pipe the information from one command...
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    Dying "Monitor" :(

    Sad days are afoot, my 46" Sammy that I use as a monitor is randomly shutting off. I'm looking to spend 300-400 on a new monitor but I'm not sure which features I should be looking into more. I like the idea of getting a 4k monitor, but I can't afford a 40" 4k (at least not that ive seen). It...
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    ASA Configuration Woes

    This is basically a copy and paste from the Cisco forums, hopefully another group of eyes can help me here. Issue 1: I have an internal Spiceworks webserver sitting behind a 5512. I can't seem to figure out how to configure hairpin NAT using ASDM. I'm not familiar enough with the CLI anymore...
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    I'm Stupid (Cisco ASA)

    I went through the CCNA Academy back in 2013, passed the certification test with a I was pretty solid on the knowledge. Unfortunately I haven't used those skills...really at all since then. We are getting fiber installed at one of the networks I take care of. In anticipation of...
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    PornHub Announces VR Category

    Woo! How did front page news not pick this up earlier?? The free goggles give away has already ended :(
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    Eve: Valkyrie

    Just got done playing a few rounds online with the DK2 and I gotta say, combat flight sim in VR is just as cool as I always imagined it to be. I seriously can't wait to try it out on the consumer model. The SDE completely bleeds away, don't even notice it so I can only imagine how much better...
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    Cisco ASA5500X GUI?

    Context for the question, I'm CCNA Routing and Switching certified and went through the Cisco academy at my local community college so I've got some limited hands-on (40-ish hours) with the hardware and CLI. I'm currently debating on getting an ASA 5500-X series firewall or a WatchGuard M200...
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    Sharing XBox games on Windows 10

    So I got my son a laptop for his birthday and I'm getting it setup for him. I was originally just going to have a local account and bought Minecraft using my Xbox account. Then I found out that when I bought the game, it converted the local account to my connected xbox account. So I created a...
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    Good Video/Perspective on Gaming

    Just watched this and, in light of all the VR happenings over the last week or so, it may help put things in perspective. She talks fast and it might seem long to some, but I thought it was a good watch.
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    Should I upgrade?

    Curious what the performance difference I would see going from my x2 reference 290Xs to a single 980 Ti? I've started a few games lately that have been somewhat demanding and while my framerates haven't been an issue, the temperature of the room and loudness of the 290Xs is becoming a bit...
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    Small/Medium Business VPN Router

    Looking for recommendations for a VPN router for a small to medium sized business. Need to be able to handle 50 IPsec client VPN tunnels with good throughput. I've got Cisco RV320 routers in place right now and while site-to-site VPNs go up and work great, I'm having a hell of a time getting...
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    Unable to fill PDF forms linked in dropdown list

    First, let me say that my knowledge of HTML doesn't extend much further than being able to code a link or an image. The problem I am having is that I have created a dropdown list that links to PDF forms. Everything works except that once the PDF form loads in the browser, you can't type in any...
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    SSL Certs, internal names, and local domains

    So....a couple months from now, SSLs will no longer be issued for local host names. I need some guidance on this....for some reason the whole SSL concept, while simple...makes my head hurt...not sure why... Anyways, we host an exchange server on our internal AD domain that is...
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    Getting the MAC of device on other end of line.

    Just as the title says, I'm looking for a way to collect the MAC address of the device that's on the other end of an Ethernet wire from my Laptop. The device on the other end is most likely a switch, though I can't be for sure. I'm trying to map out the physical connections in the network so...
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    Client Side Caching not working?

    I've been scouring the net trying to find others with this issue or something that would cause it but I cannot. I have folder redirection setup with offline files enabled, but it seems that client side caching is not enabled. When I look at the properties of any of the files, the location of...
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    Resizing Windows Partition

    One of the networks my company is in charge of has a server with the partitions as shown in the image above. The problem they are having is that the C: drive keeps filling up...not sure who the hell set up the partitions but I AM aware it's jacked. Additionally, this is a DC who's SYSVOL is...
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    Opinions on going to jumbo frames

    Just curious what everyone's thoughts were about implementing jumbo frames network wide. I need to initially find out if that's even possible as I'm not sure all the NICs in the network support larger frames. I have it implemented on separate NICs on each server that are wired together on a...
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    MCSA 70-411 Study Material

    About to take my 70-410 test and pretty confident I'll pass it. Curious if anybody has any recommendations on study material for the 70-411 exam? For the 70-410 exam, I read the MCSA 70-410 Cert Guide by Don Poulton and thought it was well put together. Unfortunately, the publisher has no...
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    Physical to Virtual to Physical

    Hey guys...not sure where to put this as it spans a couple different subjects but I guess this is as good a place as any. I have a physical Exchange server that is going to be getting a new RAID controller and hard drives. Right now, its setup as a RAID 1 with two drives using the...
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    Limiting Server Access

    So, I want to be able to limit a person's visibility of our servers at work. Currently, anybody that connects to the WiFi can figure out our server names and then pull them up by hitting \\servername, I'd like to limit who has permission to do that to specific groups, is that possible? At the...
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    Server Backups

    Not really sure where this question goes, so I'll start here.... I have a new organization that is thinking about putting in a server and a 12TB NAS. They want a full backup of all data conducted daily and the backup to be able to be moved into a fireproof/waterproof safe. I've done this...
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    Folder Redirection and Offline Files

    Ok, last topic on this...for now... I have a couple users who use laptops at home and at work to conduct business on. I'd like for them to be able to have access to all their files while they're off the network and then when they come back on the network, the files that have changed are...
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    Folder Redirection not moving local files

    Recently setup folder redirection and I can't figure out why but user's existing files are not relocating from their local machine onto the server. Once the policy hits the PC, it creates the appropriate folders on the server and the user's profile accesses those folders which in turn freaks...
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    Hardware RAID card or onboard controller?

    I have an Adaptec 3805 hardware RAID controller available to me and was wondering if it would be of any benefit to use it over the built-in storage controller on my ASUS Z97 Mk II motherboard? I don't have any immediate intentions of using a RAID array, just curious if it would be beneficial at...
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    MCSA/E Prep Material

    I've been the sole administrator for mixed Windows Server environments (Server 2003-2012R2) for about a year or so now, have taken a couple Windows Server classes, one of which had a final that was the MTA Certification exam, the other was supposed to prep for MCSA 70-642 (but no class for...
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    Network Location or Drive Map?

    I'm working on a new network share design on my corporate network and I'm trying to determine if these shares should be mapped to users as Network Locations or Drive Maps. How should each of these be utilized and what's the best way to incorporate them? From what little I can think of, you'd...
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    VPN Router/Gateway

    We are brining in a new client whose desires are pretty simple, just want a file server setup...but they want to be able to access it from anywhere, securely and easily. I need it to be able to handle 25 VPN connections, preferably requiring zero proprietary software. My boss originally bought...
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    Permissions for mobile users to access wireless

    I have a few tablet/laptop users on my network who are unable to connect to wireless networks without administrative authority. I would like to give them permission to connect to any and all wireless networks that they come into range with but can't find anything that allows that. I know there...
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    Windows 8 Windows Experience Index

    Came across this article on TechRepublic that shows how to run the WEI test and see your scores. I know they're pretty pointless scores but its neat to see them now compared to what they were. I do however like using the <query> argument with the command to get the raw performance output of...
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    Windows Serial Key or CAL?

    So....I work for a non-profit, and as such, have access to's outstanding software pricing. I ordered a pair of Server 2012 R2 keys from there and redeemed them through Microsoft's VLSC. I noticed that I received four keys, two of which are MAK and the other two are KMS. What has...