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    Samsung 2TB $85shipped 1T F3 $52

    Passing along from SD. Samsung 2TB SATA2 5400rpm 32MB Hard Drive $85 + FS, Samsung HD103UJ 1 TB $51 + FS, HD103SJ 1 TB spinpoint F3 $52.7 + FS superbiiz has a new 15% off your purchase (max of $15) w/ coupon COLUMBUS15 Use it to get Samsung Spinpoint F4EG HD204UI 2TB SATA2 5400rpm...
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    $2000 Safe for $10 Sams Club

    PRICE MISTAKE: MUST BE A MEMBER TO GET THIS I can't get this because my membership expired but some may go for it. Normal price is $2k+
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    $2000 Safe for $10 Sams Club

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    Intel Boxed Core i7 875K 2.93GHz *unlocked multiplier* $199.99

    Passing along from SD. Intel Boxed Core i7 875K 2.93GHz *unlocked multiplier* $199.99 At MicroCenter Stores. Sale: 199.99 Regular Price: 399.99 (as stated on the ad) Available only in stores. Valid from June 7th - June 20th.
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    Realspace Magellan L-Shaped Desk and Hutch $36 (Reg $380) + $25 Shipping @OfficeDepo

    Passing this along from slickdeals, smoking hot, I ordered 2. Huge Price Drop ~ Realspace Magellan L-Shaped Desk and Hutch (Espresso, Classic Cherry or Honey Maple Finish) ~ $36 (Reg $380) + $25 Shipping @ The online...
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    CPU bottlenecking my 5850?

    I currently have a core2duo e6550 which I built a few years back. I just picked up a new 5850 GPU to replace my 8800gt. Now playing in BF:BC2 it feels like I'm still studdering and my CPU cores show 99% most of the time. Would I see a big improvement going to a new CPU? What do you guys think?
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    Best 5850 brand?

    So I currently have a 8800gt. I'm going to get a 5850. I've been doing some reading and it seems like the ASUS 5850 is the best card to get. However I can't find the card in stock anywhere. I placed a ordered from Amazon but its out of stock and I wont be charged unless it ships. I'm trying...
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    Good deal on a 2408WFP?

    I have been looking at new lcds for a few weeks now, I have 2 soyos and 2 acer ferraris. I wanted something with a better panel. I had been looking at the dells. I did a search on craigslist for ultrasharps and ran across a 2408WFP. I did a quick search and saw the price new was $550, I...
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    320 GB 7200 RPM Serial ATA Hard Drive $4.99 on *DEAD*

    Heres another one boys, in for 5 here. :D 320 GB 7200 RPM Serial ATA Hard Drive $4.99 on
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    2 Pack Dell 22" monitors $199

    2-Pack Dell S2209W 22" LCD Monitor $200 or $99.50 each 1920x1080 resolution Use bing cashback for 10% back or $20 off. Yes they are TN displays.
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    2 Pack Dell 22" monitors $199

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    LCDs that are easy on the eyes?

    So I have 4 LCD's I've bought over a 2 year period. I have 2 of the Acer Ferrari monitors 20 inch with a glossy display, I believe they are TN. I also have 2 Soyo 24's which I believe are the non-TN version. I have 2 at home and 2 at the office, 20 and 24 pair for each place. Well one of my...
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    mods delete, did some searching here :)
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    $99 XBOX 360 GTA4 Bundle Canada ONLY ends MIDNIGHT

    SIZZLING hot for those in Canada. I wish they would ship!! Ends very soon, hope someone can take advantage!
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    Lack of AA or is there something else?

    So I have the original 360 with component cables and a 50 inch plasma supporting 720P/1080I. I've had problems in certain games like Halo3 or yesterday BF1943 that when I turn slightly I see edges that are not smooth. In battlefield the trees look all fragmented and stuff is shiny. What could...
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    Upgraded to vista64 with 8GB ram

    Well I'm officially an idiot. I built my PC back in December E6550 with 4GB of memory, installed vista32. I saw the amount of ram these days so I decided to buy some to have 8GB. I got the ram today and went to install it. Looking at the bios on boot I saw 4GB of memory single channel. I'm...
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    Q6600 vs E8550 vs i7??

    I'm looking to upgrade my processor. I have believe I have a e5500, its one of the lower model ones. I'm need more speed. I'm debating getting a Q6600 or a E8550 which I hear can be overclocked to 4GHZ. There is also the option of i7 but I will need a new motherboard + the processor I'm...
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    Dogs in COD5

    Does anyone else share my intensive frustration and hate for the dogs? I was playing a game just now, I swear to you the ENTIRE game on headquarters dogs were coming after me. When they are jumping out of no where it makes me want to throw this game away completely. I don't get usually...
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    Seagate Barracuda 1.5TB 7200.11 32Mb Internal OEM Hard Drive $189

    In stock now, just ordered one! WIll get it thursday. :)
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    500 watt x-connect power supply $29.97

    I think this is pretty hot, I paid $95 for this at a local store a few weeks ago when I built my new system. Original Price: $79.99 Instant Rebate: - $50.02 Price: $29.97
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    Duke Nukem Forever....its aliiiiiive

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    Great frag video Q3 engine

    I wanted to post this for the fps players out there, its a Jedi Academy frag video. I was made by someone I play with in the game over the past few years. Some of you may have not played the game before but it is based off the quake 3 engine. Its pretty much a jedi quake 3 game on crack...
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    UT3 won't install?!

    I just got home from work and am trying to install my ut3, and I get a ****ing error every time. Feature transfer error: Error: -3 Patch package What the F is this?! And why does my dvd say release candidate 7 :confused:
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    IS my 3dmark06 too low?

    My 3dmark score seems pretty low for the system I have. I got 11800 after overclocking. Does that seem too low for the system I have? I can't seem to hit 12k. I would like to get 13k.
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    New rig = massive jump in performance

    Well my last PC I built about 6 years ago. It has been running ever since without a problem. It was a 2600+xp with 1gb ram, about 3 years ago I had upgraded to the 6800. It ran things pretty decent, I play a star wars fps mostly so it was just fine. Well I finally decided my rig was way too...
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    Brand new SATA drive already dead?!

    I just got my rig from newegg today. I was so happy and excited to test this puppy out. Well I booted up and it came up just fine. There was something with the drive that I needed to change inside the bios. Well I rebooted the machine and now when I look the drive isnt displaying! And its...
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    UT2K4 directory HELP plz

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    FREE BASKETBALL tickets: Bobcats VS Timberwolves at NC 1/1/2007

    You can get up to 10. I got 4 really good seats, but I live in texas. I wonder if I could sell these. Use promo code: NEWYEAR IMO, if you live there this is...
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    Ordered this new badboy ETEN G500 gps phone

    I was looking for a new cell phone, I wanted a pocket pc integrated into it as well as a gps device. I decided to this this... I paid $350 for it and should get it this week. Does anyone have one or have ever used one? Most phones...
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    Best buy is a POS, read this ps3 story.

    My co-workers and I waited in line at walmart last night for the ps3. We were 2 short of getting one. So we gave up and headed to work. We decided to go to a Bestbuy during lunch. One of my co-workers is a employee of a different bestbuy location than we went to during lunch. Anyway we ask...
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    Whos ready for the Wii?

    I tried to get a ps3 to resell the whole day, and camp out for one. But was unsucessfull. I realised that the system isn't that much better than my pc I already have. Its just a system with media capabilities and improved graphics and a hefty price tag. If I did get one and wanted to resell...
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    Played the PS3 today

    I got to play the ps3 today during lunch. It was at the sony store and they had it set up on a nice HDTV. I have owned the xbox360 so I'm not a f4nb0y(fu censor) or anything like that. To be honest this thing is going to kick the xbox 360s ass when it has a bigger lineup of games. Motorstorm...
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    My First dvi moniter experience

    I just got my BenQ 20 inch widescreen. Before I've always had a 17 inch crt. I had a really bad moniter and got a dell 17 inch crt about 3 years ago, I thought it was a big upgrade. I had a 6800 with dvi but never had a moniter that had it. I hooked up this 20 inch widescreen with dvi and I'm...
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    Razer mouse help? Random Disconnects??

    I got a new razer mouse about a week ago, and it was going fine the first 2 days. Then I started get some random disconnects. I hear the usb connect sound in windows and then I hear the disconnect sound. It goes in and out randomly. The light on the mouse will turn off and turn back on...
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    UT2K4 directory HELP plz

    I need some help. I lost one OS harddrive a few weeks ago. It crashed so I lost everything. But my storage drive that has my games was still in tact thankfully. So I want to play UT2K4, but it would load because I guess it isn't registered in the registry. So when I launch it asks me for a...
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    Raid Advice.

    Ok a friend of mine is intrested in making a system with a raid 0 setup. So I was wondering what the best option for him would be. Here is what he asked me. "Should I buy a WD Raptor 150GB ($275) or buy two WD Raptor 74GBs ($310) and RAID 0 them? That'd be great. I just need to know if a...
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    BF2:MC in my hands.

    Wow this game rocks, look forward to it! :D
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    Quake 4 online won't work.

    I need some help. I just got quake 4 and I updated to the newest patch and when I try to go online I click get list and it doesnt display any servers but just says scanned 0 quake 4 servers. And its selected to internet now lan. Do I need to open some ports on my router??? :(
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    New BF2:MC xbox 360 video.

    Woah! This game is looking sick. It looks way better then ghost recon, and maybe go as far as to say looking close to the pc version. I am impressed!
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    Did I make a mistake putting my 360 for sale?

    I want opinions, I'm parting away with my 360. I got about 7000 gamerscore, and I had alot of fun. But I get the feeling all the games that are on the 360 are really on pc. I am more of a pc gamer and I have a high end pc. Games like oblivion can be played on pc. And it costs $400 just to...