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    AMD tests 4870 and 4870CF-beats GTX260 in Crysis-rumor

    Unless you have a 22" with 1920x1200 resolution, your DPI is pretty much the same as every other lcd :)
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    NVIDIA GeForce 280 GTX in Tri SLI Tested - Tweaktown

    Sorry to go OT, but I'm really interested in GTX 260 I blind or something, or are there no good benchies for this?
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    So RV770 has 800SP's after all?

    just like the 2900xt's "free AA" :)
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    FUD: Radeon 4870 X2 Beats GeForce GTX 280

    Anyone remember how the 2900xt easily beat out the 8800gtx in 3dmark? I lost faith in it as a benchmark after that...
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    With all the GT200 madness, no single-slot loving?

    Even the original launch of the 8800GTX/GTS didn't have a single slot until a fair bit later on...
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    ATI 4870 Benchis

    Alternatively, in Soviet Russia, these video cards benchmark you! Etc... /end offtopic, apologies.
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    ATI 4870 Benchis

    But will they play DOOM?
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    How is the ECS brand?

    ECS is fine to use now, but their video card warranty lacks what the other major nvidia partners has...
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    PCIe 2.0 card fried my PCIe 1 slot

    Your card does not send power to the motherboard, it's the other way around, so it's not the card that fried anything...
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    EVGA 8800 GS ....should i get it?

    Yeah, the definition of stream processors is slightly different between ATI and Nvidia...they cannot be compared on paper...performance is what you have to compare!
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    EVGA 8800 GS ....should i get it?

    9600gt is about on par with 3870, but often a tad cheaper - seems to be the card to get!
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    Got GTA IV but..

    I was so in debate about should I get it for my ps3 or 360...then I thought "this one will kill my 360"
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    EVGA 8800 GS ....should i get it?

    9600gt is a fair bit faster all around.
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    So when are we going to see the next 3dmark?

    Agreed, it's my favorite game! But aren't these synthetic benchmarks such as 3Dmark not as reliable as they were once thought to be? I mean, didnt the 2900xt beat the 8800gtx in 3dmark?
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    GX2 vs HD3870 X2?

    The 3870x2 is basically two 3870's...the 9800gx2 is basically two 8800GTs...not that they scale equally, but the 8800gt usually edges out ahead of the 3870 (the main factor in that battle was the price point at the time), and generally, the 9800gx2 edges out ahead of the 3870x2 (and outright...
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    Visiontek 512mb HD2600 Pro AGP 3DMark05/06 scores

    Reference to the last third of crysis, when there's snow and ice everywhere...brought my 8800 to a crawl :(
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    Visiontek 512mb HD2600 Pro AGP 3DMark05/06 scores

    QFT. Wait till it starts snowing...
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    Question regarding 8800 GT 512mg vs. 8800 GTS 320mg

    Even if it were the 640mb 8800GTS, you'd still be getting an upgrade :)
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    Chips not down at AMD: Despite layoffs and financial troubles, the future still ...

    Did not AMD completely deny the rumors of a 5% layoff about a month ago, only to layoff 10% now? I seem to recall an official response somewhere...
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    For MB that support 2 x PCI e (x16), can it run on XP Pro SP1?

    Why not just upgrade to SP2? Or are you a pirate, yarrr?
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    BFGTech GeForce 9800 GTX @ [H]

    Another g92 variant...these cards (new 8800gts included, maybe even 8800gt) should have been the 8900, not a new series...8900gt, gts, gtx, and gx2, leavint the old 8800's we get crappy new 9800s :(
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    9800 Ultra!! 1GB RAM!

    Soon they will release a really good version of the 9800, the 9800 pro! I know, beaten to death already...
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    Can someone with vista SP1 and the 3870x2 compare their results with [H]'s

    I thought [H] was all about going over the bleeding edge? I don't know about you, but when I research something, I want to know it's theoretical limits, whether practical or not, because that's the way I am. That's the way [H] is, has always been, and I hope continues to be. Sure, I don't own...
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    3 Nvidia 9800GX2 SLI Mode

    But most basic of all (as has been said) is the physical level: if you cannot physically connect three of them together, the rest of it is moot. Only 1 SLI connection on the 9800gx2.
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    Hex-SLI possible on 780/790 boards?

    Again, that and the fact that there is only 1 SLI connector on the 9800GX2...
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    Q6600 + 8800GTS (512MB) = 4500/5000 3DMark2006?

    bios flash mobo to newest version...or heck even the same version, should restore defaults!
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    Another "Real world" test of 3870X2

    *cough* 2900xt *cough*
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    7900 why no price drop?

    They are out of production, so they can no longer lower production price and costs and sell them for less. The reason why retailers don't lower the price, is even though it makes sense to sell your old inventory even at a loss to get rid of it (aint gonna sell it otherwise) the loss on paper...
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    Will Crysis hurt 9800GX2 and 3870X2 sales?

    How often does this question need to be asked: If maximum graphics isn't what you're about, maybe [H] isn't for you...[H] is about being [H]ardcore with your graphics and with your setup, none of this wishy washy "Gameplay is more important" crap :) Let's have a cheer for the bleeding edge!
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    512 GT vs. 512 GTS....

    The GTS has about 12.5% more SP's, so (all things being equal) the 8800gt would have to be clocked aggressively higher than the GTS for it to reach the same performance. An overclocked GTS and no way, because clock for clock the GTS will always be faster.
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    65nm BFGTech GeForce 8800 GTS OC 512MB @ [H]

    Same version, same price at ncix....don't support best buy/future shop!
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    65nm BFGTech GeForce 8800 GTS OC 512MB @ [H]

    Dunno if anyone has mentioned this, but NCIX has these new cards for 349.99 Canadian, and the 8800gt for 249.99 Canadian...both the stock and the Galaxy with the zalman-type cooler (both 512mb)...with 9.99 express shipping! (within canada...still, price does not look too bad, eh?)
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    RMA downgrade? Trying to decide what to do next, need input

    And don't let them tout it as being better because it can play DX10 games...the 8600gt isn't fast enough to run much anything in dx10.
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    Visiontek denies warranties to modders

    XFX and EVGA both are modder friendly (though voltmodding may void a warranty). BFG might also look the other way, haven't dealt with them for awhile.
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    65nm BFGTech GeForce 8800 GTS OC 512MB @ [H]

    If that's your opinion, then [H] is not for you :)
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    65nm BFGTech GeForce 8800 GTS OC 512MB @ [H]

    Egads I did....luckily those are same card, different memory (like the original 8800gts 640/320)...but now we have mixed up stream processors, texture units, etc...
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    65nm BFGTech GeForce 8800 GTS OC 512MB @ [H]

    Y'all should do an 8800 recap...comparing the performance of all the 8800 cards (old and new)...just way too confusing right now. How many 8800's are there? 8800gts 320mb 8800gts 640mb 96sp 8800gts 640mb 112sp 8800gt 8800gts 512mb 128sp 8800gtx 8800ultra ... so we have
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    Well, i now have a 8800GTS 640mb with 112SP

    The 112sp version should have performance a bit closer to the 8800gtx when compared to the old 8800gts...doesnt have as many texture units as the 8800gt though, so still doesnt compare to that.
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    Why can't I run gears of war 60fps?

    Again, there are quite a few...BF2 , BF2142, Command and Conquer, the Call of Duty games, Gears of War, Quake 4, Quake Wars, HALF-LIFE, Counter-strike: Source etc...tons of games.
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    Why can't I run gears of war 60fps?

    Lets not forget BF2/2142...i think they cap at 100 (or maybe it was 114 or something weird like that). EA games always have a cap it seems to me...