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    WVGlan Feburary 25th (Eugene, Oregon)

    That's right folks, once again, the good folks at Comfort Suites has graced us with a place to frag! The date is set, Feb 25th, 2011. Like always this is a B.Y.O.C. Event, but squatter boxes are available upon request for only $5.00 more. LAN is a recession friendly $10.00, and gaming...
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    Core i7 920 voltage question

    My google-fu is not working this morning... Can someone list the Reference voltages below for a C0 920. I'm BSODing @ 3.6 with everything on auto and ram underclocked to 1080 (1333 sticks.) The only voltage this board gives me is 1.224-1.232 on CPU Vcore... Cpu Voltage Cpu PLL Voltage...
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    GSOD and my 4850

    Recently updated my Catalyst Suite from 10.8 to to 11.6... and what was once a nice system decided to do some head spinning Linda Blair shit one me. Mind you, I've been seeing temps in excess of 80c so I recently cleaned out my rig to get temps back down, and make the house much less of a sauna...
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    EVGA GTX 590 Classified unboxing

    So I'm in the middle of finishing a build for a friend of mine, and thought I'd provide a few pics of what we're working with. The rest of the system will be posted in general hardware after we're done pushing the system and getting benches done. Before you "herp derp "the GTX 590, yes, he...
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    Core I3 530 OC help

    I currently have a I3 530 running @ 3.76 (170x22) and it just BSOD'd on me sitting @ the desktop. I can't for the life of me figure out why I can get anywhere close to 4ghz these things are capable of Using ASUS P7H55-M Motherboard BCLK - 170 DRAM freq - 1360 (can go up or down, it's DDR 1333...
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    Server Motherboards Question

    For both Intel and AMD... What are the max # of sockets that can fit on a single motherboard. I honestly don't know WHY, but I had a customer ask me this... and aside from TYAN, I don't think anything bigger than 4 for Intel and AMD is available. So I pointed him in that direction. I...
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    PATA SSD for old laptops

    I'm just wondering if there are any out there that aren't and arm and a leg. Have some old hardware (a Pentium M and Centrino Duo laptops) that I feel like having fun with, but without spending a ton. Looking to find some other places that might sell something bigger than 16GB for less than...
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    Get me past 4ghz

    Here's what I got now... Mobo is MSI X58 Platinum VCore is 1.360 @ 185x20 and 1.408 185x21 Cooler is a Cogage True Spirit Ram is OCZ DDR3-1333 (underclocked at the moment) Antec 650 Power supply and 4850 CF No sure what else you need...
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    C0/C1 920 and temps.

    So... after spending about a year on the intel stock cooler (served me well @ 3300/3465 Mhz) I got a Cogage True Spirit. I downclocked it to 20x150 and went about replacing the cooler. After booting up fine, I check the temp in the bios after 5 minutes. It seemed lower than with the intel...
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    From Geforce 9600 GSO... To Radeon 4850

    So I sold my Geforce 9600 GST 384MB card, (96 shader core,) for $60 to a guy who had smoked his 8400 (It's a BFG card but he removed the heatsink like a dumb a** so I don't think they'll RMA it,) and I was thinking I would have to save for 4890. ... and found this Sapphire 4850 on Craigslist 2...
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    Willamette Valley Gamers Monthly Lan Party!!! Who: Willamette Valley Gamers Where: Eugene, Oregon When: Saturday August 15th 10AM till Sunday August 16th when we pack up and leave. Who: 30+ seats available in First Come, First serve basis. Why: Do you have to really ask?!?!?!?! Games...
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    It's old but it's fater than her Prescott

    Long story, GF mobo died in a freek accident involving a Lanbox, a cat, and a misplaced beer. Friend a mobo and an X2 CPU. Unfortunatly the she stuck with a 3500+ single core. Which, while faster than the P4HT 3.0ghz, is only one core. So gents, money is tight and until I can clear funds for...
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    Help w/ GF's box

    So after much too long, I'm getting my GF's box running again. Right now here are the specs... Pentium 4HT 3.0 Intel 915 Mobo (OEM, Locked:mad:) 3GB DDR-400 Radeon 4850 Windows 7 RC This past weekend I took it to a lanparty to break it in and make sure nothing was wrong with it. It never once...
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    New Core I7 build.

    Hi [H], so I'm building a new gaming machine since I sold my rig (see sig,) and I have a working budget of 1500, so I'm looking to save as much money as possible (mail in rebates, combo specials, etc.) This a ground up build and I'm replacing everything, and want feedback... 1) What...
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    4830 XF @ 1680x1050?

    What the topic states... with 4830's @ $80 bucks (check [H]ot deals section) was thinking this would be a good way to go with my current system. (see sig) I think it would run faster than a single 4870 1GB card (1280 SP vs 800 SP) even given the lower memory and XF penalty. Pros/Cons...
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    Need LGA775 Advice

    Our cat killed my GF's computer... and since Newegg isn't stocking her motherboard (ABIT quit the mobo scene) decided to move her to Intel. I have everything necessary to put together her machine except the motherboard... and since her motherboard is blue themed (had an AN-M2 in there) I don't...
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    Tuniq Tower and LGA 1366

    Yes I googled for the information before I came here, but I'm hoping someone else as heard whether Sunbeam will be making an adapter for intels new socket or not. Would seem like a shame if I was only able to use this thing for 1 application. Thanks in advance.
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    GF's X2 3800+ Needs help

    Tried reseating her cpu cooler, yanked out the aluminum OEM cooler and put a copper core Cooler Master HS/fan combo on it. Can't keep the temps down... Also the 4850 she now has is Blisteringly hot, any one found a way to cool these cards yet? Thanks for the help.
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    Your thoughts on 9100e

    Quad core for half the price of Q6600. 1.8ghz but B2 Stepping. Have seen overclocks to 2.4 Ghz scoring about %10 slower @ that speed compared to Q6600. 3 things that stand out. A) It's a B2 stepping core which means TLB error (Which you won't run into) B) Q6600's can hit 3.0-3.6 Ghz for...
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    Server 2008 as Workstation.

    So I decided to give this a try... and the only issue I'm running into is i have 915g onboard graphics and there's no driver for it. All in all tho its...
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    Jumping ship to Intel, HELP!!!

    Well, I need some advice, and since I may be jumping ship to Intel Camp tomorrow, I could use a lot of it. A buddy of mine is buying my Rig (Deacon in sig) along with my Girlfriend's Video card (Gir) to jump into an SLI rig cheaply and quickly. I've never ran an Intel CPU. Honestly. Maybe...
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    Dell 1705 GPU upgrade

    Buddy of mine is interested in upgrading the 7800go in his Dell 1705 and wondered if there's anything more powerful for it. Crysis is running dog slow and that's the reason for the inquiry. Any links our information would be greatly helpful!!! :)
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    Need help finding cables for 9600 AIW.

    I'm putting together a couple machines for kinds and found a great deal on a couple 9600 AIW's. I picked them up and after the purchase, noticed they had an Odd connector on the bracket. It's not DVI or AGP and they're just bare cards. Could someone help me find a pair of replacement cables...
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    Help with Laptop DVD playback!!

    I have a Panasonic Toughbook CF-50... Pentium 4M 2.0 ghz, 512 Ram, Ati Radeon 7500 Mobility and I can't get the dang DVD to play without skipping. I was wondering if anyone would have some ideas as to why this is happening? I know it should playback fine... but task manager pegs 100% when I...
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    MSI K9N SLI... No phenom support >:(

    Well, that seals the deal on this Motherboard. :eek: And after I finally got happy with the damn thing, MSI decides to NOT put out a bios that supports Phenom CPU's even after other 570 Chipsets do. :confused: I just don't get it... what should I do.... :mad: Suggestions and Advice would be...
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    Quick question about a 3500+

    Trying to get my GF's CPU to a decent speed. Right now it's @ 240x11 for 2.640ghz @ 1.40v. What's the safest voltage i can push this CPU (I believe stock is 1.35v) to get the cpu stable @ 250x11 for 2.750Ghz. Honestly, 240FSB is stable, and 250 is almost there... only locking up after about...
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    Got this... now what.... Ideas? NSF56x

    Now I'm no where near working this thing into a mod. I'm just looking for ideas for something crazy. What would you do? before the tear down Left Side Right Side Rear shot Drives... lotsa drives ...and after gutting And one for the [H]orde
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    Upgrade Advice

    Just loooking for advice.... Gir (in my sig) is my Girlfriend's computer and I'm looking for some input for which route to take. I know INTEL is kicking butt right now but I have parts to throw an AM2 based machine together (only lacking the motherboard.) So should I go with the original plan...
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    Returning Folder

    I'm not sure how many people remember me, but I'm folding again for team 33. Not that I folded for any other team mind you. I just had to stop due to IRL circumstances. So far I've gotten 8 WU's done this week with more machines coming online as I have time to get them running. Here's my...
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    Props to XFX

    I just want to share my recent experience with XFX . I purchased a 7900GT from Newegg around april of last year. This card had already been RMA'd once and replaced, and the new card started experiencing the same artifacting as the first card did. I pulled it out of my rig around Mid March and...
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    Looking to build GF a gaming rig

    With uncle sam giving us a hefty sum back from taxes, I'm looking to build a new system for my GF. I know, I know, seems like I have all this information at my fingertips here at the [H], but I'm still lost as to what should go in my GF's new rig... her machine is GIR in my signature. I'm...
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    Questions about A7N8X

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    Just throwing an idea out there...

    I was reading about the Samsung Hybrid HDD and how they're attaching a 1GB Flash Drive to it, thinking to my self about todays drives with 2, 8, or 16 MB Cache for data and all... and thought "Why couldn't they just attach a Sodimm slot to the drive, and integrate the controller into the PCB of...
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    Swap HDD Platters

    I have two 2.5 inch hard drives I'm attempting to swap platters on. Yes, I've already voided the warranties and took them apart. :) But the problem I'm having is how to stop the platter from turning when taking it off the spindle. Around the screw are 4 holes that I can use as a stop, I don't...
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    Building a P-M desktop: need advice.

    Got a laptop that had been dropped off a forklift and landed on it's airbus card, destroying the PCMCIA slots... and the motherboard unfortunately. Only things salvageable were the CPU - Intel Pentium-M SL6F8, the WLAN adaptor, drives and battery. The WLAN, drives and battery I'm going to use...
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    Spread Sprectrum ARRRGH!!!!

    Been woking with this MSI K9N Ultra SLI since I got it... and while I was getting decent CPU overclocks, the memory has always been WAY underclocked and I could never figure out why till tonight. Found these three settings enabled in the bios... CPU/LDT Spread Sprectrun PCIE Spread...
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    Notebook Overclocking

    Got a Panasonic CF-48 (P4M 1.8, Radeon 7500 Mobile, ddr-2100) and was wondering if this thing is overclockable? Been searching for ways to wring more power out if it. I've tried looking for tweaks and searched the forums to no avail... thanks in advance
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    Newest drivers on old mobility

    Anyone have or know where I can find the patch that allows desktop Catalyst drivers on Radeon Mobility chips? I have an Mobility M6 that I'd like to get running better. I did it on another laptop and much to my suprise, allowed me to run WoW, GTA:SA, and Gal. Civ. 2 thanks in advance
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    AM2 Overclock: What Am I doing wrong?

    The system is Deacon in the sig. Now...Here's the temps and speeds different componets are set at. Cpu @ 2750 (11x250) Vcore 1.525v (normal vcore for this speed?) Mem @ 305.5 Mhz (cpu/9 and Vmem @ 2.1v O_O ) So I love the system @ the speed it is, 3 problems tho... i think the...