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    All Yamaha Recievers on Sale @ Newegg: RX-V667 $500 with free $150 Newegg GC

    These deals all come with Newegg gift cards. Almost as good as cash since they can be converted to computer part. :D R-S3000: $279.99 - $80 GC RX-V467: $299.99 - $50 GC...
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    RIAA is now suing dead people I am surprised this hasn't gotten very much plublicity. Not only did they sue someone who is dead, but it is a woman who hates computers. Doing something like this leaves a lot of credibility for thier evidence in thier other lawsuits.
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    UPS managment software.

    I am wondering if there is any good 3rd party windows software (perferably free) for managing UPS battery backup units. I know most units come with software, but I have both an APC and a Belkin unit connected to my computer and would like a little less bloated solution.
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    Name this part.

    Can anyone tell me what this is? It is out of an amp made in the late 70s to early 80s. Sorry the numbers don't show too well they are L24.
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    Wire Wrapping

    I am looking for a wire wrapping/unwrapping tool to fix a vintage amp I recieved. The only problem is all of the wire wrapping tools I have seen start at $60. There is one at radio shack for $7.50, but it is only for 30 gage wire, and the wire in this amp is 24 gage. Does anyone know where I can...