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    2x980 Ti, 4670k, R9 290 and more! 1 day auction

    Hey all, deploying soon and I need to get rid of all of this stuff. List of things for auction. With the exception of the 980ti, everything else is used. 2 x MSI GTX 980 Ti 6G Gaming, 1 new 1 used 1 x Intel i5 4670k 1 x Gigabyte R9 290 Windforce 1 x EVGA GTX 760 2gb w/ ACX cooler 1 x...
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    Ripping audio from realplayer?

    I have to listen to a few CDs worth of music for a class I'm taking but they can only be accessed via internet and streamed through realplayer. Is there anyway I can rip them to my computer and throw them on my mp3 player?