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    Pennzoil Gold 5w-30 synblend $0.87 clearance

    Pennzoil Gold 5w-30 synblend $0.87 clearance Pennzoil BLEND5-30 - Motor Oil | O'Reilly Auto Parts
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    ATI drivers and cpu usage

    I remeber that there was a trick with 9.4 or something drivers so that when folding it didn't suck down so much CPU but I was wondering has there been any fixes in the newer drivers so that i can upgrade?
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    ati gpu. not getting any work units now

    as the title states it looks like im not getting work units, anyone with ati clients getting the same problem?
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    fahmon and notfred

    after following the guide and getting the notfreds up i can't get fahmon to monitor them. EDIT: smp2 is checked for virtual machine
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    F@H permanent cpu affinity settings?

    everytime my smp or 2 gpu clients get a new wu i end up having to set the affinity on the client that just got the new wu. is there any way to set it and forget it?
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    problem with FAH gpu client and dual 4850s

    i setup the GPU client exactly like in the guide (dual 4850's) but after it completes a work unit or 2 both clients stay stuck @ 0/0 unless i close both instinces of fah and reopen them with the shortcuts and some times that doesn't work and i have to delete the work folder to get it to download...
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    error 43

    I don't know what is going on but anything above 8.11 will not work with crossfire. 8.12 and hotfix, 9.1 9.2 9.3 9.4 and 9.4 hotfix give me the error below. I am not sure what else to do other than be stuck with 8.11
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    broke 500,000 points f@h

    took me long enough but now that im folding with ati it got there in a matter of months
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    avoid DFI ?

    I needed to RMA my motherboard ( and it was returned because dfi is "closed" :mad: My question is DFI going out of buisness?
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    LANPARTY UT 790FX-M2R bios warning

    Flashed my bios with the most recent offical Dec 08 bios because of planning to get a phenom II and now the lan ports are dead. Went to DFI support forums and its a know issue but they won't pull the bios. :mad: Reflashing does not fix my issue because it does not change the first row of code...
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    OCZ Platinum 4GB (2 x 2GB) DDR2 1066 $57.99 after MIR Original Price: $129.99 You Save: $42.00 $ 87.99 $57.99 after $30.00 Mail-In Rebate :eek: i bought 2 kits @ the original price back in june
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    interesting problem

    I can boot and do anything with this drive in its system but once i open computer management this is what i see. now if i put this drive into my main rig i cannot access it as it does not have a drive letter but in the original system it has a drive letter and i can read and write.
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    gpu clent uneven load on crossfire.

    I was checking out ccc and noticed that my main card is running about 90% load and the 2nd card is only running about 30% load. This is with dual 4850's in crossfire.16x and 8x my question is this normal? EDIT:btw pics if u require them...
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    need another set of ram

    as u can see below im running 1066 2.35v geil but it killed my phenom. newegg was advertising the ram @ a lower voltage and i didn't catch it in time and they are doing return shipping and full refund for another set. so what i need is a set of ram that has good timings @1066 and under 2.2v...
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    mem voltage kill cpu?

    can running high voltage to memory kill a phenom? the other day my system hung and would never post after that. so today i took my system to a buddys house and put his dual core athlon in and it boots up. put my phenom in his board and system won't post. the memory i have is geil 1066 ddr2 @...
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    vista64 and sb600

    i just built the system in my sig but i cannot get vista to install. im having trouble installing the raid drivers. i have tried with the supplied floppy and even downloaded the latest drivers from DFI's site to no avail. i have 2 wd 150gb raptors in raid 0 on sata1 & 2 2 wd 1tb gp drives...
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    im back in the mix

    check sig :D
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    Retail warranty on oem drives?

    i purchased 3 new oem drives from newegg and when i registered the serial numbers it said 3 years on the 1tb drive and 5 years on the raptors :eek: so did WD screw up?
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    server loose last few days of posts?

    i donno whats going on but post from the last 2 days r showing up as new and the most recent stuff is gone.
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    anyone know whats going on with this board? everywhere i have found it is out of stock. :mad: only the places that have a huge price tag have it :mad:
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    right bios savior model

    anyone know the right ioss rd1 bios savior that will work in a dfi lp ut 790fx-m2r? I bought the rd1-lpc8 thinking thats what it needs but im not sure
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    GeIL DDR2

    I was wondering if this was a good set of ram to go with the phenom system im going to build. im want to go with this ram because of the red heat spreaders which will match my red theme where as the Gskill equivalent is blue :(
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    oem 1TB WD GP $199.99 free shipping

    oem 1TB WD GP $199.99 free shipping also don't forget this
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    AM2+ HSF recomendations

    I have everything ready to order except the HSF. Since the Phenoms are running really Hot i was wondering what can cool this beast with an internal nuclear reactor. :p I'm not interested in C2D recommendations so please respond to my question as I have asked it.
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    3rd build

    in the next few weeks im thinking of building this: im looking for suggestions on HSF, andLian Li case/fans, everything else is already boing to be ordered
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    understanding Western Digital GP drives

    I am making this thread for those that still do not understand that Western Digital's GP line of drives do not change their RPM. "For each GreenPower drive model, WD uses a different and invariable RPM. Throughout the product line, RPM ranges between 5400 and 7200" Western Digital...
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    warm? Acer Aspire 4520-5950 Laptop

    got junk mail from walmart today that had the Acer Aspire 4520-5950 Laptop listed @ $498 between the dates March 2-8 2008.
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    playing with old hardware

    well since im playing the phenom wait game i decided to overclock an AXP chip out of a cousin's oem computer that fried a mobo. so far i have hit 2.4ghz but it hits a wall about 2450Mhz @ 1.95v ill have a cpuid up soon as i find my best multi and fsb combo
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    uhhhhhhh did i just score?

    found a gutted dell system on the side of the road and inside was mobo, psu and this below. so if this rams works how much should i rip my buddy off since he is horney over RDR ram and p4?
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    Free Kobalt 6 in 1 screwdriver!

    Fill out the info, check your email, print the coupon, and get a freebie from Lowes.
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    socket AM3 so it looks like 09 b4 AM3 comes out. discuss....
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    posible silicon image limit?

    just purchased a sata 1 TB western digital hard drive but when the system is posting it detects the drive but doesn't show drive capacity and the system hangs there with a blinking cursor. unplug the drive and restart the system and it boots up. my 320GB western digital drive has no problems as...
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    AM2 people ?

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    AM2 people ?

    can any of u that have AM2 and an old socket A 4 bolt HSF or water block c if the holes are in the same place?
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    AMD Accelerate

    one year subscription to AMD Accelerate. priority code is WRP004
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    our military is switching to AMD!!!!!!!!!!

    during my weekend drill i had the pleasure of setting up HPs /w A64s in them!!!!!!!! GOOD BYE DELL AND UR CRAPY PARTS. now to get the server rooms 2 get Opteron servers. any other service members here with AMD systems @ ur unit?
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    case badge anyone know the quality of this badge?
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    amother dell and AMD article
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    AMD and stock prices is it me or is it a good time to buy into amd?
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    G.Skill GH overclocking

    :( this pc3200 2x515 doesn't like high voltage and 210 is all i can mustard. (cf)Eclipse what do u say?