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    Troubleshooting help, new PC

    So I just upgraded to sandy bridge with a new build: i5 2500 Asus p8p67 4x2GB Corsair DDR3 1600mhz 1.65v GTX 275 (from old system) WD Raptor 300GB So my comp boots fine, installs windows, then when I get into windows It restarts on me. This has taken anywhere from 10seconds to 2...
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    So I've got a NEC 20WMGX2 and a Viewsonic VX2260...

    The NEC broke and I just got back a refurb, I got the viewsonic in the mean time to tide me over and to see if I like the bigger screen which I do... But the NEC is a lot nicer (S-IPS vs TN) If I wanted to go bigger and keep the same quality as the NEC would you guys suggest the HP (H-IPS)...
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    Possible honey pot sending out **** and getting our email server blocked?

    Ok So at the end of the day today a bunch of people (when sending emails outside the domain) started getting these messages Your message did not reach some or all of the intended recipients. Subject: test Sent: 6/18/2008 9:04 PM The following recipient(s) cannot be reached...
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    How many netgear switches can I chain together?

    Office is expanding into an area with no connectivity...going to need to have multiple computers hooked up in different rooms. Will I run into any issues with this? Thanks
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    Hardware causing BSOD???

    Heres the error I get (i'm on vista 64). Problem signature: Problem Event Name: BlueScreen OS Version: 6.0.6000. Locale ID: 1033 Additional information about the problem: BCCode: 1000007e BCP1: FFFFFFFFC0000005 BCP2: FFFFF80001C5DB11 BCP3: FFFFF98000E7F428 BCP4...
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    Didn't realize the GT's were coming out so soon...

    And i just ordered a GTX :( (in the mail should be here tomorrow) After rebate it was $480 Should I return it and buy a GT? The max resoulution I play at is 1650x1080. I really can't decide. And I have a 680 SLI mobo...soooooo I could get two eventually. Ahhhhhhhh please...
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    Your favorite Vista tweaks?

    I just got 64bit Business up and running and updated. whats next?
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    Looking for an mp3 player...

    I'd like on with the following: Lots of space (60gb) and not too clunky. I don't need a color screen/movies or pictures...just music. Does anything like that exist? Edit: I could almost get a 160GB ipod classic, but i refuse to use itunes. Can't you replace the UI in an ipod with...
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    How is the ASUS P5N32?

    I plan on running it with an E6850 until penryn where I will most likely go quad core. I will be OC'n, but not to the limits of my system. Thanks
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    Can XP handle 2x 2GB

    I want to dual boot vista 64 and xp 32... can xp handle 2 sticks of 2GB ram?
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    A good second monitor...

    OK I have a NEC 20" widescreen which is amazing for games and whatnot, but not so good on movies. I'm looking for a 19"-20" monitor thats really good with videos etc. And isn't all that expensive. Any recommendations?
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    Best 7900 GT?

    Are there really a lot of RMA issues with this card? I was thinking either the BFG eVGA or XFX card. Thanks
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    Sideways Hard Drives...

    In my Lian li PC 70 my HDDs are stored sideways, is this bad? I used to have occasional system pauses and clicks but ever since I took the Hard Drives out and have them laying flat, they've been ok. Whats the verdict?
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    Toshiba Gigabeat S

    Anyone have one of these yet? I'm considering it just becuase it looks to be small and the 60 GB's of space is awesome. There aren't many reviews out yet though. How is the sound quality/battery life? Thanks.
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    Quota Managing software

    Ok so M$' quota manager doesnt support groups...lame Does anyone use any quota managers that support groups? I'm looking for a manager that will do quotas on a per volume basis, support groups, and is very cost efficient. Thanks!
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    Beep Stutter....beeep stutter....beep stutter....

    So i just got back from a 6 hour trip home and i fired my computer up. Everything seems fine until i fire up google earth (the first thing I did) Now I'll hear a beep from my case (randomly, its not in any sort of sequence) and then my computer will pause for a half second. It happens...
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    adding the "s" to the end of http

    I'm running an apache server on redhat 9 that i would like to secure.... do i need to implement SSL/TLS to get that s to show up or am i making things harder than they really are?
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    Executing a .run file

    I have a UT2K4 demo i need to install on my redhat system, although i dont know what the usage is for the .run extension. thanks
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    My wireless keep dropping signals...

    I have the linksys WRT54G, and my lapbot is sitting 5 feet away from it. I keep losing connections :( Firmware Version: v3.03.1 I have WPA setup with the PSK using TKIP and i'm filtering by my lapbots mac. Its getting real annoying
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    How much could I get for my Compaq V2000?

    I just got it a month ago and although i love the lapbot I like the fujitsu P7000 better (it also suits my needs more) are the specs... 1.6 GHz P M centrino 512 ram (1x512 stick) 60 GB 5400 rpm The bright screen feature Thats basically all that i had customized.
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    Patch Strategies?

    From a Systems Administrators standpoint what do you decides to patch (OS, apps, firmware), and when (monthly, weekly)? Do you save the patches and patch the systems all at once when users arent around or do you patch the systems right as new patches come out? I guess i'd just like to know...
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    Data retrevial question...

    Ok so a friend of mine spilled milk near to her labtop and it got into the hard drive bay and damaged the connectors for the HD. So the data is still in the HD but the connectors dont work... Is there a place you can send the HD to to get the data off of it?
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    Computer wont start, weird beeps...

    Ok so i was testing some of my friends hardware on my comp (ram, HD +PSU) i first plugged his HD to test it, then put his ram in my mobo and everything worked, then i tried his PSU on some core components of my comp (vid card, HD's + dvd rom) and when i turned it on my comp just has long...
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    6800 in a 2X AGP slot

    How much of a performance hit will i get since its not and AGP 8x slot?
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    Removing the BFG 6800 GT heatsink...

    I have the new version of the card and i'm trying to install a NV silencer for it. I can't get the copper heatsink of though, anyone know how?
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    Arctic Cooling: "NV silencer 5 is ready...."

    I emailed these guys abou their cooling options for the 6800 line and this is what i got back... The NV Silencer 5 is already released. Best Regards ___________________________________ Magnus Huber if its released where can i get one?
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    Other cooling options for the 6800 GT

    So the new BFG fan aint all it cracked up to be and i was wondering what else i can do to keep my card cooler. I know a lot of companies make video card cooling packages but will they fit my card?
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    Best prog fro OC'n ?

    I've got a gainward 5900 ultra so i figured i'd finally ge tmy moneys worth and OC my card.
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    Question about SATA data loss

    i think i'm getting some crazy data loss on my SATA drives. I have dual 120 gigs using the SATA raid and a 40 gig that my system is on that uses Ultra ATA. When i dowload stuff to my E: drive (one of the SATA 120's) i usually transfer it to a specific folder (ie music goes in the music folder...
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    AMD 3000 barton 333fsb

    Is it worth it to overclock this? It runs around 46 C.
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    Overclocking guide for a 5900 ultra?

    I've got the gainax model and i heard its good for overclocking, i just haven't gottena round to overclocking it. A firend of mine uses powerstrip is that good?
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    weird long beep when computer starts up....

    Right when the windows XP thing comes up my computer will go beeeeep beeeeeep and keep doing that until i restrart, then its fine. If i restart it doesn't happen everythings fine. I leave my comp on most of the time so its not a big problem but i think i might have some kind of connection...
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    Anyone have experience with Voodoo Laptops?? they look really nice, the m335 has upgradable graphics and the m460 is just really thin and really really powerful. What do u guys think?
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    Onboard sound vs Audigy 2?

    I've got a Abit Nfs-2 and its nvidia soundstorm certified, sometimes in games the sound will get real crackly (newr games like Max Payne 2, farcry demo, and silent storm) Would an audigy 2 correct this? is it a lot better? I also just got some logitech THX speakers(5.1) would they be better...