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    Ugh, did I get a bum Sapphire 7870? (pic inside)

    This computer is nearly two weeks old, done the usual (safe) tests, PSU mobo and everything checks out fine but two times in its short life has it locked up in a way that made the sound continue for a tiny little and then start looping, looking like this: Once was in Battlefield 3...
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    5770 getting stuck in a downclock upclock loop from fullscreen video?

    ASUS 5770, MSI K9A2 CF latest bios, Phenom II X2 550, M-Audio 24/96, Win7x64 - No overclocks no nothing. The system simply gets set to chug when it's triggered. Cat center says the GPU usage is at 99%, a lot of waiting&loading dialogues come and go while the card downclocks and upclocks, from...