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    Congrats to Agrikk

    You're in the NSZ. Props!
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    KVM question of the day

    [H]orde, I'm expecting delivery of a ATEN Masterview Pro 8 Port KVM that I recently won on eBay. I don't have any cables for it yet, and was wondering if anyone knows if the DB25 connector on the ATEN has the same pin assignments as on the Avocent, etc? Anyone have a clue? I've been...
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    Build more boxen

    Here's another good deal from our friends at Newegg... If you're a rebate fan, Newegg has a socket-A mATX motherboard for $9.99 after rebates. Info courtesy of The Inquirer.
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    Bring on the cool weather

    OK, I wanted some cool weather but yesterday was a biatch! Here in Anchorage there's leaves on most of the trees, and we get our first snowfall and its heavy wet snow. All the trees start getting weighed down with snow and next thing you know... The first power outage only lasted four...
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    Treading on thin ice

    SWMBO met Lorentz last night. Lorentz is the latest member of Chez Chugiak, a dual proc mobo running a single AXP 1800+ modded to MP. It would be running two but I somehow borked one of the processors and it boots to the BLACK screen of death. :rolleyes: So anyhoo, she says with some degree...
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    A belated wave to Lanobarth

    beeb, beep, passing on the left Now maybe I can draft fast enough to catch pyramid before Celerator or Dr. Cleetus catches me.