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    Clash of Clans

    So I am 100% addicted to this game. I swear it's like virtual crack. It's on both iOS and Android. Go download it and start playing Feel free to join my clan update Helios Rising is the clan now
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    Which case?

    I am in the market for higher end case. I'm sick of my old one and it's about time I guess something a little nicer. I've done research on all of these, and I think no matter what I'd be pretty happy, but I'd like to make sure I get the best case for my new build. These are the few that...
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    Which p45

    I'm looking to get a P45 board for a build I'm starting. I'll be looking to do some overclocking, Hopefully pushing to the 3.8-4.0 range. ( yes I know, everything overclocks different, and I might get nothing.) I could end up running Xfire, and I'll likely fill all four slots with 2GB ram...
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    Best config for multi monitors

    I'm looking to get some new displays pretty soon, and would like to run either tri or quad displays. Am I better off getting a 4850x2 to drive them all, or getting 2x 4870's? I will be running XP for now, but I see vista in the near future. Also it will be 2x 24" and 2x 20" monitors.
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    Just got some 775 parts, Got a few questions

    My buddy stopped over today, and brought some toys for me to play with. Asus Maximus Formula and a Q9450. I haven't played with an Intel system since my old skt 478 system.You could say i'm out of the loop. Hence I have a few questions. 1. I had read a few things about being able to link...
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    Need help picking new CPU

    Have the Opteron 170 seen in sig. It's feeling a little long in the tooth, and i'm basically in a dead socket now. I've decided to come back to Intel for this upcoming build. Any proc i buy at stock speeds need to crush this opty. I've been looking at the 6750, 6850 figuring they would likely do...
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    Question for 8800gtx owners

    So i decided to go out and buy the GTX. I installed it last night, but i've noticed a few odd little things, not sure if it's something i did, or if it's a common issue. first i use two displays, i've used ultramon for the longest time, over the change of three graphics cards, and i've always...
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    STALKER won't run

    So here is an interesting one. I buy the game, install it, use a cd key and everything...i go to run the game, and it will not open. I thought it might just be a bad disk to i uninstall, return, get a new game....same problem My system is gonna enough to handle the game so what gives?
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    Triple monitor options

    I've been using my two dell 2001fp for the last few years and they are pretty nice. However i think that i am ready to step up to three displays. I found a some sweet ergotron stands that i will buy to mount the displays with. I've decided to move away from dell, and i am looking at some...
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    Need some optical drives

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    odd problem

    I'm putting the finishing touches on a system for my buddy and i've run into a odd problem. I feel like the answer is likely pretty simple but for some reason i am missing it. I plugged in the 160GB (Dell) Raptor...and it just kept searching for it, i couldn't find it to install windows...
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    Thinking about Intel again

    So my friend is having me build a system for him, and he wanted it based off the latest and greatest. From my understanding C2D are putting a hurt on AMD at the moment. Problem is i've been using AMD and have not kept up on Intel at all. So it seems the E6600 is one of the more sought after...
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    How sould i set these up?

    I've ripped a few systems apart, and got some extra drives now. I am going to put them into some systems i got but i'm unsure on how i will set everything up. i have. 1x 150GB Raptor 1x 160GB (Dell) Raptor 4x 250GB Western Digital drives (all above are 16mb) 1x 200 WD drive (8 mb...
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    Stacker 810

    Quick question, i know this case is rather popular for watercooling, for those of you that chose to mount the rad up front in the drive bays what did you use to secure it?
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    Planning on joining up.

    Ok so i understand the whole DC and what F@H is for. Seems like a very good cause. I downloaded it, and i seem to have set everything up just fine. I recall the client only uses your spare CPU cycles correct? Right now it's using something like 50-60% so i try and go do a cpu intensive task...
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    general storage comp.

    i've gone through an upgrade cycle and i will be taking my old computer and making it a more for general use and bulk storage. I will likely keep all my music, pics, and movies on this comp. I might do some light gaming and it will be used for day to day stuff like email and web surfing and...
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    how hard is it to make a top blowhole in a case? What's involved and how long might it take? Can it be done by someone with very little experience in modding ?
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    got a few questions on this board.

    i just got my DFI-SLI-DR board today. I'm pretty happy first time with DFI and i hope it's a positive one. now i have a few questions: i notice there are jumpers for SLI which my last board did not have, i use multi monitors and only turn on SLI when i game via the nvidia control pannel...
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    How should i set everything up here.

    Ok so here is my situation. I'm back from college and now have all my stuff in one place. i have like 4 computers I need to find a way to make this all work. i want to find a good solution to getting everyone online. To start the cable modem is in my room. i just picked up a linksys wrt54gs...
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    Chipset fan for DFI SLI-DR

    i've been told the stock fan is very very loud. i'm looking to replace it, i've seen the evercool fan that was ment for video quiet is that? Are there other coolers out there i should look into?
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    swiftech apex ultra

    To the people that have this kit could you post your set up with idle and load temps. Also if you have any pics that would be great too. I'm trying to decide if i want to buy this full kit, or just build something myself. For those that will tell me to go the DIY route, please...
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    Trying to make a choice on a case.

    I'm basically down to two cases. Just trying to get more input. i will most likely end up getting a watercooling kit down the road. So that is one of the main factors in choice...but it needs to have good cooling options just incase i stick with air for awhile. either one a better...
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    Ok so my raptor decided to be awesome and stop working...normally i would just rma the drive and be done with is the problem, i have a research paper on it that i need, and i really really do not want to write the whole thing over again. what can i do to get this data....i only need...
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    I need a new set of headphones, girlfriend just stepped on my old ones and they are now broke. Yes she is paying for the new ones :) They are only for my computer, mostly gaming, but i'll listen to music on em too. i don't want to spend much more than maybe $175 less is better. What does...
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    Is there any difference?

    I was looking at these drives, and as far as i can tell it's pretty much the same drive, just one being bigger. Have i missed something? Would there be any performace difference?
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    Help with a motherboard

    I am looking for a very stable, SLI MB. i'm not too impressed with the overclocking on the board i have, and i think this opty 170 has a lot more headroom before it hits a wall. I know DFI is usually regarded as the best overclocking boards, but i'm not too familar with their product...
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    What temps are you getting with the Scythe Ninja?

    i'm just wondering what temps other people are getting with this heatsink. At stock settings for my Opty 170 these are my average temps, sometime a bit higher, sometimes a bit lower. IDLE = 32C LOAD = 43C i will add overlclocked results later, as i am re testing. Loading is...
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    question about SP2004

    Well i'm not 100% sure where to post this, but i figured it's a tool for testing overclocking so good enough right? Well i decided to check out SP2004 and i like the interface alot better than prime 95, it seems to take all the normal tasks and put it right there in an easy to read manor...
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    Thinking about watercooling...could use some help

    i really don't have much knowledge about water set ups, but i'm thinking i might need it for my opty, i think with better cooling i could get it to 3.0ghz I've been looking at the gigabyte 3d galaxy...
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    Need a new case, could use some input.

    I've already become bored, and i feel the need to build another computer, i have the P180 and it's pretty nice, all of the slight issues aside, but i think i want something different for the next one. I kinda like this case...
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    trouble with my raptor

    i just bought a raptor 150, and when i try to install windows on it nothing happens, if i try to just use it as a second hard drive my system hangs at post. Have i missed something or is it just a bad HD?
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    Zalman 9500 or Scythe Ninja

    With all things considered ( price, performace, noise, looks, ease of installation) which would you choose? and why?
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    Multi Displays

    For those of you out there that have 3 or do you set em up? As in their position. as of right now i have primary in the middle with the 2nd on the right and the 3rd on the left. that pretty much the norm?
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    Hard drive won't reach full capacity

    my drive only formatted to 128GB... i installed SP2 and went to the diskpart to extend the says the volume is not valid for extending....WTF I have my storage drive on the same system, and it's formatted to it's full size...what gives?
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    Could use some help with my OC.

    Well i got my system together and i want to see what's it's made of. I'm a first time AMD user, and alot of the settings are different from my old Intel MB. I'll most likely need a but of help with this one. I am kinda hoping someone with similar hardware can help me through this, and let me...
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    What to do with drives

    I had thought about getting a raptor and then my 2500js hard drive. I never ended up getting the raptor but got 2 of the 250gb drives. How should i set them up. RAID 0 RAID 1 ...totally seperate? Buy two more and go 0+1? I i used to do is have to 80's in a RAID 0 and then a 200 GB for...
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    A8N SLI Premium sound

    I haven't set it all up yet, but i was wondering how bad the onboard sound was. If i can i was thinking about skipping out on the sound card this time. I know sound cards are nicer and save CPU cycles, but honestly i'm not really too worried about it at this point. What does everyone think...
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    Antec P180 Fans

    I know alot of people are using different fans in this case. I am interesting in why people are switching them out and what they are using in place. So what fans did you put in, how many? Any changes in the normal Airflow direction e.g using the top fan as an intake rather than exhaust...
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    I am looking for a good antivirus program...Free would be nice. I'm sick of paying for norton. Also wondering what Spy/Ad ware programs everyone is using. I have Ad-Aware. But i feel like it doesn't get everything.
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    Power cables under MB?

    I just got my p180 and i want things to look neat on the inside. Can i run a power cable under the MB? I'm looking to run the ATX12V under my A8N, so i can keep it out of sight, maybe one or two fan wires aswell... can this be done? anything i should look out for when doing so?