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    Senior Design Project

    I'm a senior in electrical engineering at my university. I'm in a group of four friends, three EE's and one computer engineer. We will spend one semester designing our project and the next building it. We are looking at a few projects, but I was wondering if anyone had any neat ideas. We...
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    Dell Inspiron 9200

    I'm not a very big laptop guy, but with so many projects requiring matlab and pspice at school, I decided a laptop would be very helpful. I looked around for a week or two finding not only the best laptop for my needs, but also something easy on the eyes. I've never been a big Dell fan...
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    Ipod trouble - won't restore

    Here's my problem : I bought a broken 15GB on ebay (hard drive was bad) and replaced the hard drive with a 40GB. Little did I know, the 40GB wouldn't fit. I sold the 40GB on ebay and got a 20GB. For some reason, when I try to restore it to factory defaults, it restores successfully then...
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    ATI Tool Fan Control Problem (X800 pro)

    I had my X800's fan running at 70% for a couple days, and all of a sudden, 10 minutes ago, my fan stopped (didn't die). Needless to say the card got extremely hot and froze my system. I turned my comp back on and found my card temp at 75C Idle (and I'm thinking.. this isn't a 6800 wtf!). At...
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    LCD Mod - simple problem

    I got my LCD and it powers on great. The problem lies with me being able to convert RCA into something useful. Does anyone have any links to some adapters/converters that will allow me to plug directly into my DVI or VGA? Thanks!
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    VPU Recover

    What exactly is it ? It seems to me to be a tool by ATI to keep people from overclocking. Is it safe to turn it off ? Thanks :)
  7. J

    Gigabyte K8NSPRO PCI Lock Problem

    Well, topic pretty much says it all. I don't have a PCI lock in ClockGen. Is there one in the bios? I haven't had any time really to check. Thanks for any help.
  8. J

    Converting AC -> DC

    Can anyone link me to a good picture of a circuit? I'm having no luck :(
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    AMD 64 Memory Question

    Will I be taking a huge performance hit by having 2X256 instead of 1X512?
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    Quick X800 Question

    Does the new family of cards have the same layout as the 9800's? I have a waterblock that covers the memory and gpu. I'm going to be buying one of the new X800's and I would like to know if I need to buy a new block as well. Thanks!
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    What begins with "I" and ends in "p"

    I fucked up. I was messing around with a new test rig with specs : Intel 3.0E 800Mhz FSB Abit IC7-G MAX2 512MB OCZ PC3700 (2X256) Sapphire Radeon 9800 Pro 256MB Well, I OC'd the cpu to 3.15Ghz no problem stable on stock air. I got a little cocky and went for 3.3Ghz. I started 3DMark2003 SE...
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    Sapphire 9800 pro 256MB

    Well, in the "Average Joe Video Card" sticky thread, it said the 9800 pro 256MB is the same as the 9800 xt but underclocked. If you look at the two boards : 9800 pro 9800 xt...
  13. J

    ASUS A7N8X-Deluxe problem

    Plain and simple : when I turn on the machine it beeps a shitload. beep, beep, beep. looking around on asus's site, i can't find much, downloading the manual as I type. Anyone have this problem (no video at boot either).
  14. J

    OC AMD 64 3000+ Problem

    I have it oc'd to 2.15Ghz atm, but when i go to 2.2Ghz, my computer reboots randomly. (at 2.15 its stable though). I was wondering if it's because I haven't given the cpu any extra voltage? Is the comp restarting because the cpu isn't getting enough power? Any reccomendations are...
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    My review of ATI Radeon 9800 Pro AIW

    At the turn of the year, I figured it was about time to upgrade from my Intel P4 2.6C to an AMD 64. I bought the Gigabyte K8NNXP Motherboard, AMD 64 3000+ (I know I know, shoulda got the 3200 but whatcha gonna do ;( ), and 512MB PC3700 OCZ 2.5-4-4-7 RAM. I decided to still use my Gainward...