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    no video but everything seems to post

    Ok I have this p3 and mobo and 512 ram, cheap 8mb vid card (with tv out), 160hdds, nic, sound card, old psu. Now when i turn on the computer the video does not send a signal. No beeps everything powers on but the monitor acts like there is no computer turned on (it does recognized its...
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    video games don't breed violence

    PBS found this interesting, but not surprising. Just some nice things to know next time you are told that violent games are the downfall of human existence. JEEVES
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    VFD problems

    Ok I have been stumped :confused: . I have a noritake 64x128 graphic VFD. Wired it up correctly and had it working perfectly. Then I put it into my new case with new mobo and proc and the damn thing goes haywire. It looks like there is alot of interfearence or crossed data in the lines. You...
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    Project Texas Tech

    Well I have to take a break from Black Lightning to work on this case for my sis who is going to texas tech. Well I origonaly started to just upgrade her pc, But being a Dell I had to gut the whole the thing, buy all new internals, and Put it in a new case. Then I figured why give her another...
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    Project:: Black Lightning

    yes thats right another chieftec/antec mod! altho when this one is done you will hardly be able to tell. I am not going to devoldge too much about the mods planned, but you will see as I go along. Well lets get started on the pics. The case I took this picture of a 3 foot by 3 foot...