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    Looking for a Stereo Reciever

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    is a computer needed for coax - monitor?

    hey guys, I'm going to college in a few weeks, and was looking for a way to watch tv on my 19 inch LCD monitor, with VGA and DVI inputs. I'm going to be using a laptop, which only two real options are PCMCIA and USB 2.0. I was wondering if i could use this...
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    tv over wireless network?

    Hey Guys, I have been planning on buying a tv card for my PC, and now that i also have a laptop, i was wondering if there is a way for me to have the TV go in to the PC, and then "stream" over my wireless network so i would be able to watch TV from my laptop. I hope this is clear, and it...
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    Way to adjust bass computer?

    Hey guys, I have a Chaintech AV710 and Logitech Z-560's. The bass is way too loud, and its turned all the way down on the control. Is there a way through windows of any third party software to adjust the volume of the sound? thanks!
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    Different disk for pagefile?

    Hey Guys, I have an older 5400RPM ATA33 hard drive that i'm not using. If i hooked that up to use for page file instead of using my main hard drive, would it help performance any or would it hurt? I would also use it for photoshop/inventor scratch space. Thanks
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    help with setting up my network

    Hey Guys, I have a wireless network, and i'm very new to this stuff. I'll do my best to get as much information into this as i can, as i'm not really sure what you need to help me diagnose the situation. I have this computer in my room, connected to a WRT54G router. My cable modem is...
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    CDex / Alcohol 120 doesn't detect DVD-ROM

    Hey guys, I've just built a new computer with the Nutech DVD burner recommended by anandtech, and its been good, except that in some programs it doesn't recognize my DVD player. I tried to rip a CD in CDex, and it only "sees" my image drives (i use alcohol 120 to mount images). Also i tried...
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    My memory is rated 2-3-2-5, what do each of those numbers stand for?

    Hey guys, I know the first 2 is CAS, but thats it. Can someone tell me their 4 letter initial or whatever so i can configure it in my bios? thanks.
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    Amd Nx

    Hey guys, I have SP2, but i don't know how to turn on the NX support. Anyone know how?
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    AMD Processor FAQ

    This FAQ is being maintained by ignitionxvi. A big thanks to ingnitionxvi and all of our FAQ contributors Special thanks to Strictly AMD forum junkies DocFaustus, Cheeta05r and ViriiK for their contributions to the AMD Processor forum -relic Q&A Q.) How do I; Unlock/voltage...
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    is the 6800GT worth it over the 6800

    Hey Guys, I have a 21" IBM monitor capable of 1920x1440@75hz, and normally play (if its possible) at 1600x1200 right now. One thing i noticed is that at these resolutions, i don't notice any "jaggies" like i do at 800x600, so i never run AA once i get above 1280x960. Since i will be running...
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    Has anyone heard about this? i hadn't heard of that core before.
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    Athlon64 overclocking question

    Hey Guys, I'm looking at getting an Athlon64 pretty soon, and had a question about overclocking. I know the Athlon64 has an onboard memory controller, which gives the CPU lots of bandwidth. When i was thinking about this, it made me realize that the CPU probably doesn't need to have to...
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    What power supply would you pick?

    Hey Guys, I've been looking at power supplies and i've basically boiled it down to these three: PCP&C Silencer 410 ATX Hopefully it would be quiet, have good lines and be very quality $85 Antec...
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    DOOM 3 is too scary for me

    is anyone else in the same boat? I don't like being scared, and this game is just to much for me :(
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    Zalman power supplies? or What which is the best?

    Hey guys, I plan on getting a totally new system, and i know everything i want except for the power supply. Currently the specs are: And unless i'm forgetting a major part, i think thats it. I will also be running a two cold cathode part, and 4 regular 80mm case fans. There are a...
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    Where to buy a DVI cable?

    Hey guys, No one posted in my other thread, so i'll make a new thread about it. I have an IBM P260 and it has a DVI input, and i need a DVI cable. Where can i get one?
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    New CRT questions

    Hey Guys, I just got my IBM P260B monitor, and its really sweet so far. I'm running at 1600x1200 resolution at 85 hertz, and it seems really nice! Anyway i have some questions. It seems to have some convergence issues (as it seems many big monitors have). Its not really that bad, and...
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    Ibm P260b

    Hey guys, Does anyone have any experience with this monitor? I am getting on for my birthday from my dad, and i didn't know hwat to expect. I saw it had DVI input, and thats really cool for a CRT. Also it supports up to 1920x1440 resolution with (i believe) 85hz. That sounds amazing, is...
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    Looking for a Stereo Reciever

    Hey Guys, I plan to be building myself a new system late this summer, and was looking at my sound options. In my room right now i have a pair of really good infinity speakers, but my stereo reciever is lacking. Its a AIWA 2 channel stereo reciever, without any special jacks, basically its...
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    C compiler

    Hey guys, I'm learning to use C this summer and was wondering what compiler you would all recommend. I've never used one before so i really don't know what to look for. Thanks!
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    GRUB boot loader

    Hey Guys, I was just getting started trying to have a Knoppix / XP Pro dual boot, but i'm not really sure how to set up the GRUB boot loader. I've found a 62 page manual on their site about it, but that seems really overwhelming. How hard is it to work with once you get the gist of it? I...
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    3d Pong my high score is 440
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    what are the actually capabilities of a HTPC?

    Hey Guys, I've seen and heard a lot about HTPC's, but i'm not totally sure what you can do with them. Can you record TV shows? Play DVD's/CD's? Anything basically "introducing" HTPC's would help.