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    Frys - Samsung 55" ($797) and 60" ($1097) JS7000 on sale - In store only

    Frys has the JS7000 series with the quantum dot/nanocrystal LCD display on sale in-store only. $797 for the 55" $1097" for the 60" They are listed in the email as Trusted Name, but if you call up the store it is for these Samsung panels...
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    Noritake 4x3 touch panel Free Samples (Only 50)

    As you guys know I'm on Noritake's list for sample announcements. This might be useful for some of our resident modders. Basically, a simple glass capacitive 12 button touch panel. The panel includes the controller board with an Atmel QTouch controller...
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    Issue with only on one pc

    Have a strange one, refuses to load or only loads slowly on a single pc on the network. Scanned with Microsoft security essentials and MalwareBytes. Nothing found. I can't think of anything that could cause this and am at a loss of where to look. Device: Asus Zenbook OS: Win 8.1...
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    Another Noritake-Itron Free VFD (114x16 graphic or 16x2 char)

    Yep, its back again. This time you get to chose between a 114x16 graphic display or a 16x2 character display. The 16x2 is HD44780 compatible making it very easy to retrofit into existing code. And damn I feel old, a member for a decade!
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    Noritake-Itron 24x6 character VFD Sample

    Sorry for not posting this earlier. This is the third sample they have offered (plus an enormous one I got for answering a direct). It's a 24x6 character VFD. The others all had integrated drivers and controllers. That being said these are not for novices. They typically require either rs232 or...
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    Asus 24" IPS-Panel and LED for $179.99 after rebate

    Walmart has the Asus ML249H LCD for $199.99 with free ship to store. Not the nicest looking monitor in the world but it does have an IPS panel and is 24" for under $200. It has an 16x9 aspect ratio 1920x1080 resolution HDMI port VGA port Headphone Port LED backlight. Item Link Rebate Link
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    Firefox 4 keeps reverting to FF 3.6.17

    OK, I have a weird one. I followed Firefox 4 through the betas, which meant that I had Firefox 3 installed concurrently. Recently, I tried to do a fresh install of Firefox 4 (after removing the betas). First, I tried it as an upgrade. Then I tried uninstalling FF3 and then installing 4. Each...
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    Stupid Question - Migrating Drives

    For some reason I am just drawing a blank on how to do this. I feel like a n00b. OK, my wife's laptop has a tiny HD which is essentially full due to all of her data from experiments and what not. Her laptop is running Windows7 (a relatively fresh install, as of 1 week ago). So I purchased a...
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    Anyone seeing a lot of Your Order Spam?

    Starting yesterday, my univ. email and the email at my parents office started receiving a HUGE up tick in spam with subject lines like: Order Status Update Your Reorder Reminder Status of Previous Order As in the tune of 28 to one address in the past hour, even weirder they are ALL...
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    Need help deleting Outlook mailbox

    I have a mailbox that I improperly setup. It refuses to delete. It gives me this warning message: "You cannot delete this Outlook data file. Configuration information is being copied to your new default data file. You can delete the file after this information is copied." This has been going...
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    Audio Player/Library w/ Cue File Support

    I am looking for a media library type of program (ie. Foobar, Winamp, WMP, etc.) that can handle cue files in the library section. I have quite a few CDs that I have ripped as cue + Flac or the like and as such the libraries only see them as one large file (since they can't import the cue file)...
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    Rack Deal (San Diego, CA - Pick Up)

    Came across these while surfing the UCSD surplus: Cooper 48U Rack with Cable guides $35 TELDATA (appears to be 48U rack as well) $35 These both say Out Right Sale as many of the things on their site...
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    Failed Bios flash help...Motion M1400 Tablet

    Ugh, had a failed bios upgrade (supposed to fix a problem we were having with a PCMCIA card dropping out). Now the computer doesn't even show the BIOS start up screen. Banging my head here. It's a phoenix bios. I have tried holding down Win+Esc, Win+B, Win+F, Fn+B, Fn+f, Fn+Esc, but none see the...
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    Virtual Resolution scaling software for Win7

    I am looking for a very specific type of program and am finding it almost impossible to locate. I am looking for a program that will simulate a higher resolution and scale it down for a netbook monitor. The reason is that there is some software that is going to be used on the netbook that...
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    Sybase ASA Database won't connect over VPN

    I do IT support for my father's dental office and they use a practice management software called Eaglesoft (UGH!). Well my mom (who is the business manager of the office) had the fourth surgery on a broken arm last week. I am trying to set up OpenVPN to allow her to connect to Eaglesoft so that...
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    Has anyone seen this? New Ebay redirect for phishing

    My apologies if this has been covered in depth before: This is an actual item page on ebay. It redirects itself to: note one is the other is One person tried it logged in to ebay, the phishing sites reports him as not logged in.
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    Who else got an Office 2010 Technical Preview Invite?

    Not sure if this belongs in here, but I opened my email today and I had an invitation to join the Office 2010 Technical Preview. I can't remember actually asking to be invited, so I don't know if they are just contacting people who are beta/RC testing Win7 or what, but I am d/l it right now as...
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    WMP12 won't play files on USB drive in Win7

    Trying to play mp3 files in WMP in Win7. I double-click on the file and WMP give the cannot find the file error. Yet, I can copy and paste the file to the desktop and it will play from there perfectly fine.:rolleyes: I can't figure it out at all. Update, WinAMP can play them fine. Just WMP fails.
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    Paragon Partition Manager 2009 Special Edition - FREE!!! No rebates, no catches. Just download and install. That's it. This is the same site that last year game away AVG Full edition. It is only valid TODAY.
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    A resoltion on HD3450 question

    I am assisting someone in the repair of their computer and they just got a monitor(after their old monitor took a dump) with the resolution of 1680x1050@60hz. THeir integrated graphics (S3/Unichrome) does not support any widescreen resoltuions. Now my question is with the HD 3450 card support...
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    Need advice on a linux distro to choose.

    Alright, I am looking for a distro to basically turn an old laptop into more or less a netbook. This computer will be used by my parents so as little to no command line editing as possible once setup is done. This computer will be used to check email and a tiny bit of internet browsing, playing...
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    Help: Getting Vista to display flac tags

    Is there any way to get Vista to display stuff like artist and album etc. for flac files, in windows explorer? Any programs etc. that add this ability? I like this feature and would like to figure out how to add it.
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    Blackout Damaged Computers...need advice

    Well my parents office had a black out (squirel somehow took out a substation). When it came back on as they were walking in two computers died. They didn't have a chance to turn them off. One blew out on the AC side of the PSU, looks like an MOV or a resistor blew out. Made the office smell...
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    Secunia PSI

    I downloaded this program last week and I must say I like it. For those who don't know, it is a free program that you d/l and it scans your system and lets you know if any of a wide range of programs is out of date (everything from my AVG antivirus to Trillian to Acrobat Reader). So far it seems...
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    My thoughts on Koss Pro3AA Titanium's

    I don't see many reviews on Koss headphones, so I decided to post my opinions on them. I know a lot of people on here don't like Koss, but I have been happy with them so far. As it says these are MY experiences with these headphones. I just got a replacement pair for an old pair that broke...
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    Setting Up Password For Internet

    I am in charge of taking care of the network at my fathers dental office. The problem is that the dental assistants and hygenists keep getting on the internet when they are not supposed to. The receptionist has to have internet to check on the insurance and related stuff like that. The problem...
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    Some creative x-fi probs caused by bad caps?

    I was surfing through the badcaps forum and I came across this thread The guy mentions having problems with samples droping out in games and Prey crashing. Aparently it used Jamicon capacitors, which are not known ot be good ones. So he tried...
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    Bluetooth (BT) PCMCIA card help?

    I am trying to find a good BT PCMCIA card or ExpressCard adapter. It should be Bluetooth 2.0 compatible and hopefully EDR as well. The big thing is that it should be really responsive with good range since I will be using it with a Logitech MX1000 that I received (my mom got one in the keyboard...
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    WinXP Key

    I need help, aparently my winXP install is screwed and I need to reinstall. My problem is that I lost the piece of paper that has my XP key on it. (I got it from my University, they give it to all faculty and staff). So they just give you a CD-R copy of the disk and the serial number in an...
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    Windows wont boot after Tue patch update.

    I posted this in another thread on here and realized I probably should have posted this in its own thread so here we go (Mods if this is against protocol just delete my thread) I updated the MS patches from on Tue (I did it yesterday because the network was down). Now my computer will not...
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    Case with Easy Change fan filters

    I am trying to find a case that has easy acess to fan filters. I mean Incredibally easy acess. ie. the front panel just swings open and you can take them out and clean them. The reason for this is my mom (and 2 of her co-workers) work in my dad's dental office and they have 3 cats in the...
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    Unfamiliar AMD Mobile

    I have a micro laptop with what it says is an AMD Athlon XP-M 2000+ and it is easily accesible on this laptop. So I was planning on upgrading it but I cant figure out the socket type. It is not a socket a (there are pins across the whole chip) but its not a socket 939 or 940 either. At my count...
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    Woot Bag Of Crap Time

    Yayy It's Woot bag-o-crap time again
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    Hot 2x512 OCZ DDR400 Platinum Rev. 2 2225timings for $169 shipped

    As the title says newegg has the OCZ PC3200 Platinum Edition Rev. 2 for $169.00 2x512 dual channel kit. Only valid today though. This stuff is great memory runs 2-2-2-5 timings EASILY and...
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    Digital Multimeter For $3.83 Brick/Mortar Only

    I was at Harbor Freight Tools (I know cheap crap for the most part) and I saw a digital multimeter on sale for $3.83. This would be great for anyone who just needs a simple multimeter for testing your rails on your PSU. It seems to be a brick and mortar only though because I looked online and...
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    Confusing Bios Error Warning

    I keep getting a MAIN BIOS IS WIDE RANGE PROTECTION ERROR and I don't know what it means. Pls help I looked on google and can't find out what it means. thanks EDIT: Argh, I've gotta remember coffee THEN computer. I have a Gigabyte GA-8GPNXP DUO motherboard, and when I boot up I get an error...
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    HELP! My iPod 4G went kaput.

    I have a 4th Generation iPod 40Gb, and I was listening to it yesterday when all of a sudden it stopped playing songs and just started scrolling through my playlist. It seemed like it would try to play a song, give up and go on to the next. Now it won't even turn on :eek: , it makes the beep...
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    OCZ DDR Booster Voltage Diagnostic Device

    This thing is awesome. It can allow to set VDIMMs up to 3.9V, will autocalibrate itself, and display realtime VDIMM on an LED readout. It seems you just plug it into a spare dimm slot and connect it to a power suplly and that is it...