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    Troubleshooting help, new PC

    I have nothing to burn it with :\ I'm on a netbook with no dvd drive. Also in regards to the HD testing, I have since posting this tried to install on a HD I know is good and same thing happened. Does this really seem like a HD problem? Thanks,
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    Troubleshooting help, new PC

    So I just upgraded to sandy bridge with a new build: i5 2500 Asus p8p67 4x2GB Corsair DDR3 1600mhz 1.65v GTX 275 (from old system) WD Raptor 300GB So my comp boots fine, installs windows, then when I get into windows It restarts on me. This has taken anywhere from 10seconds to 2...
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    HP LP2475w (Possible new IPS)

    So there are good copies of these with no color abnormalities?
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    Which 22 inch LCD?

    I had the viewsonic vx2260 for a while while I waited for my 20wmgx to come back from NEC. It was nice and i'm definitely feeling the pain of going back to 20" :( Any good 22" IPS' out there?
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    Will I be happy with a Benq G2400WD coming from an NEC 20WMGX2?

    NEC has refurbs. I don't know if they sell them though. I just had to send my original in for repairs and they sent a new/refurb. I wish I would gotten two when I had the chance.
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    Will I be happy with a Benq G2400WD coming from an NEC 20WMGX2?

    How about from a 20wmgx2 to a HP LP2475w?
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    HP LP2475w (Possible new IPS)

    Is it worth upgrading to this from a NEC 20WMGX2?
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    So I've got a NEC 20WMGX2 and a Viewsonic VX2260...

    The NEC broke and I just got back a refurb, I got the viewsonic in the mean time to tide me over and to see if I like the bigger screen which I do... But the NEC is a lot nicer (S-IPS vs TN) If I wanted to go bigger and keep the same quality as the NEC would you guys suggest the HP (H-IPS)...
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    Possible honey pot sending out **** and getting our email server blocked?

    Ok So at the end of the day today a bunch of people (when sending emails outside the domain) started getting these messages Your message did not reach some or all of the intended recipients. Subject: test Sent: 6/18/2008 9:04 PM The following recipient(s) cannot be reached...
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    How many netgear switches can I chain together?

    Office is expanding into an area with no connectivity...going to need to have multiple computers hooked up in different rooms. Will I run into any issues with this? Thanks
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    COD4 OWNS!

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    Crysis Official Discussion.

    In the first level (one in the demo) I got into a crazy grenade/shotgun fight at the checkpoint. grenade sounds are aweeeesome!!!!!!
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    Forget Crysis and COD4, where is Soldier of Fortune: Payback?!?!

    lolz What did you guys expect? A game announced a couple months ago, that was originally a budget title would some how be amazing? nope. Being a huge fan of SOF1 + 2 I will not touch 3.
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    Soldier of Fortune:Payback gone gold, whose getting?

    I'd be suprised if this game was actually good
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    COD4 OWNS!

    Hows is the MP sloppy?
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    Hardware causing BSOD???

    Heres the error I get (i'm on vista 64). Problem signature: Problem Event Name: BlueScreen OS Version: 6.0.6000. Locale ID: 1033 Additional information about the problem: BCCode: 1000007e BCP1: FFFFFFFFC0000005 BCP2: FFFFF80001C5DB11 BCP3: FFFFF98000E7F428 BCP4...
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    Fantastic News - The Witcher sells over a million

    Amazing news. CD Project deserves every penny they made.
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    COD4 OWNS!

    I second the awesome sniping in MP. I'm trying to rank my M21 up and it crazy how well you blend in with the ghillie suit.
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    How does The Witcher compare to Oblivion?

    Some people didn't look at the controls/pay attention. When you get surrounded you can just dodge out of the way. Don't knock a game until you know how to play it.
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    The Witcher First Boss _Retarded

    Everyone is having so much trouble with this.... The second the cutscene ended I stunned the beast w/ aard and one hit him.
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    COD4 OWNS!

    The AC 130? I'm past that :D
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    COD4 OWNS!

    Do you get to play as anyone else besides the SAS and Marine Force Recon?
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    COD4 OWNS!

    Hardened or Veteran? I'm playing on Hardened and its not too bad. The Marine missions are tough for some reason though... I'm not very far in SP though (just after AC 130 mission)
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    How does The Witcher compare to Oblivion?

    Its a very different kind of rpg, like the above poster mentioned but I like it better.
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    COD4 OWNS!

    The servers were bogged last night. You must have to connect to a master server to verify your cd key or something before actually connecting to the game.
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    COD4 Multiplayer Discussion

    I'm gonna make a silenced/stealth class tonight and see how that goes.
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    The Witcher

    How long ahve you guys been playing for? I've logged about 10 hours maybe and am only about 1/3 through Act 1. I was going to the swamps to get rid of some quests and some how came back to town with more quests than I left with :( Oh well, atleast I have money now.
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    COD4 OWNS!

    Just beat the AC130 that was awesome. The marine missions are ok, but the SAS ones are badass. I want to play this sniper one everyone is talking about! Mutiplayer is awesome. I'm having so much fun with it. Just got my M4 with the red dot. I'm about to get the ACOG for...
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    COD4 Multiplayer Discussion

    Playing on PC here and I am in love with the multiplayer. I'm rank15 I think. ONly 1 more until I get my Colt .45!!!!!! What perks are u guys using?? I was using the greater bullet damage one, special grenades, and deep impact. I can't decide if I like deep impact or last stand better.
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    CoD 4 tomorrow, anyone biting?

    Got CoD4 in my car right now waiting for me to get out of work and drive home!!!!
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    CoD 4 tomorrow, anyone biting?

    I don't think it matters, because Steam and CoD4 use different server browsers. I don't know if u can join someone elses game through your friends list. You can alwasy just add CoD4 to you games on steam.
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    CoD 4 tomorrow, anyone biting?

    I'm down for CoD4. Gonna try to get it at lunch today. I'm sure i'll enjoy the single player but I'm really in it for the MP. As much as I looooove TF2, a realistic setting + wepons w/mods will win me over any day of the week.
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    Didn't realize the GT's were coming out so soon...

    And i just ordered a GTX :( (in the mail should be here tomorrow) After rebate it was $480 Should I return it and buy a GT? The max resoulution I play at is 1650x1080. I really can't decide. And I have a 680 SLI mobo...soooooo I could get two eventually. Ahhhhhhhh please...
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    Fury - a sleeper hit prediction...

    Whats the combat like? Typical mmo or something new?
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    EP2 Ending Discussion (spoilers)

    I bet they were waiting to release with 360. The PC version was probably done for a while. They also announced they were working on EP3 a long time ago, so hopefullyit'll be sooner rather than later.
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    Where are the mech sims, space sims, combat air sims, etc.? Wha' happened?!

    A new X Wing game would look sooooo good nowadays! :( I loved alliance. We need another.
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    Fury - a sleeper hit prediction...

    Is it pay to play?
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    So what CANT you do with Vista 64?

    So far only the steam community overlay has caused me some problems in older valve games. I just disable it though. Valve is aware of this and working on a fix though so its not a huge issue.
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    Soldier of Fortune: Pay Back

    Anyone else here think this game looks like a POS bagain 15$ shooter??? It doesn't look good at all and SOF2 looks to have more dismembermant than this. :confused: