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    Evil Dead: The Game

    I decided to pick this up as I'm a big fan of Evil Dead, so far not quite sure it's for me though, games that are heavily reliant on MP generally aren't. EGS exclusive for now. Any of you playing?
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    Tormented Souls

    Just came across this on Steam. Looks pretty solid, anyone play it yet?
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    What high end 10th gen intel gaming laptop would you go with?

    I know there’s not a ton of options yet and they’re all pricey but I’m thinking I can justify an upgrade from my 6700hq & 1070 rig. I’m wanting something with a 2080 super and either 10750H or 10980HK. The ones I’m looking at are all max q variants, don’t know if there are any options atm that...
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    Yakuza Kiwami 2

    Just released today, anyone playing it?
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    Alternative way to disable startup apps in Windows 10

    So the normal way to disable startup apps is in the task manager, but I have quite a few apps that startup with Windows not on that list. Main one I want to disable on startup is EVGA Precision, but there are others too. I miss the old way of going run, msconfig, startup tab, and unselecting...
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    Did a search and didn't find a thread on it. It's a top down survival horror game that's got great reviews on steam and it's $8.99 with the steam summer sale. Generally wouldn't be interested in, really anything, that's top down, but maybe it's worth a shot?
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    Laptop doesn't recognize Samsung 970 m.2?

    I've needed to expand the storage in my laptop for some time so I decided to grab a 500gb Samsung 970 and install it in the laptop in my signature. When I run the Samsung nvme driver it says no device connected. I'm not seeing the drive listed in the device manager or in the bios. I know this...
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    Did a search and didn't find a post for this game? Did I miss it? If not... Anyone play and have anything to report?
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    Problem with EPIC Games Launcher

    So I haven't logged on a while, was playing UT for a bit but gave it up. Decided to see what Fortnite is all about, so I go to log in to the launcher, it tells me I need to reset my password (error code: AS-18100), ok. I get the e-mail, click the link, enter a new password, and get the message...
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    Problem with screen tearing, LG OLED C7

    Finally got my hands on the TV I've been wanting for a long time. The display is fantastic, but I'm having really bad problems with screen tearing. The game I'm mainly concerned with atm is Far Cry 5. When I run the game in full screen I get terrible tearing, regardless of the v-sync and/or...
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    ~50mb/s write speeds???

    I noticed while installing a couple things on my laptop (in signature) the write speeds were incredibly slow. I ran CrystalDiskMark to check it out and sure enough, ~50mb/s. CrystalDiskInfo says the health is at 100%. Does this mean the ssd is bad? Could it be something else? Any other...
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    Question on how to hook up my Edifier 760D 5.1 System to my PC

    Ok so I have this 5.1 system coming in here: At the time I bought it when I read analog 5.1 inputs I initially thought it'd be the same as my current Z5300e Logitech speakers use (similar to Z5500), which is the orange, black, and...
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    Any 4k monitors over 60hz yet?

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    Any of you game with a projector & PC?

    Picked up a pretty decent 1080p projector (Benq MH530) and I've been wanting to play some games on it using my 1070 equipped laptop. Main concern I guess would be input lag. Thinking of a racing game like Forza Horizon 3 or any other good PC games to play with controllers like The Witcher 3...
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    1070 Equipped Sager Laptop Beats X99 Desktop w/ 980ti

    I only had time to run 1 benchmark, was really surprised by the results. Laptop has 6700hq, 1070, 16gb DDR4, Samsung 500gb 850 SSD, Windows 10 Pro. Desktop in sig, Windows 7 Pro. In Far Cry Primal, fully maxed settings and 1080p the laptop averaged 74 fps, the desktop averaged 63 FPS. I...
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    Laptop monitor does 100Hz, but it doesn't work in game =(

    I just recently got my hands on the Asus G751jt with a 970m, 4710hq, and a 1080p IPS display that I discovered does 100Hz! Though when I run games (so far only tested CS:GO & MGSV) and enable v-sync they run at 60fps. Now I also have had this problem with my QX2710 PLS monitor. The...
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    FS: CS:GO Skins, Karambit Slaughter, Hot Rod M4A1-S, Fire Serpent AK-47, more!

    oops wrong place, mods please delete.
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    X99 system coming in, question about my case, video card, and cooling

    Ok so I'm finally upgrading to an X99 system all the way from X58! In case you're curious: 5820k ASRock Extreme4 HyperX 4x4gb 2400 I currently have an HAF932 case with massive fans everywhere. I opened it up to take it apart and get it cleaned up for the new build and realized I want to go...
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    Resident Evil HD remake for PC

    Available for pre-purchase at $19.99, still top 5 scariest games I've ever come across. This one looks pretty good. Any of you all gonna bite?
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    Antlion Modmic?

    I'm considering getting one of the Modmics by Antlion to pair with my Audio Technica ATH-M50's.. They're kind of expensive though at $50. Do any of you know if they can be purchased somewhere for less or if there are any cheaper alternatives?
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    Xidax XM-10 on the way

    Found a pretty solid deal on a Xidax XM-10 which can be seen here: It has the following: i7 4810mq gtx 980m 2x4gb 1600 ram 256gb ssd 750gb 7200rpm hdd 17.3" 1080p matte screen Needless to say I'm pretty excited! Looking at the thing reminds me...
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    Noob RAM question =\

    I have this motherboard (X58, EVGA 131-GT-E767-TR): It is paired with an i7 950 and the following RAM (G.SKILL 3 x 2GB DDR3 1600): I've decided up to upgrade my...
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    nothing showing up in sent items?

    All my inbox messages are there, but my sent items folder is always empty. Is there something I can do to fix this? edit: This seems to be something that started happening only recently, maybe even since my last cleaning of my sent items folder.
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    QX2710 for... wait, what? Has to be a scam. This has to be a scam, but it is worth the risk? I'm going back and forth. You'd have to wait a month to find out but, with eBay buyer protection and Paypal, I'm pretty sure you could get your money...
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    Perfect Pixel Yamakasi 30" 2560x1600 Monitor

    Killer deal for $389?
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    Steam sale on Far Cry 3, $7.50. I already beat the game twice but it's such an amazing game I decided to do it again. Registered on Ubisoft and created an account. Logged in, started playing, sound wasn't working for some reason so I quit to relaunch. Tried to log in, said account...
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    Fallout 4

    Anyone have any information on this? Is it going to happen? I though for sure they would make a fallout game using the same engine as Skyrim. I will be forever saddened if this does not become a reality.