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    Car Audio Amp in HT setup

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    Cant Preload HL2?

    I got a popup on steam saying I could preload HL2... when the dialog box opens, it is empty, all I can choose is file/quit etc... Any ideas?
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    CS:S, 6800, ~50" HDTV ---> now problems with crt, lcd

    Ran source on a samsung projection HDTV (looks great at 1280x768) using a vga cable now when use this computer and a CRT or LCD, I get a refresh rate error. I installed windows and steam fresh on my d drive... same problem... It was working until up to the widescreen... still works when we...
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    30 Cap M0 2.8C

    I recently picked up a 2.8C from ebay... as luck turns out it is an SL6Z5 Costa Rica m0 30 capper..... Pack date of 12/27/03 I have yet to receive the mobo that this chip is going into.... (IC7-G or a P4C800e, both are coming) Any guesses on what this thing will do... I have Kingston...
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    Best Drivers and Bios for P4C800e-Deluxe?

    I am switching from nforce2 to intel.... need some info on the best drivers and bioses... I got a 2.8C on the way. PC3500 Kingston hyperx thanks
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    6800 Ultra: 1.6ns or 2.0ns?

    I was under the impression that ultras had 1.6ns ram... the review of the asus ultra on anand says 2.0... what is pny?
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    Who Pre Ordered 6800's from CompUSA

    Who got in on the compusa 30% off PNY cards deal? Who has their card? What model... what was the cost after tax? I ordered a 6800 Ultra for $378.86. Should be here soon... post pics or screenies if you got em!!
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    Is there a PCI-express 16x to 8x agp adaptor?

    Would it be possible to put an 8x agp 6800ultra on a pci express slot? Some sort of bridge chip/card.
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    PNY Beach Cooler?

    Do the CompUSA 6800 pre orders get the free PNY beach cooler with the card? Yes:
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    Car Audio Amp in HT setup

    I am going to be using a 10in Rockford Fosgate HX2 in a sealed box as a home theater sub. Dual 4 Ohm Voice Coils 500w RMS/1000w Peak I need a DC power supply that can run one 800w Amp (car audio). Shoud I use a 1 farad capacitor if power is coming from a high quality AC/DC power supply...
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    Raptor in and working... Sil3114 Causing Grief

    Mobile 2500+ at 2.2 on DFI Lan Party B Just installed a 36gb raptor and a fresh install of windows. Harddrive is working nice and fast... but under device manager it shows, "Other Devices" - "Mass Storage Controller" instead of Scsi Devices - silicon image 3114... I put in the driver...
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    Samsung Spinpoint or Hitachi Deskstar?

    I am looking at getting one sata hard drive now (80 or 160) and then another at a later date for raid-0. Between the Samsung and the Hitachi, what do you recommend? The hitachis have the best access time from what I have read. But I have also seen good things about the samsungs. As far as...
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    9800XT Reporting As R350?

    EDIT: Aida16 says: Display Adaptor: R350 3D Accelerator: R360 I guess its all good then! Just picked up a new XT for a good price. Works great, but... Using the utility called "Display Adaptor Information" under maintenence (on stock catalyst cd) it says the core is R350. I...
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    Newegg Question

    When I went to newegg to order a mobile barton 2500 it said $90, when I added it to my cart it was $95. Do you think they will honor the $90 if I call em? Maybe send me a freebie?
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    Windows XP trouble

    This is on my brother's computer so I have no idea what abuse he has dished out to it. Anyway, the problem is that after a reboot (was working fine he says) it started saying cannot find a dll for an hpsomething.exe (I think for his fax/scanner). Also CPU usage is at 100% all the time, unless...
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    Tip for DFI/ Pal-8045 Combo

    I have a Lan Party and barton 2500 at 2.2ghz. I switched from a zalman 7000a-alcu to an alpha pal-8045. At first I was dissapointed with the temps becuase they were a little bit higher than the zalman. To solve this I placed 50mm fan above the mosfets sucking air away from them. This dropped...
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    80mm Tornado Fan $4.95 Not sure how much for shipping though.
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    Thoughts on This PSU

    I ordered a fortron 350, but decided to get a little more power for a few bucks more. I had read a review on a super flower and it was good, but haven't been able to find it since. Anyone know anything about this psu?
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    P4 vs XP

    I just realized I could build a p4 system for about the same as what I paid for my DFI lan party ultra b and 2500+ LP.b + 2500+ = $260 IS7 + 2.4c = $260 The only thing that would really add to the cost is that I would need sound on the p4 system. (I was going to use soundstorm with my...