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    The 2015 Post Pics Of Your Rig Thread!

    5820k 4.4ghz 1.277v D-15s msi 970 4g gaming msi x99a raider antec 750m coolermaster case...forget name
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    5960X Overclocking - Complete Dog?

    Your settings got my 5820k 4.4 stable..bout 8 hours. prime 95 .and turned it off, I only prime stress for at least 6 hours.. ..before get 3 or 4 hours then fail. Now im reducing core volts to find happy spot.
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    Wes Craven, Hollywood Horror Master, Dead At 76

    Lets hope he was haunted byt the spirit of Christ on before he died and he repented...:D
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    Retailers Recall Potentially Dangerous Buckyballs

    the us government hasn't recalled pennies , nickles or dimes and I am sure many a child have swallowed those
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    Data Saved In Quartz Glass Could Last 300M Years

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    Congress Votes to Let Government Continue Email Spying

    been doing it for years...only now its legal.
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    Proof Robots Are Going To Kill Us All

    I guess we didnt learn from terminator movies. 16 years 23 days 49 minutes 3 secs, Skynet goes online.
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    my Noctue D-14 V Coolermastwer TPC 812 comparison

    Noctue D-14 V Cooler master TPC 812 comparison Guys have any thoughts to as why the noctua loses to the coolermaster ? Coolermaster 1fan coolermaster 2 fan D-14
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    My Nocta D-14 v coolermaster tpc 812

    V I bought a Tpc 812 from frys, and just got a nocta d-14 at [H] forum, .My results might surprise you. First of all the coolermaster tpc-812 is louder by a lot.. The Nocta very quite. Lets focus on the max temps running prime 95 for 10 runs.. Coolermaster 1x fan No love for the...
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    140mm/120// adapter loss of cfm ? 140mmto 120mm

    I want to put a 140mm fan onto a 120 mm size heatsink using a fan shroud. will i lose cfm reducing the 140 mm to a 120 mm ? cant find any info on this. all i can find is using a 120 mm fan onto a 140 mm rad..
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    Took 2 of this. to this and got this. from 40db down to 19 db 96 cfm ! quieter and few degrees cooler., Oh and blue.
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    Post your "Ghetto Mod" pics

    no i didnt measure.. its working fine tho..
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    Post your "Ghetto Mod" pics

    I needed antennas for my pci-e wifi adapter , so i made em and saved $$ pic speaks for its self. quick solder to the middle pin..walla
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    Help, cpuz and hmonitor wont work

    Ok i had a asus p8p67 board everything was great. I replaced it with a msi z77a gd55 hoping i wont have to reload win 7. everything is working except cpuz wont work right gets stuck at monitoring. Ive reinstalled, installed.. dont know what to do..I want to monitor volts,..on my 3570k
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    Need help 3570k not clocking down to 1600 mhz anymore

    nevermind fixed it' presentation font cache..
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    Intel Ivy Bridge Processor IPC and Overclocking @ [H]

    I lapped the inside of the ihs just enough to make it mirrorie and not to copper. It has definitely helped temps.. should have got a pic.
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    Post your "Ghetto Mod" pics

    I really wanted to lose my case and try something different. I was looking at tech bench setups when i had the idea to make it myself. The blue lights are antec 6 led usb strips. i got at frys. Other than getting sloppy on my cutting i think it turned out pretty cool. Thanks. asus p8p67 3570k...
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    My Black Plague Custom tech bench

    To be honest I have never killed any electronics with esd and have zapped a few things before. I have killed electronics by overvolt and bad cooling tho. polypropylene and polyethylene, Im not having any issues.
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    My Black Plague Custom tech bench

    die die die
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    Diamond 7850 2G fitted with Acclero S1 + -OC and temps

    asus gpu tweak I just ran heaven 3.0 1250/5500 1.195v and chnaged the fan to a 120 mm , running cooler at 48c ,79f ambient temp. tried 1.225 still cant get 1300 mhz.
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    Diamond 7850 2G fitted with Acclero S1 + -OC and temps

    I ordered the ACCLERO S1 + $32 shipped for my diamond 7850 2gig. Seems 1300 and memory over 5500 cause instibility. Sweet spot 1260/5500 1.215v might be able to get the volts down a lil more.. Stock heatsink idle/load 48c/72c load. After mod 34c/51c on to the pics and temps... Card at stock...
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    7850 VS 7950

    1.185 but the cooler on it isnt as good as other 7850's. ican get 1225 when its cool in my room on same volt. Im getting a better heatsink,1250 should be easy.
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    7850 VS 7950

    7850 here, running 1200/5300 = gtx 580 but much cooler and less powerdraw and smaller, sexier if you ask me.
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    Diamond 7850 OC results

    Just wanted to throw my data in for anybody interested in the oc of 7850. i got 1200 mhz on 1.2v for gpu and 5400 mhz on ram although i havent tried higher on the ram . i got this for $200 from a guy on Craigslist. Basically it beats a gtx 580 now. I got a smaller,cooler, gtx580. A very sexy...
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    crazy idea for you thinkers - evaporative cooling design
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    2nd Idea for h100 extra cooling, add a peltier onto the rad.

    This is so much fun, just an idea guys. I worked with a tec on my old slotkit celeron chip back in the day. I simple dont have the data and you guys seem to be helping out. dont killl the guy with the idea.
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    2nd Idea for h100 extra cooling, add a peltier onto the rad.

    maybe this will help. Im sorry but if you get a good contact tech to rad coldness will disperse into the water since the metal will absorb the cold as long as tech is cooled by a heatsink. . Again for the 3rd time the 120 mm fans are still on the h100 so the tech is really gravy added for extra...
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    2nd Idea for h100 extra cooling, add a peltier onto the rad.

    no the peltier will go on the radiator not the cpu block. there is ereas for a peltier or tech to fit on the rad then a heatsink would go on the tech.
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    Loop very hot

    yeah its sounds like the pump or the water block is not seated right. pump has air in it. not primed fully. maybe a blockage in the flow somewhere ? check the top 2 first. is your pump wired for 12v or 5v ? its not the air flow in the case causing these temps.
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    2nd Idea for h100 extra cooling, add a peltier onto the rad.

    would it be possible to add a peltier to the ends of the h100/180/ [whatever] rads ? Stick it directly on the rad end. Now Im just droping the the temp of the water 10-20c. The rad is still using its 120mm fans so i dont think i will need a really powerfull peltier .. is this possible ? I...
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    Drunken Webby Award Speech of the Day

    Not only did i waste my time watching but exerting the brain power to deduce what he was saying has reduced my iq by at least 50 %
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    H100 Mod -Homemade Copper pipe rad, need advice

    Only collecting data from you guys at this point. Looks like its not a good idea. I replaced the stock corsair fans with 3 antec fans and on high niose isnot bad at all. im getting 55c--61c on cores on my 2500k 4.4 ghz under prime with the h100. my 2500k suck fro o/c ican only get 4.5
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    H100 Mod -Homemade Copper pipe rad, need advice

    I want to make a old school rad for my corsair h100 only if it will cool better than stock. I want to make this to fit on a 200 mm fan on my half case. I will use smaller copper tubing and make it fit the 200 mm fan nicely rounded. I can see the amount of liquid needed might b 3 to 4x more, is...
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    Chinese Physicists Teleport Photons Over 100km

    imagine that. , It never akerd to me to think of space as the thing that was moving " Nice timing Scotty . Ive never beamed 3 people from 2 targets onto 1 pad before.that was pretty good. Father . I am not our father, There are so few volcuns left we can not afford to ignore each other...
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    Chinese Physicists Teleport Photons Over 100km

    Let me get this straight the goal is to use synthetics to decompile then recompile organic structure ? thus bringing order to chaos ? hmm.. orga , mecha orga , mecha
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    Chinese Physicists Teleport Photons Over 100km

    Sorry i didnt get that blonde telegram you sent me.. could you resend it.
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    Chinese Physicists Teleport Photons Over 100km

    Dr Kevorkian would be proud , not only a means of instant death but of new life also.
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    Bill Gates Backs Climate Scientists

    yep its a cover to try to fix what they already broke
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    Can anyone get me 3 7970s by Saturday for $2000

    patience grasshopper, only then will u attain true enlightenment with no patience comes empty pocketbook and unenlightened state of being