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    Define R4 switches causing a boot failure?

    One morning this week my 2014 PC suddenly had difficulties to boot up, and then stopped booting altogether. I stripped down the whole thing and reinsterted everything, tested memories fully with memtest (0 errors), before I got the idea to give the power button a firm press and keep it there for...
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    2020 OLED monitor thread

    It looks like 2020-2024 will be the OLED revolution in monitor market. JOLED will be the first mass producer in 2020 and they have an e-sports monitor lineup planned. In addition to JOLED and the chinese makers following it, AUO has also started building their own OLED printing line...
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    nVidia has significantly more input lag than AMD

    Why isn't there a bigger fuss about this? Practically for competitive gaming, AMD is the only meaningful solution currently.