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    Help With Memory

    I have 32GB of G Skill TridentZ on an MSI Z490 Gaming Plus and don't think I'm getting the proper speed and timings from my RAM. This is leftover RAM from a previous build, wondering if there can be improvements anyhow. Can anyone help me out?
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    Goldeneye Source (HL2 Mod)

    I have been having fun with this mod for a few months now and figure its worth sharing. I would imagine its been posted before but it deserves some attention as it has had some good work put into it. It feels very nostalgic.
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    xps external monitor performance hit?

    I have an xps with the mobility 9800 in it and for some reason when it is hooked up to an external monitor the performance goes to shit for games. I'm talking under 30fps for counter-strike condition zero running in 1024x768 with no aa/af. anyone know a fix?
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    The Official Doom Movie Thread

    I just finished watching Doom so I figured I would start up a thread to see what people think of the movie. Overall I thought it was a pretty decent adaptation from game to film, certainly better than films in the past. They kept a lot of the atmosphere the same as Doom 3 in the UAC...
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    Lately my half-life 2 sound just stops, the game keeps on going, its just that my sound randomly shuts off no matter what settings i put it to. I updated my sound drivers and same thing. It randomly just turns off, there is no pattern, i'm virus/spyware clean and am up to date on everything...
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    Help me OC my system!

    my specs are in my sig, i've got a venus 12 on my processor with some as5 paste. everything else is stock. please give step by step instruction on how to do it as I don't have money to replace anything atm. thanks!
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    My X800 pro sucks ass. I hate for sending me a non-VIVO for my RMA instead of what I had originally purchased from them. Fuck them though, they're a bunch of ass holes.
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    RMA experience with

    Fast RMA process, but they sent me a non VIVO when i mailed them a VIVO. Had to get my x800 pro replaced because of a power plug issue. I'm not even going to bother trying to get a VIVO...just gonna wait for next line of cards and eBay this one.
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    RMA question

    what all do i mail back to the company? just the card or the box and everything? i'm getting a replacement card.
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    Unreadable Partition Raptor (help)

    After installing a geforce mx4000 my pc rebooted and came up with an error saying it couldn't find SYSTEM or whatever. So I go to format and load up the via drivers (pain in the ass) and then finally get it to recognize my raptor drive but then when i try to format it, it refuses to do so, it...
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    x800 pro power plug problem

    power is plugged in but i get "power cable not plugged in" thing. any thoughts?
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    HELP Athlon 64 broken?

    Well, topic has ? but i pinned down that i somehow busted my processor. Here's the story: I got a Venus 12 today and went to put it on. Upon taking out the old heatsink the processor was stuck to the bottom, so i pulled/twisted it off. There was a ton of thermal paste on it at that point...
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    solaris login help

    I just finished installing solaris 9 and it has a login prompt. Is there a default login name/password?
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    Worth Getting a VIVO (not like all other posts of this nature)

    Alright, at stock cooling my Visiontek X800 pro when OC'd scores 11773 in 3dmark03. everything runs stable, but my games seem like they don't benefit as much from the OC. temps range from 45 idle to 65-70 load. would i be benifiting at all in gaming (thats all that really matters, screw...