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    VM gaming with a Grid K520

    Has anyone done any work with VM 2 in 1 gaming with a K520 card? I've used unraid for several yrs now for light gaming with 4 HD 6550's. but I'll like to up the graphics a bit and came across these K520. With no outputs I'm not sure how my terminals would connect
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    74Gb 8Mb Raptors - CHEAP

    I know this is an ebay, but it's buy it now for 36.84+8 shipping. PS this is NOT my ebay item.
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    Help with XPM (Athlon Xp Mobile (SktA))

    I need some major help getting my mobile CPU to work on a desktop brd. I bought used (from here) an Athlon XP 2200+ MOBILE chip. It seems to run fine, and boots on any mobo I've tried. BUT, Most brds read it as an 800Mhz XP mobile. The only brd I can get the BIOS to read correctly is an ASUS...
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    Which OS's Use 64bit

    I'm sure all WinXP are compatible with an A64. But are there any that actually make use of the 64 bit processing? I heard there was a XP64 beta out. By now, I'd hoped it was in production. Is this true? Do XPsp1 or sp2 use the 64bit? What about the new XP Media center 2005??? If XP64 still beta...