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    Best Wireless Solution for Small Home w/ Plaster?

    Currently in a 1 floor 1br house with my fiancé, but it's older with tons of plaster. I have a TP Link AC1750 with about 240mbs internet from Comcast. So I don't need anything super high speed, but the issue is the router is in the office and her computer is on the other side of the house and...
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    Galaxy S21 Thread

    Didn't see a thread, looks like a decent upgrade from S20 as well as $200 off the price on each model. Pre-Order Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G 128GB (Unlocked) Phones | Samsung US Comparisons between all three models: Compare Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G vs. Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G vs. Samsung Galaxy S21...
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    Correct sequence for using 2x NVME in RAID

    Had an old Z370 board that I got this working on but honestly can't remember how, moved to an X570 and my current setup is: 1TB SSD for Windows Install Regular 2TB HDD 2x 1TB NVME Before, I was able to have my 1TB SSD for Windows boot, 2TB HDD for whatever, and then converted my 2x NVME into...
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    How are Samsung phones nowadays?

    Haven't owned a Samsung phone since probably the Note 2 or 3. Right now I have a Pixel 4XL and it's.. decent, battery life is kind of poop and I don't even use the swipe feature which was cause for the big forehead. Right now Best Buy has a deal for $250 off the Samsung S20 FE when you do...
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    iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11s? (est Sep 10th reveal)

    Rumor round up: Currently rocking a iPhone 8 Plus that's going strong but interested to see if Apple can bring anything new to the game. Thoughts, hopes, looking forward to, waiting, skipping?
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    Best Fitness Trackers/Smart Watches?

    Wondering what people currently use or have had success with. Currently own an iPhone 8 Plus and was looking for maybe some cheaper alternatives to the Apple Watch. Been looking at the newly released Xioami Mi Band 4 and looks pretty beastly for < 50$. I don't need anything super crazy with GPS...
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    Multi-Monitor G-Sync question

    Question - right now I have a regular 1440p 60hz display and an Acer 1440p 144hz display with G-Sync. I usually play WoW on my G-Sync display but with the release of the new expansion, they removed dedicated Fullscreen and have just Windowed mode (Fullscreen) and Windowed mode. I enabled G-Sync...
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    AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1950X @ $719 (from $999) @ Amazon Deal of the day, 28% off.
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    Nvidia Shield / Streaming Games to TV Questions

    Was exploring options of streaming games from my PC (8700k @ 4.8, GTX1080ti) over my home Network (Wired/Wireless, ~120Mbps download, ~5-7Mbphs upload) to my TV (Samsung 8000 Series, 65inch 4k/HDR). Would a Nvidia Shield handle this or are there other ways? Currently I have a 3 story...
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    750w Sufficient for 8700k OC and 1080ti?

    Right now I have the Corsair HX750 and wondering if this will be sufficient for a nice overclock on an 8700k along with a GTX 1080ti. Only other peripherals I’m running are a DVD burner, one hard drive and one SSD. Hoping to push the 8700k to 5.0 at least on a H115. Thoughts?
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    Intel CPU 8600k $258

    Seems places have been price gouging and selling these for $299-300+ due to limited stock (i.e. Newegg has stock but they're selling them for $299). Not really hot, but at least it's at MSRP...
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    7700k now or wait for 8700k/8600k?

    With current stocks of 8600k/8700k in short supply and high prices, would it better to just go ahead and upgrade off a mature platform and get the 7700k/z270 from a meagerly OC'd 3570k? Or would the benefits of the 8600k/8700k/z370 outweigh that of the 7700k/z270?
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    [H] Review of Skylake CPUs?

    Did I miss something? Usually HardOCP does reviews of new processors, but seems like we don't have any for the new Skylake launch. Or is it in the works? I'm quivering with antici.... pation.
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    Warm - AMD Ryzen 1800x for $420 @ Amazon

    Regularly $500, down to $420 ($80 off) w/ Prime Shipping Also one from Amazon Warehouse for $388 in original packaging.
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    *REFURB MONITOR* Acer XB271HU 27inch 1440p 144hz IPS - $525.99

    Picked up one, certified by Acer so hopefully no dead pixels or bad blacklight bleed (minus the usual IPS bleed). Might as well take a gamble for like $273.01 off the usual price. Not sure how many...
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    MSI Z270 Gaming Pro Carbon ATX Mobo - $129.99 @ Amazon (reg $179.99)

    Regular price 174.99, selling for 139.99 + $10 rebate = $129.99 Solid reviews, not bad for $50 off...
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    7700k for $309, free shipping (eBay via Monoprice) $40 off the usual retail price, with Free Shipping. Bunch of other processors if you're interested but this seemed like a pretty good deal.
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    Weird Motherboard Problems?

    So I've been having weird occurrences with my motherboard lately. Sometimes when I boot up it just shows a gray screen, and I have to reboot. I've had this motherboard awhile now along with an overclocked 3570k so I'm wondering if one or the other is pooping out. I also experienced where...
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    Warm? Acer K272HUL 1440p 1ms Monitor - $269 ($230 off)

    Link Here Acer K272HUL Black 27" WQHD 1ms HDMI DisplayPort Widescreen LED Backlight LCD Monitor Built-in Speakers 2560 x 1440 (2K) 1ms ACM 100,000,000:1 (1000:1) DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort $230 off. Looks like a pretty decent starter 1440p monitor, although plain. Decent reviews from what I can...
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    Honest opinions from those who've switched from Android to iOS

    I've been a longtime Android fan, swearing off everything Apple except the original iPods and an iPod touch that was gifted to me awhile back. I currently have a Note 5 and after the 6.0 update, my phone just bleeds battery life like crazy with Bluetooth on and a Samsung Gear S2 smart watch...